10 Tips for Getting Your Fussy Eater to Eat

It was National Nutrition Week earlier this month. Keeping your child healthy is one of the biggest worries new moms have. It is made even harder when you have a fussy eater who refuses nearly everything you place in front of them or pick at a few things. Fussy eaters can cause moms huge amounts of stress.

I decided to ask our awesome group of moms how they deal with their fussy eaters. Below are some of the responses I received with some really cool ideas.

Give it a cool name like ‘picnic lunch’ then cut it all up so they can’t see what it was & seat them on a blanket on floor. @momof2lgs

I love this idea. Many kids don’t like the idea of sitting at a table and having to eat, so moving them away from that setting may encourage them to eat. Also finger foods are also great, not only to get them to eat, but they also help your child to touch and feel various textures.

Sometimes I tell them they can’t have it, it’s only for adults. Haha they’ll eat it right out of my plate. @momlifeiscrazy

This sounds a little funny but this never fails to work in my house. If I have it on my plate, a child wants it. Emma especially will ask for whatever I dish up on my plate.

I mix what veg I can with meat etc so it is hidden. Somehow he always eats it the hidden food! @MeganKeith085

This is another great idea. I have actually shared my veggie sauce recipe. I don’t really have fussy eaters but I do struggle getting veggies into them so this is a great way to disguise the veggies.

We use distraction – reading a book while feeding. He also gets his own spoon which helps.@CapeTownInsider

This is also another good idea. Jack often moans about eating, so we will carry on, talking to each other and distract him from the dishing up process and then while we are eating if we keep the conversation going, he will eat without even realising it. If your child has a doll, get them to bring the doll to eat as well.

Playing with food helps encourage them to taste.

Making a platter of goodies to eat, and allowing them to dish for themselves. Eating with food adventurous friends.@CassieS_101

Both of these suggestions work well. While playing with food may not be something you want to encourage it can really work well with a fussy eater, especially if you have just started introducing solids. Don’t get too worried about the mess, you can clean it all up. Let them explore tastes and textures. In our house, generally having siblings who eat does work. No one wants to miss out on seconds.

Finger foods, colourful foods. Worked a treat! Cath@cathjenkin

The more colourful and appealing a plate looks the more likely a child is to eat. Make your child’s plate fun and exciting with lots of colours and foods they are able to eat themselves.Fussy Eater| SA Mom Blogs

To be honest, I have cut down on snacks. That way my daughter (3 years old) is hungry enough by the time meal time comes and then she eats. I don’t starve her though. Also I don’t give alternatives. I always explain to her that if she doesn’t want to eat what is being served, there’s nothing else to eat. She used to be the worst when it comes to eating but I started doing this after she turned 2 years old and it seems to be working…she’s eating a bit more lately. @kbearandmommy

I have snackers, they eat all through the day but often refuse food at meal times, so this makes sense to me.

Cut down on unnecessary liquid intake. And one biggest one is to just make peace and accept it for what it is. You are your own worst enemy. @cherycolagirl1

This some sage advice from a mom of 3. Sometimes kids just aren’t big on eating, keep offering but try to avoid turning meal times into a war zone. It will teach your child to associate meal times with negative emotions.

You can eat it now, or for breakfast tomorrow.” Haven’t had to follow through yet. @melbli

When all else fails then you can give this a try 🙂

This post was sponsored by Pampers SA. You can find out more about Pampers on their Facebook page.

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South African Mom Blogs



Meet the Blogger: Meet Kona: Elvis Blue’s Sister, Blogger and Speaker

healthy-livingToday we meet SA mom blogger Kona, who balances managing her brother’s career, two kids, blogging and public speaking. 

1) What do you normally get up to on an average day? (Give us a brief description about yourself)

I always tell people I am a “Slashie”, because I do more than one job. I spend a lot of time as a music manager for Elvis Blue, who happens to be my little brother. He does on average 133 live performances a year, so we are kept pretty busy. I also do public speaking and write the blog. I also make a lot of peanutbutter samies and drive around allot.

2) How do you feel about motherhood – what are your struggles and joys? My biggest struggle with motherhood mostly takes place within myself. I think that fear and guilt are any mom’s biggest enemy and it takes a lot of sober self assessment and grace to keep those at bay. But the joys? Oh the joys of boys. One of my biggest joys as a mom is when my kids surprise me. You know those times, when they listen the first time, when you suddenly contagiously catch their sense of wonder over the world, when you hear them getting along, when you get a hug for no reason.  

3) Tell us about your kid(s). The Elder is Evan, and is 10. He really likes to swim, read and boss his brother around. He also really likes space and back scratches. The Younger is Riley, who is 8. He likes to know how things work. He also likes talking to himself, dreaming about the future and hiding in his bed in the morning and making me “find” him.

4). How did you start blogging? I have always loved words and when I “retired” (only a husband would call leaving an 8 hour a day job for a 24 hour a day job “retiring!) to raise my boys I suddenly had the time to pursue writing. We all need words to frame our reality, our meaningful and our mundane, the irreverent stories and the amateur poetry that make up our little lives. I think that is what makes blogging as a mom so precious.

5) Share with us a valuable blogging tip you’ve learnt. (or more) I use Evernote a lot and record notes and research and voice recordings all the time. I seem to have my best ideas when I am moving (although that is possibly because I don’t sit still often) and this app is a great way of keeping track of ideas as you go.

6) If you make money from your blog, give us a breakdown on how you do it. Give us some of your methods on how to get started on this, or any tips or advice. I don’t make money from my blog, but it has been a great source of speaking opportunities, which I love.

You can find Kona on her blog The Unsinkable Mommy Brown, Facebook and Instagram.


What’s On for Families This Weekend in Gauteng and Durban link (22-23 October)

Lots happening this weekend, particularly with furry creatures! You can meet Furby at Sandton City this Friday, Barni Bear all weekend at Eastgate and drop off your old bear at Greenstone Mall.

We also have our dino expo in Klerksdorp, a fun kid’s day in Hatfield Pretoria, biking at St Stithians and an exciting play in Parktown.

In Durbs we have story telling, a park run and a market.



  1. Barni Activation at East Gate Mall 20-23 October

barnieastgateSo, our family really had fun at the last Barni activation. They had a bit of a song and dance and lots of gross motor activities. Nicky ran around like a mad thing and we ate too many Barni sponge bears. 

This time there is a new activation to promote the new addition, the milk bear.

Running from 9am to 5pm on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and 9am to 9pm on *Friday.

Activities include:

  • Stage Show and Barni Meet & Greet (11:00, 13:30, 16:00 and *18:30)
  • Barni Story Reading (12:30, 15:00, 17:30 and *20:00)
  • Hop Scotch, ‘Where’s Barni’ Wall, Barni Photo Area, Tricycle Track, Sampling for Mom, Barni Memory game and arts and craft corner (throughout the day).

2. furbyFRIDAY & SATURDAY: Furby Playdate: Toy Kingdom Sandton City

Meet Furby Connect 9am till 5pm.

furby-and-nickyWe just went there this morning and Nicky really enjoyed it. It is running for Saturday as well. They have a huge Furby you can take a pic with and then some people with IPads to play with the app and of course, Furby. Nicky liked puttting on the glasses for him to sleep and then wake him up again. It has buttons to press on his head, forehead and you can play with his “beak” as well.

3. Best Bear Friends Forever

Drop off your old teddies in the 3m high wire teddy bear in the Truworths court before 20 November and they will be given to a children’s home before Christmas. Greenstone Shopping Centre.

dino3. Dinos Alive: Klerksdorp

Twenty five robotic dinosaurs will be on display: with all from the T Rex to the Velociraptor.  The dinos mimic breathing, roar, move their tails and even blink their eyes.

From 2-16 year olds, Matlosana Mall, Klerksdorp, cost R100

4. Penelope Pixie’s Birthday Celebration

penelope-pexies-birthday-adventureThe National Children’s Theatre presents this action packed, song filled, interactive production. Together with Gary Goblin, Penelope journeys to Magic Mountain for an adventure for her birthday.

5. Hatfield Pretoria: Kids @ Duncan Yard

kids-at-duncan-yardA special day for the little ones with a junior market, clowns, jumping castle, story teller, face painters and food stalls. 

6. African cycle fair 

If you’d like to get active, the 2016 Standard Bank Africa Cycle Fair at St Stithians College, Lyme Park will be happening 21-23 October. Races, special bikes, food and outdoor family fun will be in full force this weekend. Tickets are R75 per day for adults or R100 for three days. Under 18s may enter for free.



I am thrilled to announce that we have managed to find someone (Jenna!) who will be supporting the what’s on feature in Durbs. Have a look at her calendar (and the rest of her site) to see what is hot and happening in Durban.  I see she has a Park Run,  a market and a story time happening this Saturday.





Win tickets to Thomas & Friends: The Great Race Premiere (limited time giveaway)

thomas-ticketsCalling all fans of Thomas the tank engine! And I am sure that there are many out there! We have some tickets to give away for a movie premiere – but it is THIS SUNDAY in Johannesburg so you had better act fast!

Thomas has been playing in our home for as long as I can remember. We even have games going around the house where I am Thomas and Nicky is Annie and Clarabel coaches behind me. And it is very important that we are “coupled up”. I forget how many times we have acted out James going off the track and acting like troublesome trucks. Put it this way: we love Thomas.

Thomas is very shortly going to be on the big screen and we have a set of 4 family tickets to give away. It can be for two adults and two kids or one adult and three kids.

The premise of The Great Race sees Thomas wishing he could represent Sodor at the Great Railway Show which is happening on the mainland but the bigger engines just laugh at him and say he’s not big, strong or fast enough to compete with the best engines from around the world. Thomas is up against international competition from a host of new engines but Thomas is determined to find a way, even when his plans all go wrong and the devious Diesel also threatens his chances to compete. This international exciting musical adventure where friendship always wins the race, promises to delight children and families across the world.

The film will be released on 28 October for three weeks. The film also contains important life lessons through Thomas’ amazing adventures. The DVD will be available from November 2016.

More info on Thomas is available on the website and Facebook.


Are you keen? All you have to do is leave a comment and tell us why you love Thomas.

Terms and conditions:

  1. Competition is open to Gauteng residents only, or you must be able to attend here on Sunday.
  2. The competition will run until Friday. The winner will be announced on our Facebook page and emailed.
  3. If you have won a giveaway on SA Mom Blogs in the last 3 months you will not be eligible for this giveaway. 
  4. The prize is not transferable.


Meet the Blogger: Meet Hayley: I am grateful for the opportunity to earn online

healthy-living-8This week, meet South African mom blogger Hayley, who shares with us how the opportunities to earn from writing online were generated from being found on her blog. 

  • What do you normally get up to on an average day? (Give us a brief description about yourself)

By day I work a full time job as a compliance officer at a financial services firm and by night I blog, write and read. I’m married to Kurt and Mom to 2 little terrorists named Alyssa and Aidan who keep me busier than any of my other gigs!

If I need to get away from it all, I LOVE shopping, mani’s and keeping fit!

  • How do you feel about motherhood – what are your struggles and joys?

hayley-and-kidsMotherhood is so hard but just as rewarding.  There are days where I feel so overwhelmed but just one little hug or kiss from those little lips will melt all those troubles away.

At first I thought having one child was a challenge but I really had no idea how hard raising two could be. Some Moms say it’s easier, but for me it’s still a struggle in a number of aspects, so I just take it one day at a time.

  • Tell us about your kid(s)

hayley-kidsAlyssa is 3-going on-22, she loves dancing, singing and just adores being in nature. She’s definitely not a morning person, loves sweets and will basically do anything to get some J

Aidan is 18 months old and is a real Mommy’s Boy. He is totally obsessed with cars and just loves watching them drive by our house. He has quite a vocabulary for a 1-year-old and is starting to have real conversations with his big Sister!

4). How did you start blogging?

I love and enjoy reading other blogs and have always kept a journal. Once I became a Mom, I liked the idea of having something more than just a scrap book to keep as memories and decided to start my own blog. I had no idea how everything worked and kind of just felt my way around and learnt as I went along.

  • Share with us a valuable blogging tip you’ve learnt. (or more)

I’ve realized that the more authentic and real the content I put on my blog, the more engagement I get from readers and more the followership grows. I don’t mind doing the sponsored stuff (Because yes…. that’s nice too) but that’s not the main purpose of my blog, so I try to balance this.

  • If you make money from your blog, give us a breakdown on how you do it. Give us some of your methods on how to get started on this, or any tips or advice.

There are a few ways I generate some income.
I do sponsored posts from time to time and I have ads on my site where leads and clicks generate fees. I also receive a number of “free”/ “sponsored” products to try out which I sometimes get to keep.

Where I probably earn the most income but probably not really linked to the blog directly, is writing content for other online platforms. So, it has nothing to with the blog really, however I have been “found” online via my blog and was thus approached to write for these platforms. This has opened a new door for me and it’s something which I absolutely LOVE doing and am so grateful for the opportunities.

If you want to get in touch, my Social Links are as follows:

My blog: http://hayleysjoys.co.za

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Hayleysjoysblog

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hayleymalan/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hayleym101

Pinterest: https://za.pinterest.com/hayleym101/

Snapchat: Hayleymalan18


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What’s On for Families This Weekend in Gauteng (15-16 October)

This weekend you can enjoy space, dinosaurs, gardens or the timeless musical Annie.


  1. Scopex

scopexThis is an annual astronomy and telescope expo which displays commercial telescopes and accessories. There will also be talks, science shows and workshops at the Ditsong National Museum of Military History in Saxonwold from 9am to 9pm. 

You can watch Experilab’s science shows at 10am, 11am, 12 pm and 3pm, Sci-Bono’s Startling Spectrocopy at 9am, 11am, 1pm and 3pm (suitable for Grade 4-12) and there is a star party from 5pm. For Grade 8-12 there is even an opportunity to build a Spectroscope yourself at 2pm.

For the adults as well there are some interesting lectures. Two candidates for Mars will be talking at 9am

Entrance is R40 for adults, R20 for pensioners and R30 for students. 

For more info go to the website.

2. Annie

annieThese kinds of musicals remind you about all that is good in the world as well as giving us some enjoyable numbers to listen to (It`s a Hard Knock Life, Easy Street, I Don`t Need Anything But You and the eternal anthem of optimism, Tomorrow

The basic story is about an orphan who lives with the awful Miss Hannigan in 1930s New York.  Annie wants to find her parents and she has the great fortune to spend Christmas with the billionaire Oliver Warbucks. Of course the spiteful Miss Hannigan is there to spoil everything with some fake parents and her own agenda. But you can be sure the show has a happy ending.

It’s all happening this weekend at Montecasino. Book at Computicket. The show will run till 27 November with three young ladies alternating the part of Annie. TIckets range from R150 to R500.

3. Gardens of the Golden City

valley16Ever wanted to sneak a peak at someone else’s amazing garden? Well there are two on show this weekend. It looks like one has lots of interesting paths to climb and lovely views (in Westcliff) and the other has water features and a veggie garden (Hyde Park).  Adults are R30 and children under 12 are free. There will be a tea garden at the second venue. Charities supported this time round are CHOC and Rand Aid and Guide Dog Association.

For further details see their website.

4. The Dino Expo

dino2This is still going on at Cedar Square. It is running from Friday 7 October until Sunday 15 January. 

There is an exhibition, a Jurassic tour, dinosaur musical theatre plus fun activities and rides. As always with these kinds of events there are certain things included in the ticket price (R90-200) (jungle gym, jumping castle, dino painting, fossil digging, pedal boats and more) and others that are extras at R30 each (rides and photos). 

For more info see the website.

5. Field and Study Market

fandsmarketThis monthly market is on this weekend (45 Louise Ave, Parkmore, Sandton). Apart from stalls there is music and play areas for the kids. Dogs on a leash can also attend.

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{WIN} An Ocean Spray Hamper

Ocean Spray has recently launched in South Africa. The cranberry fruit product range carries varies of fruit juices, dried fruit and delicious cranberry sauces. Packed with nutritional benefits and other health advantages, the cranberry fruit, though new and not so common to the South African market, is of essential value.Ocean Spray | SA Mom Blogs

Close to topic, the cranberry fruit has been credited to be of major benefit in assisting with the urinary tract health and the control and treatment of UTIs (urinary tract infections). However, when placed against other fruit, the cranberry scores highly in other nutritional value aspects.

At hand, renowned dietician Gaby Jackson is available to extend this conversation to give a detailed insight and share her expertise and health benefits of the Ocean Spray product range with the cranberry fruit being the main topic.

We have some Ocean Spray Hampers to giveaway to our awesome readers.

Each hamper will consist of:


1X 1 Litre Ocean Spray Cranberry Nectar Juice

1X 1 Litre Ocean Spray Light Cranberry Nectar Juice

1X 1 Litre Ocean Spray Cranberry & Raspberry Fruit Drink Blend

1X 250ml Ocean Spray Cranberry Nectar Juice

1X 250ml Ocean Spray Light Cranberry Juice


1X 250g  Smooth Cranberry Sauce

1X 250g Whole Cranberry Sauce

Dried Cranberries

1X 150g Blueberry Infused Cranberries

1X 150g Pomegranate Infused Cranberries

1X 150g Sweetened Plump & Tasty Cranberries

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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{Guest Post}: What to Do When Physical Exercise Feels Just Too Much after Having a Baby

postpartum-exhaustionCarrying a baby for 9 months can cause physical significant strain on the body. However, often, this is replaced by other stressful problems for new mothers whether they have other children or this is their first. Trying to settle baby into a routine and try and find some semblance of a new normality can be challenging to say the least. Sleep patterns can be greatly disrupted both for parents and babies due to a variety of issues including failure to feed properly, reflux, or other problems. Some mothers may also have had to have elective or unplanned Caesarean sections which can cause much longer recovery times.

Regulating Your Sleep Patterns

Dealing with all the drama which comes alongside the wondrous pitter patter of tiny feet can be exhausting and can leave little time to fit any form of exercise into your day. However, there are lots of things that you can do to incorporate exercise into your day without even having to change your routine. It’s important when considering exercise to take small gradual steps regularly to add exercise into your routine. One of the ways you can do this is simply by getting yourself and your new baby out for regular walks. Not only will this improve your own mental state, but it will also give both of you much needed fresh air, and Vitamin D which will also help to regulate your serotonin levels and improve your sleep patterns so that your circadian rhythms are more in tune with everyone else’s thus giving you more energy.

Baby Steps

It’s important to listen to your body after you have had a baby. It takes time for your body to recover and you’ll need to ensure that your diet is healthy to give yourself the energy needed to not only care for your baby, yourself but to also improve your energy levels. So, eating a varied diet rich in nutrients is important particularly when you are still bleeding and taking gentle exercise until your body starts to recover is most important to avoid any setbacks. Having the confidence to exercise your body is going to come when you have recovered sufficiently. One of the first things which can help with body confidence is improving your pelvic floor muscles with Kegel routine. Embarking on plates or other ab work could inhibit healing and lead to a prolapse.

Joint care

The process of carrying and having a baby involves lots of hormones and relaxing which is responsible for changing the structure of the pelvis and ligaments to enable it to become more flexible. Such hormones can have an effect lasting up to around 6 months after the birth, therefore this is another reason why it’s important to take things slowly and avoid high impact exercises which may result in injury. It also depends very much on the level of exercise you did prior to becoming pregnant as to how quickly you will be able to resume and the level of exercise which will be appropriate for you.

Water babies

A great form of exercise for new mums is swimming and there are lots of mother and baby classes where you can introduce your baby to the water whilst getting some much-needed exercise and social therapy yourself.

Get strolling

attack_of_the_stroller_moms_4665101120Taking the baby stroller out and finding a few hills to climb is one of the best cardiovascular activities you can get. You’ll enjoy the relaxed mother and baby time and you’ll also find the road rhythm will help little one drift off whilst still getting some great fresh air and sunshine. It is no accident that Victorian nannies had strict routines about getting babies outside, it’s also great for new mums to too help ward off depression and improve sleeping. You can also use your stroller as an exercise aid to improve your gluts and ham string muscles by using it as a bench press and performing stretching exercises.

Ditch the car for short journeys

If you’re lucky enough to live near local shops, take advantage of the opportunity to pick up a daily pint of milk or a loaf of bread by deliberately forgetting some minor groceries which you can then take your pram with you to fetch. It’s a great way to meet other people and you’ll be fitting in exercise purposefully into your day in an enjoyable way.

Play away

Mother and baby bonding time is precious and often limited when mothers return to work. Playing with your baby is a great form of exercise, particularly if you lift and carry your baby during play. It can create wonderful opportunities for bonding and development. You can also use baby play as an opportunity for some yoga while you’re keeping an eye on your little one. Lie flat on your tummy, and raise your chest on your forearms whilst raising your legs towards your bottom. Do this in intervals of five and you’ll soon notice a difference in a toned tush!

Above all, when you’re looking for ways to exercise with a new baby, make it fun and it’s more likely that you’ll stick to a routine which will boost your self-esteem and spur you along!

This post was written by Louise Cairns from the blog Hard Boiled Body.


Meet the Blogger: Meet Chastin: Crazy Momma of Three

healthy-living-7This week meet South African mom blogger Chastin, who blogs at Crazy Momma of Three.

  1. What do you normally get up to on an average day? (Give us a brief description about yourself)

My average day involves getting up at 5:30, getting everyone up and ready and making breakfast before running out the door at 7, I then go and work my 8-5 and then it is of course a mad rush to fetch the monkeys from their respective aftercares and crèches, most days homework is covered but some days I have to sit down with them, generally I get in the door start supper, unpack and repack bags and lunches, my hubby comes through the door around 7 and he will then help with getting them upstairs for baths etc, we then do dinner and tucker down for the evening with a story or movie; my older 2 are in bed between 7:30 and 8 on weekdays, if my hubby works late I will get the kids ready for bed as well. I then get my youngest monkey to sleep and will end up doing some housework; dishes, washing (which never ends) etc, I am generally done by 9 and will then settle down for the evening with my hubby and a book, movie or knitting.

2) How do you feel about motherhood – what are your struggles and joys?

I have always wanted to be a mum, from dressing up as a mum at the age of 8 for school I have always known that it was a path I wanted and was meant to travel, it hasn’t been easy I was a teen mom and there have been times when I have wanted to run screaming and times when I have doubted my abilities as a parent but my kids and motherhood has been my greatest lesson and teaching tool, through them I have learnt so many things about myself and them and people/the world in general.

My eldest is considered to be special needs and that has been an incredible journey and sometimes a struggle because the journey has been so long and difficult and you receive so much judgment along the way but I have learned to grow through this and Loghan teaches me every day that when faced with struggles you can overcome them. It will never cease to amaze me how amazing kids can be when faced with judgment and adversity. My greatest joy is watching my children learn and grow and overcome the difficulties they are faced with. I love holding them and knowing they are mine and that we help create such amazing spirits; they are my greatest gift.

3) Tell us about your kid(s)

chastin-kidsI have 3 amazing wonderful monkey boys, my eldest Loghan is 9, then I have Gabriel who is 6 and Jesse who is almost 3, Loghan is my serious child he has so far been diagnosed with ADHD but we are in the process of further assessments and diagnosis which we will confirm soon, he can be silly, he is a great big brother to my youngest so incredibly clever and loves to learn but also incredibly stubborn like both his dad and I.

Gabriel is my child of rainbow and ponies he has an incredible imagination which I envy he is always in his own world and so full of love and cuddles, loves art and music, of all my children I think he is the most like me.

chastin-kidJesse is my happy child always has a smile on his face, and too clever for his own boots sometimes, it really is amazing how much faster younger siblings grow when the have older siblings to follow and learn from. He is super mischievous but always gets away with it at school because he is so sweet, he loves cuddles and he loves to wake you up with a love and I love you so much.

4) How did you start blogging?

I had been mulling around with the idea for a while, I have always enjoyed writing and I loved the idea of working through my motherhood journey by writing, I was also at a very difficult place and I felt that writing would be very therapeutic for me and it has been, I had to teach myself everything from scratch, design, coding etc and it has been a great learning experience and confidence boost, I have also met so many helpful and amazing bloggers along the way who have helped give me the confidence to push forward and stick with it.

chastin-fam-pic5) Share with us a valuable blogging tip you’ve learnt. (or more)

Always write what you feel never let someone dictate to you what you should write or write about, don’t write to please others do it for yourself, people want honesty in a world where things have become so complicated and you will be amazed how many people you can reach by just being raw and yourself.

6) If you make money from your blog, give us a breakdown on how you do it. Give us some of your methods on how to get started on this, or any tips or advice.

I have made a small bit here and there but that was not my aim when I started blogging, I would love to make more from doing something I love but that comes second to getting my thoughts out there, I make use of adsense, I’m am not great with social media I’m not going to lie but it is a great way to get your name out there and get brands to notice and approach you.

Blog Link


Instagram Link


Twitter Link


Facebook Page Link


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What’s On for Families This Weekend in Gauteng and Cape Town (8-9 October)

This week we look at two of SA’s most popular cities for weekend activities for the family. In Gauteng we have a homemaker’s expo, a food and music festival, hiking and biking, flowers and trains. In Cape Town you can picnic, make pizza, explore the weird and wonderful and meet penguins. 


  1. Pretoria: Homemaker’s Expo

homemakersFor all your home inspiration!

Two Jacaranda DJs are battling it out building bars: Rian van Heerden and Martin Bester and the latter will be broadcasting his show on Friday from 4-7pm, Power tools, food, outdoor and craft products will also be on show.

Dates:          Thursday 6 October to Sunday 9 October 2016
Venue:           Parkview Shopping Centre, covered parking Level 2, Garsfontein Rd,        
                  Pretoria East.(Opposite Pretoria East hospital) GPS:
         Thursday & Friday, 10:00 – 19:00
                  Saturday & Sunday, 09:00 – 18:00
Entrance:     Adults – R50 | Pensioners – R30 | Children under 12 – Free 

2. Midrand: DSTV Delicious International Food and Music Festival  (8-9 October)

deliciouslineupA food and music extravaganza with amazing food and entertainment. Gates open at 10am at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit in Midrand. Bring along camping chairs and umbrellas. A day pass is R475 and for the weekend it is R810. Children are R100 which includes access into the festival and Kid’s Zone.

The Kid’s Zone looks like it caters for all ages, with everything from Ben 10, BMZ riders, the Oros Man, inflatables, a paddle pond, cupcake decorating to a farm production from Danonne Nutrifarm. 

There will also be plenty of food available for them.

For futher info see the website. 

3. Skeerpoort: Hope Hike and Hope Bike


Raise awareness for depression and anxiety and have some exercise too. There will be a comfortable 3km, 5km or 10km hike or trail run at Van Gaalens Cheese Farm in Skeerpoort. There is also a family friendly 25km mountain bike ride.  Register from 6:30am till 8:30am. The rides and walk start from 7:45am. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. You may enter online or at the venue on the day. The bike ride is R100, 3km is R40, 5km is R60, 10km is R80 and children under 12 pay R30. 

Go to the website for more details.


4. Emmarentia: Spring Orchid Show (7-9 October)

The Witwatersrand Orchid Society will host their Spring Orchid Show at the Florem at the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens in Emmarentia from 9am till 4pm, 7-9 October. Orchids and equipment will be sold. Demos at 11am and 2pm. Adults R20 and children are R5. Pensioners are free on Friday. For more details phone Marinus 0824475081.

5. Randburg: The Great Model Train Show

trainsTwo train enthusiasts, Rinke Blok (The Model Train Shop in Randpark Ridge) and Marinus Kort (N Gauge Guild) are organising this event at the Randburg High School on 8-9 October. 

You’ll be able to see the history of trains from steam to diesel as well as train designs.  Because there are so many different sizes on display, it will appeal to all. Tickets are R30 for adults and R15 for children. The hours are from 9am till 4pm. There will be new and second hand model train related wares on sale.

Cape Town

  1. Stellenbosch: Delheim Riverside Picnics

delheimIt’s picnic time in Cape Town! From 1 October till April 2017.

Brimming with all things homemade and share-worthy, your basket of epicurean bliss costs R460 per couple. For starters, there’s a selection of cheeses, charcuterie, pickled pumpkin, biltong, crusty bread and hummus. Then, tuck into the more substantial indulgences – a kidney bean and sweet corn salsa, two salads, one of watermelon, the other a chicken Caesar; a yummy roast beef bagel with all the trimmings and a decadent mini milk tart. A vegetarian option is also on offer.


Each basket comes with a bottle of zesty Delheim Sauvignon Blanc, the estate’s famous Pinotage Rosé, or a bottle of Delheim Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz – a firm favourite amongst red wine lovers.


Children’s baskets are available at R100 each and contain finger-licking goodies such as chicken wing lollipops with baby potatoes and cucumber, juice as well as cheese and crackers. Each kiddies’ box comes with home-baked cookies, which they can immediately set about decorating too.

You can pre-book your picnic at the restaurant on Tel: 021 888 4607 or at restaurant@delheim.com. Blankets are available with payment of a R100 refundable deposit.

2. Paarl Winelands: Kid’s Mini Masterchef Holiday Actvities

pizzaKids can have fun making pizza together with outdoor activities and music. 

The cost is R150 per child aged 3 to 12 and the classes are  11:00 – 12:30 and 12:30 – 14:00. The venue is The Spice Route.  What’s nice about this venue is that there is a lot of interesting sensory and wine experiences for adults to enjoy while the kids are busy.

3. V & A Waterfront: Ripley’s Believe it or not (1 Oct – 31 December)

Come and see the weird and wonderful between 9am and 6pm.

4. Simon’s Town: Penguin Festival

penguinsDid you know 8 October is African Penguin Awareness Day? Celebrate at the Penguin Festival at Boulder’s Beach in Simon’s Town. Kids’ activities include a chance to meet a real ambassador African penguin, a mini-soccer tournament, a puppet show, mini rides, an inflatable obstacle course and many other fun activities. For the adults, there will be craft beer, wine tasting, a special cooking demonstration by a SASSI Braai Ambassador and various tantalising food trucks.     General admission is free and R100 for an all-access pass to the kids games. Kids under 2 enter for free.