Enjoying the Cars 3 movie with #EmiratesA380

EmiratesA380I don’t think we have anticipated a movie more than we have Cars 3. There’s been quite a build up. So when Emirates invited us to watch the movie in celebration of their A380 airplane, it was a resounding yes. 

Last year we attended a similar event after Emirates won an award (for the 12th straight year) for its inflight entertainment. This time the latest award was from Trip Advisor – Best Airline in the World.  My family was quite happy to come with – although this time Nicky did not want to change into the pilot outfit. He was quite happy to suck on a lollipop though.  I like the Emirates headdress.  For those moments I fancy myself as a air hostess. Lol. 

It was also good to see some other bloggers in attendance like Zoe (from Born Geek ) and Laura (from this blog and Harassed Mom), Thando from Modern Zulu Mom and Tanya from Rattle and Mum.  Also from You, Baby and I we had Shaney’s hubby in attendance with Kitana. They were more successful than me with the dressing up! 

Someone else who was not there but missed was Cassie, who now lives in Australia. You can read her comprehensive review of Emirates here. 

Check out Nicola’s post also here of more info on Emirates and the event.  Sorry if I have missed anyone else! Please let me know in the comments. 

Thando from Modern Zulu Mom

AntPrints Photography 083 775 6837 Peanut Gallery 24/7 Nicola

Laura’s Jack and Emma enjoying the movies.










emirates recycled blanketThe other thing I really liked about Emirates was their commitment to the environment. In the movie they gave us the softest blanket which is recycled from 28 bottles. Nicky enjoyed cuddling it in the movies and when it fell on the floor I snatched it up. So soft I really felt like falling asleep.

I also found it interesting that since last year they dry wash their aircraft which saves on water. 

So what is so special about the A380 that they are bringing back to SA? First class and Business class can enjoy an on-board lounge while the First Class may also make use of a shower.  (If, like me, you’ve been driving past their billboards you would have seen the lounge and shower pictured on the corner of Malibongwe and Republic.)

AntPrints Photography 083 775 6837

But of course we are most interested in the way they care for the families and once again we were spoilt with “Fly with Me” travel buddy and carry buddy. You’ll see in my post from last year the super soft blanket is inside the carry buddy. Last year we had an eagle and this time we had a hedgehog. Both very cute.   

Nicky utterly enjoyed the Cars 3 movie. The movie is about how Lightning has to find his place within a new generation of cars. He is completely lost until he works with his trainer, Cruz Ramirez, and finds a way to win through the recognition and promotion of her talents. A great moral to be able to step back and celebrate the strengths of others. 

My son spends a lot of his TV time watching toy cars. Many of them are part of the Cars ensemble. He knew the names of the Cars 3 characters way before we did. Nicky also was celebrating his birthday in the same week, which made for a few really cool Cars presents.

The movie takes place in different locations. After his crash, Lightning practices in Radiator Springs, and this is still when he is wearing his grey primer. This cute Lego set has him going up a ramp with a police car tracking his speed. You can see Nicky put some prestick on the police car. Not sure what he wanted to do there, but it’s part of his playful nature. 

When Lightning starts training with Cruz, one of the places where they race together is on the beach. This Lightning toy is a great one for the bath because it sucks up water when you pull it backwards and gives a light spray.  

Right at the end of the movie they are having fun at a place called Willy’s Brutte. This toy track has a loop and when you press the foot pedal it shoots the car around.  

cars 3 willys brutteThe kids had lots of fun with this setup at Nicky’s party and another cool thing is that you can move it around and join it in different places, making the loop both horizontal and vertical. 

lightning and mater in space puzzleNicky also got a puzzle of Lightning and Mater travelling through space – appropriate since he had a space party. 

There’s no doubt my boy will be watching more Cars videos and playing with his Cars toys because he is such a fan of these characters. 

Thank you Emirates for keeping us entertained. It sounds like, with all these channels, comforts and perks, the hardest part will really be getting them off the plane. 

Win a manicure course valued at R2200

Have you always wanted the secret to crafting the perfect set of nails? Perhaps you’ve often fancied yourself opening your own beauty shop (or working in one) but never quite got the idea off the ground? In celebration of Imablie Beauty’s training academy, we’re giving away a manicure course valued at R2200. So now is your chance to test your beauty skills out with some new nail artistic abilities. 

Have you noticed that the beauty industry is recession proof? So no matter how bad things are, women will still come to keep up appearances. It makes us feel better to look good, after all. 

The Academy distinguishes itself from all other educational institutions by its extensive
academic and practical training process, which is implemented and monitored by the top
leaders in their prospective fields and executed over four phases.

Phase 1: Theoretical .
Phase 2: Practical: A subject matter expert guides students in readiness for the next phase.
Phase 3: Incubation: under the watchful eye of a mentor.
Phase 4: Job Preparation and Placement Phase: assistance with interview skills and the opportunity for employment in one of their many beauty salons or wellness centres,

I had the pleasure of having a facial with the  facial with the Principal – Lisa Leibov  at their Johannesburg and not only did I feel like I was in expert hands, it was so relaxing I practically fell asleep! A few weeks later I had a pedicure at the Placecol Spa (which is also part of the group) and that was much needed for my feet. 

I think the other thing about beauty treatments is that they really help us ladies care for ourselves in a very practical way. We make time in our day for self care, something that often comes last on our list of priorities, although it shouldn’t be. 

So take the time to enter the world of beauty for a bit, and discover one of the staples of the industry: manicures.  Here are further details about the course:


Date:                                     20th – 21st of July (Thursday & Friday)

Time:                                     Thursday 09:00-15:00

                                                Friday 09:00-13:00

Course Details:                  Anatomy & Physiology of the Hand and Nail

                                                Hygiene & Sterilization

                                                Professional Conduct

                                                Manicure Tools & Products

                                                Manicure Station Set-up

                                                Manicure Procedures

                                                Paint Techniques

                                                Massage Skills

Food:                                    Muffins will be provided, Toasted Sandwiches & Salads on cash available

Venue:                               23 Saddle Drive, Woodmead Office Park, Woodmead, Johannesburg. 


Would you like to win this course?

All you have to do is

  1. Blog post comment: tell us why you think it would be worthwhile to go on this course
  2. Follow two of their social media. You’ll the academies are both in Joburg and in Cape Town but the prize is in Joburg.


Visit Facebook: Imbalie Beauty Academy Woodmead 

Follow Instagram: Imablie Beauty Academy

Western Cape:

Visit Facebook: Imbalie Beauty Academy Western Cape

Follow Instagram: Training Academy Western Cape


  1. This competition will run for a week. The winner will be announced on the Facebook page, and emailed. 
  2. This competition is open to SA residents only who would be able to attend the course in Johannesburg,  20th – 21st of July (Thursday & Friday)
  3. The prize is not transferable.
  4. If you have won on SA Mom Blogs in the past 3 months you will not be eligible to win this competition.


{Guest Post} The underachievers guide to hippie parenting

Today’s hilarious post was written by South African mom blogger Heleen Tshibumbu who blogs at  That Mama. 


– This post is sponsored by Phizer, Nescafe and Stuyvesant-

I must be honest- I have always been a bit weird. To a point where in varsity I looked like more like a homeless person than an LLB student. I tend to fancy unconventional and strange things- with interests from astrology to copy writing.

But today, sitting on William Nicol offramp for 35 minutes as usual I was thinking about being a parent and specifically a “hippie parent” as Khloe labbeld me yesterday.

So here is what I concluded:

1. I am not a hippie parent because it is the fashionable thing to do. I am most probably to lazy to go to the shops to buy sweets. It is easier for me to send the 2 of them on a treasure hunt in the garden for cherry tomatoes.

2. I have chickens in my back yard because I HATE running out of eggs. Now I just hop over there during the day for a smoke, a cup of coffee and my daily eggs.

3. I grow my own veggies because I hate how cold Woolies is inside. You need to dress like an Eskimo should you wish to buy fresh produce there. So nothing better than before cooking to pop into the veggie patch and get what you need. It is like having a shop in your back yard.

4. I cloth diaper because I can’t see the point of tossing R2000 per month in the bin. I have a woven wrap obsession and my “nappy savings” get allocated there.

5. Babywearing is my favourite. I love strolling down the street with a monster of a dog and a baby on my back in some beautiful creation. I think it aids in weight loss too as Zoe weighs a ton nowadays.

6. I breastfed for as long as I could because I HATE washing and sterilising bottles. And I am way to tired (read lazy) to get up in the middle of the night to go and sort that bottle situation out. Now, I have to. It SUCKS!

7. I am a gentle parent because my kids count and their emotions are valid. In a world full of people that are so out of tune with their emotions- they can one day be the difference.

Does this make me a good parent?


I still get angry and freak out during the school run most mornings. I still let them drink rooibos tea with 2 sugars in it. They drink coffee once in a while. They eat pizza (Thank you Dominoes) and they have an unexplainable love for Jelly Tots on a Friday. I still work long hours. I still have my demons I deal with. I am still the same me. Bit older than the shabby student- but I am real.

But this makes me a REAL parent. Not the Pinterest parent. They get to see the real life. I can’t make their lives magical as magical is not what the real world is about.

So in all honesty- we actually need to stop being so hard on ourselves. They eat pizza- well, it is not every night and at least they ate. You work hard? It is teaching them to work for what they want. They drink super sweet tea? Better than coke the whole time.

So from now on I am going to live easier. I am the “cool hippie mom” So what?


Heleen is a mom of 2 girls and wife to the cool guy. She LOVES dogs. She tries to live in a self sustainable manner and as organically as possible. Heleen supports cloth diapering, breastfeeding and baby wearing. When she is not a mom she is a CEO of a digital advertising agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

What’s on this long Father’s Day weekend in Gauteng (16-18 June)

This weekend in Gauteng we have some markets, wine tasting, a book fair, a Cinderella production and the Cars movie. 

  1. Youth Day Family Night Market

Food, crafts, bonfires and entertainment!

The Fourways Market is on the corner of William Nicol Drive and Montecasino Boulevard in Fourways.  The markets opens at 2:30pm and closes at 22:30 on 16 June.  There is a live music lineup from 3:30pm. Check out their Facebook page here.  

2. Disney’s Cinderella Kids

We mentioned this one last week so check out that post for more details on the actors playing in this production.  You can also read Karen’s review here and win tickets on her blog for the show here. 

Cinderella Kids will run at the People’s Theatre from 5 June – 30 July. There are two shows daily at 09:00 and 11:00 during school times, and 10:30 and 14:30 on Saturdays and public holidays, certain government school holidays and certain Sundays. Tickets are R130 per person and bookings can be made through WebTickets, or by calling Peoples Theatre on 011 403 1563/2340 or emailing them at info@peoplestheatre.co.za


3. Fijnwyn Wine & Food festival

This event will be held at Shokran Events venue in Pretoria East on 16 & 17 June 2017.

Shokran is a unique events venue situated in a tranquil farm setting amid pecan nut and almond plantations only 12km from Woodlands Boulevard. It is the ideal setting for families to enjoy a day where they will feast their senses on wine, food and music.

Buy tickets from Itickets here. The ticket includes wine tasting and a glass. Adults R150 – tastings are at 10- 17:00. Kids 12-18 R50. 

Visit their website here. 

4. South African Children’s Book Fair – Birchwood Hotel Boksburg

Look forward to interactive workshops, captivating storytelling, book launch and more. Treat yourself and your little ones to this inspirational event, filled with loads of entertaining books to immerse yourself in.

I always find these things useful as even with the SA book fair I went to last time they had very interactive workshops for the kids so I know this one will be a lot of fun. Unfortunately I can’t find a program on the site though. But if you are close to Boksburg then swing by!

Entrance fee is R50 for parents and young adults over 18 and R30 for pensioners, children get in for free. 

For more information about South Africa’s Children Book Fair, visit their website at www.sachildrenbookfair.co.za. Also contact Bulelwa Payi via email at bulelwap@sachildrenbookfair.co.za or calling 079 907 9158.

5. Cars 3

Guess who is back? Lightning and Mater! Calling all moms with boys and anyone else who is obsessed with this franchise of movies and playing with the cars.  This time he is shouldered out of the race that he loves with fancy new cars. He turns to Cruz Ramirez, a new technician who has her own plans to get him back in the game.  Now showing at a cinema near you. 


Do you have any events you wan t to share? Leave them in the comments. 
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Cradle Cap and Colic: New baby problems.. PLUS win Colief products

As if it wasn’t enough that you now have a new little baby needing to be fed at odd hours and you are doing what you can to get some sleep inbetween, there happen to be further problems that can raise their heads in the early days. Colic and cradle cap are just two problems that can occur in those early days and can drive you crazy. Fortunately there are some products that can help and SA Mom blogs will be giving some of these away. 

Colic can be a real awful thing to go through, for both the mom and baby. I put my poor mom through this. She told me that every day at about 4pm I would just start crying and nothing seemed to help.  Colic is defined as severe pain in the abdomen caused by wind or obstruction in the intestines and suffered especially by babies. The problems of colic often start several weeks after birth, then peak at around six weeks, lasting for about three or four months.

Some tips for Colic:

  1. Keep track: Write down when baby cries, for how long and any possible triggers. (nappy, sleep, hot, cold, dummy) So if one of these works it can be a tiny victory. Knowing the pattern also helps you prepare as a mom.
  2. Keep late afternoon and early evening clear: As colic crying seems to happen around these times, get things done that need doing in other parts of the day where possible, so that you are there for your baby during this time.
  3. Keep calm and sooth: Rocking, sucking and holding baby close are activities you can do during this time. It might seem like it is not helping but the fact that you are present does not go unnoticed by your baby. You are providing security in a wave of pain.
  4. Keep connected: You’re not the only one going through this. Join up with another mom’s group and you may find you may encourage another mom going through the same thing. 
  5. Keep Colief close: 

Rather than only treating the symptoms of colic, your infant’s colic-associated crying and tummy discomfort may be the cause of temporary lactose intolerance. Colief Infant Drops is one of the only colic supplements that works by breaking down the lactose in milk (naturally found in breastmilk) to help ease digestion. So you add it to your formula or breastmilk. 

These infant drops have also undergone successful studies Kearney (1998) and Kanabar (2001).

Cradle cap is flaky, dry skin that looks like dandruff, or thick, oily, yellowish or brown scaling or crusting patches on your baby’s scalp. 

Colief Baby Scalp oil  contains rosehip oil, chamomile and Vitamin E.  Simply massage into the skin or scalp and the oils will help sooth and moisturise. Suitable for babies older than two months. 

Our last item, unrelated to the above but necessary for general health is Vitamin D. In fact when I went to a dietician for fertility help one of the first things she did was make me take a blood test for Vitamin D. It turned out that it was a bit low and she actually prescribed  a higher dose. Vitamin D is essential for bones and teeth development and also for boosting your immune system. We can absorb it from the sun as well, but is it enough? 

Growing kids 6 months to five years and pregnant and breastfeeding moms can really benefit from this. Colief also has VItamin D drops which contain 600 Drops (2µg (80IU) per drop) which is 5 months supply for infants and children and 4 months for pregnant and lactating moms. Not suirable for infants younger than one month or for those consuming 500ml or more of formula. 

The final portion of our prize is the Baby Sense book by Meg Faure, famous occupational therapist and speaker. Meg has spoken at Colief events and has some tips of her own to get through it. 




SA Mom blogs is giving away the following two hampers:

1x Colief Infant Drops

1x Colief Scalp Oil

1x Colief Vitamin D3 Drops

1x Baby Sense book by Meg Faure


Value: R550 each.


Share with us some of your tips and follow some social media and win using the Rafflecopter mechanism below. 

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

{Momentrepreneur} Meet Claudine “When I spend time with daughter, I try to be present.”

This week we meet a mom who makes dog treats – Claudine, who tells us how she makes the time with her daughter count.


  1. Tell us about yourself, a bit of background.

I am a wife to Richard and mom to Mikaylin. We have a cat and a dog who live with us in Johannesburg. Richard and I used to live on game reserves before moving to the big city. We love nature and often travel to the beach and the bush.

2. What were you doing before you started this business?

Straight after school I entered the world of hotels, restaurants and game lodges. I’ve worked in London and Florida, Cape Town and various game lodges in the Eastern Cape. It’s here that I found my passion for people and food.

  1. Is your business full time or part time and why?

Currently, Max & Bella is a part-time business. It is not making enough money (yet) to justify resigning from my full time job.

  1. How do you juggle the responsibilities of being a mom with your work?

It’s tough being in an 8-5 position but fortunately I have an employer who understands that you don’t employ people, you employ families. They’re understanding and offer me flexibility with my time. When I spend time with daughter, I try to be present. We go for walks and I read to her every day. We have baths together and we have dance parties. When I’m preparing food or baking biscuits, I try to involve her. Mikaylin remains my priority and I always ensure she has received attention from me before I focus on work.


  1. Do you have a business plan? If so, can you share a bit about your strategy to make it successful?

We started out without a plan, but we have since understood the importance of having a plan. It keeps evolving. I know we should have something concrete in black and white but we haven’t had time to do that yet. Right now our plan is to grow awareness of our brand.


  1. How do you get clients/ market yourself?

This is tough! The dog biscuit industry is competitive. There are a lot of people who bake for their own dogs and who sell their baked goods. We attend markets to build a customer base. We also utilise social media to grow awareness. We focused on our website and our online store to make it easy for people across South Africa to get our treats.


  1. What’s your biggest challenge right now?

Time and money. We’re working on an exciting new product but for it to be successful, we need to invest our own funds (not easy when our employment is uncertain) and focus a lot of our time and energy on development and strategy. We feel we have one chance to get this right which is a lot of pressure!


  1. Did you need a lot of money to start off? And how long was it before you made a profit?

We did need some money, but luckily not too much. We calculated the risks and we decided to invest our own money into the business. We have made a profit but we have re-invested all the profit to allow us to build the business. According the books, we’re breaking even at the moment.

  1. What makes your business unique from other brands?

Our passion and our services. We love what we do! We’ve always dreamed of having our own little “dog deli”. I’d still love to open a shop where we bake treats for our “best friends”. We’ve focused on quality products, quality presentation and accessibility. Our customers can order from our website with ease.


  1. Share with us your social media links and website.

Instagram: @MaxandBellaZA (https://www.instagram.com/maxandbellaza/)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MaxandBellaZA/

Website and Online Store: http://maxandbella.co.za


Would you like your business featured on momentrepreneur? Email heather@samomblogs.co.za. 

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What’s on for families this weekend in Gauteng (10-11 June)

What’s on this weekend in Gauteng: a lovely theatre production of Cinderella, a market, Transformers and a Parklife music festival. 


  1. Cinderella

This stage production is based on the Disney movie. This timeless classic about the downtrodden girl mistreated by her stepmother and sisters, but allowed by the magical fairy godmother to attend a ball and meet a prince, is the stuff little girls’ dreams are made of.

Kaylan Sabbadin  plays the title role. She is a graduate of the Trinity College and Tshwane University of Technology National Diploma in Musical Theatre)  Born and raised in Port Elizabeth, Sabbadin has trained in singing, dance and drama, and hopes to finish her masters in drama. 

She will be “terrorised” by her two stepsisters – Genevieve Olivier (whose theatre credits include George’s Marvellous Medicine and Pippi Longstocking – The Musical) and Tanja Franszen (who studied at the School of Creative Arts in Sydney, Australia, and has been involved in various theatre productions such as Perdekoop and Hoedemoles).


The stepmother and Fairy Godmother are played by Alida Senekal, who portrays the character of Petro Bam in Afrikaans soapie Binnelanders. She has featured in The Legend of King Arthur, The Enchanted Forest, Othello, The Crucible, Animal Farm, Romeo & Juliet, The 3 Musketeers pantomime, Into the Woods and Pippie Langkous at National Children’s Theatre. Her voice can also currently be heard on the programme In Die Bed Met Bibi on VIA TV.


The Prince is played by Thokozani Jiyane, a versatile performing artist who received his training at the Tshwane University of Technology in Musical Theatre where he featured in Legally Blonde and 9 to 5 The Musical. He was most recently featured in Mr Popper’s Penguins as Admiral Drake, Delivery Man and Doc Hopper.

Cinderella Kids will run at the People’s Theatre from 5 June – 30 July. There are two shows daily at 09:00 and 11:00 during school times, and 10:30 and 14:30 on Saturdays and public holidays, certain government school holidays and certain Sundays. Tickets are R130 per person and bookings can be made through WebTickets, or by calling Peoples Theatre on 011 403 1563/2340 or emailing them at info@peoplestheatre.co.za



2. Field Market

Once a month this market comes to life at the Field and Study Park in Parkmore. Not only are hand crafted items on offer, but also gourmet food. Lots of fun for the kids in terms of play areas and face painting, as well as the River Cafe being right there for food and play as well. 

This event will run on 10 June at the park (45 Louise Ave, Parkmore).  Check out their website here. 

3. Transformers Animatronics: Pretoria

We’ve written quite extensively about the transformers and now it’s Pretoria’s turn to enjoy this exhibit. 

The venue is Centurion Mall, Heuwel Ave, Centurion.

The cost is: Adults R155, Children 5-17 R100, family package (adulats 2 children) = R440.  

4. Parklife Gourmet Food and Music Festival

For those who like their music, there is is lots on offer, plus the aforementioned gourmet food.  Check out their website here. 

This event takes place on Saturday 10 June, 10am till 8pm.  The venue is the Marks Park Sports fields, Randburg

If you have any events you want to share email heather@samomblogs.co.za. If you would like your event in the top slot you can reserve it for R250.   
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{Guest Post} Five of my baby’s favourite things

Today’s guest post is from South African mom blogger Nicola Subben who blogs at Peanut Gallery 24/7.

I’m Nicola Subben.  For just over ten months, I’m honoured to have the privilege to be a mum to my son, Kayden, the first and only child we plan to have.  During the day, through my full-time job, I motivate, inspire and develop individuals in the Corporate environment, where I specialise in Learning and Development.  My passion for motivating and inspiring individuals led me to create my blog, Peanut Gallery 24/7, which I have been enjoying thoroughly since its creation, early January this year.

Peanut Gallery 24/7 encapsulates my lifestyle, as I use it as a platform to share my thoughts, my views and my personal experiences.  As a new mum, I find a shift in my lifestyle and the things I blog about are therefore things that resonate with me at this beautiful stage of my life – motherhood. It is certainly something I underestimated and only since Kayden graced us with his presence, did I realise the depth of joy of being a mother.

One of the lessons I’ve learned over these past 10 months or so, is that you can’t put a price on happiness, when it comes to a child’s toys.  Of course, the child doesn’t know the value of the toy in terms of the cost, but the value it brings to your child, in the way he or she smiles, is enough to melt your heart.  I’d love for you to read my post on “My baby’s favourite things” 

My baby’s favourite things

At just over 10 months, my baby has preferences for entertainment.  It is an amazing feeling to watch him experience the joy that these things bring to him.  Each of them, has some way or the other to stimulate him.  What I have learned over the past few months as a new mum, is that it’s not necessarily the most expensive toy that creates this joy, curiosity and/or excitement.

In no order of preference, here are my baby’s favourite things:

  1. The Baby Einstein Neighbourhood Friends Activity Jumper™

We purchased this Jumper from Baby City, for more information and/or product details: click here.
Kayden has been loving his jumper since he was just over 6 months. There is so much happening around him, literally, as it has a 360-degree feature which allows him to stimulate all senses.  The various sounds and textures cause him to jump with excitement.  He is fascinated with the variation of bright colours, shapes and features of every little item on this jumper – he is in his element, in his own little bouncy world whilst on his jumper


  1. Bright Starts Hide ‘n Spin Monkey

We purchased this toy from Baby City, for more details, click here.
Kayden isn’t walking yet, he is at this stage where he wants to stand up, so this toy is great at this stage, as it encourages him to stand and throw the balls into the monkey’s hat (of course whilst supervised). If this is too much of an effort for him, he is on his knees, feeding the balls through the monkey’s tummy (cup shape). The lights and sound amuse him so much! He loves to catch the rolling balls to put them back into the Monkey.


  1. Tommy

This stuffed toy boy doll, I found at Dischem.  It was the last one there and as I almost walked pass it, it gave me that puppy dog look, saying, “buy me, buy me, please….pity please…”

So, I did and I am glad I did so. He had no name when he came home, Kayden’s grandmother helped give him a name, i.e. “Tommy”.  Tommy has become a good travel companion for Kayden. We play hide and seek, using Tommy to say “boo!” to Kayden and he loves that!

For more details on this toy, click here.

  1. Disney Winnie The Pooh Walker

“I’m young and free…watch me go…!” – that’s the feeling Kayden depicts when he is on his walker.  He loves being mobile, sometimes in reverse, sometimes running not walking, always happy-go-lucky.  There are various shapes, colours and sounds on the large play tray in front to keep him entertained. It has 3 height adjustments which is great as we have been able to adjust it as he grows taller.

We also bought this from Baby City, for more details, click here.


  1. Dave and Ava

We stumbled across these videos whilst looking for songs to make Kayden sleep one day. The graphics are eye catching! I think the developers did a fantastic job. Dave and Ava help bring alive a variety of nursery rhymes, all that we learned as kids and you will find yourself singing along to them as well.  If you don’t want to rely on internet connectivity by watching these on Wi-Fi, you can make a once-off purchase and download these songs/rhymes to your smart device which you can playback even when offline.  Kayden’s face lights up when you just mention Dave and Ava. He watches them so engrossed, with expressions on his face that are priceless. The slower songs are very soothing for bedtime. I think every child should be introduced to Dave and Ava.

If you haven’t heard of Dave and Ava yet and would like more information, click here.

What are your Childs’ favourite toys? I would love to know, so please do comment below.

PlacecolSPA experience – finding my feet again

It was a very rushed day. Delays and unforseen circumstances. But I made it. And I was glad that I did. For I have stumbled upon a little piece of heaven right around the corner from my house.  A tranquil setting which lives up to his name “where body and soul find rest”.  PlacecolSpa is a place I definitely want to visit again. And you will too.

I’ve driven past this place many times. It was called “LééfSpa”. I always wondered about it. I imagined many ladies going there and enjoying their treatments. So I looked at it wistfully and carried on going to wherever beauty salon I needed to go to, without further investigation.

As it turns out, LééfSpa has been taken over by PlacecolSpa. Lééf was part of a group of magazines that got canned in the new digital age that has seen many print publications going under. But you can still find them online here. 

You’ll see that both the magazine and the spa have a distinct Christian bent to them. I found it very inspirational as I scrolled through their Facebook page. So many meaningful quotes. So much upliftment. 

The spa actually offers a particularly spiritual menu too. Some aspects include foot washing, quiet time, prayer and anointment. You can even do this as a group of up to six people. Then on top of that you have treatments such as foot massage, facials and other massages. 

Manager Heleen van der Merwe showed me around. The other thing that really appealed to me in this setup is the incredible blue themed decor. The serene and rustic blue is present in every room. You can see the theme carried through in their Facebook page and lovely graphics. 

I liked the pictures on the wall. The quotes. The fountain outside. The surrounding green garden. All of this contributing to a feeling of peace. Soothing music in the background too. 

They have a little coffee shop too which provides muffins, tea, coffee and ice tea. Meals can be organised ahead of time. 

I sat down for my pedicure with Mathapelo and allowed all the stress to be massaged away. I am a huge fan of reflexology and this treatment reminded me of how caressing the feet refreshes the whole body. I also had a lovely light purple colour painted on my toenails as a finishing touch.

During this time I had two filter coffees to ensure that I did not fall asleep again like I had with that very relaxing facial!

I highly recommend this establishment.  We all need a break from the rush of life to find ourselves again. 

I have scanned their price list as a pdf and you can check it out here: placecolspapricelist


Placecol is actually part of the Imbalie Beauty group, which is also part of Perfect 10 Nail and Body (the voucher which we have up for grabs) as well as Dream Nails Beauty.  You can find their website here and their Facebook page here. 

Contact Numbers: 
011 888 8523
Email Address: 
77 Malibongwe Drive
Trading Hours: 
Tuesday – Friday: 7:30 – 18:00
Saturday: 8:00 – 16:00

Disclosure: I was given this treatment by the group. 

Here are some more pictures:

What’s on for families this weekend in Cape Town and Gauteng (3-4 June)

This week we visit the fairest Cape and see what’s going on! It’s the Good Food and Wine Show, and there’s lots for the kids to do. There are also two magical events: exhibition and show.

In Joburg we have fun days, fly fishing and picnics. 

In both CT and Jhb is Little Maestros. Their theme this June is Piano Madness! The date is June 3, 10am. 

In Joburg the venue is Skoobs theatre at Montecasino.  The venue in Cape Town it is the Youngblood Gallery. The cost is R120-200. The contact person is Magdalene Minnaar.  Bookings: on quicket (Joburg) and quicket (Cape Town).



Cape Town:

  1. Good Food and Wine Show

This year the hotly anticipated GF&WS takes place in Cape Town from 2-4 June, lands in Johannesburg for 28-30 July, and wraps up in Durban on the weekend of 27-29 October.

Find out why this show caters for children so well:

This year, Claremont-based organisation The Kids Cooking Club will be sponsoring the Kids’ Corner at the GF&WS in Cape Town . Owned by Mo Goduka, the club holds regular classes for children aged 2 to 14, separating these young culinary scholars into groups according to age. There are the Tiny Tots (2- and 3-year-olds), the Junior Chefs (4- to 8-year-olds) and Master Chefs (8 years and up).
At the show, youngsters aged between 4 and 12 can learn how to cook a selection of basic meals, and practise techniques such as chopping, mixing, grating and kneading. Younger children will have plastic equipment to use, as well as guides to help them through the classes, while the older kids will be allowed a bit more freedom.

So what’s on the menu? Six themed cooking courses will be offered. First up, quite appropriately, is ‘Breakfast for Champs’. Kids who take part will create both a health breakfast (fruit salad and yoghurt) and an English-inspired one (omelette cups). Next up is a particularly yummy sounding course entitled ‘Wrap it Up’, which consists of a smoothie and, you guessed it, a wrap.

Kids will then learn how to make a dish best befitting the cold season. The ‘Winter Warmer’ is a soup served with braided bread. After upping their skills at the show, maybe your youngsters can make you a treat warm treat one chilly evening?

We’re guessing the next two courses will be particularly popular with kids. The first involves the creation of two yummy snacks, cheese scones and frittatas, while the second is devoted to pizza. After all the pizza pops and pizza wheels are made, spinach cupcakes and quiche will be introduced for the sixth and final course.

By the end of the session, your kids should have learnt the basics of everything from fruit salad to pizza, while having lots of fun. If they’re still screaming for dessert, however, you can take them to the Kids Deco Lab, where they can learn a bit about cake decoration. This year, the Kids Deco Lab will focus on how to decorate cupcakes.


Ticket prices for 2017

Entrance to the show is free for kids under 12 years of age. Once inside the show, the kids programme is also free, but places are available on a first-come-first-served basis.


The early bird online prices are valid up to one week prior to each show. Thereafter the door prices are applicable. Children under 12 can attend for free and Fridays are free for pensioners. Tickets are available online at www.goodfoodandwineshow.co.za and Computicket for Cape Town and Durban; and Ticketpro for Johannesburg.

  Door price Online


Terms and conditions
Adults R160 R144 Ticket for one entry for Friday, Saturday or Sunday
Senior citizens over 65 R110 R100 Friday free. Valid with proof of ID.
Valid for one entry for Friday, Saturday or Sunday
Students R110 R100 Valid with proof of student card.
Valid for one entry for Friday, Saturday or Sunday
Age 13-18 R60 R50 Valid for one entry for Friday, Saturday or Sunday
Age 0-12 Free Free Valid only with proof of ID
Two day pass R260 R210 Valid for two entries either Friday and Saturday, Saturday and Sunday or Friday
and Sunday
Three day pass R380 R350 Valid for three entries on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Wine combo R200 R180 General one day entry admission with winetasting

glass and six tasting coupons

Wine glass and tasting R60 Wine tasting glass with six tasting coupons



Marco Pierre White (CPT SOLD OUT) 2,500.00
Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen 2,500.00
Jenny Morris & Reza Mahammad (CPT ONLY) 1,500.00



Marco Pierre White 1,500.00
Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen 1,500.00
J’Something 800.00
Jenny Morris 800.00
Lentswe Bhengu 800.00
Sarah Graham 800.00
Neill Anthony 800.00


Opening hours:


10h00-22h00 Friday 2 June and Saturday 3 June

10h00-18h00 Sunday 4 June


2. Incredible Illusions Exhibition

Incredible Illusions, the largest collection of 3D illusions created by master artist Kurt Wenner, comes to the V&A Waterfront this autumn from Tuesday, 4 April to Sunday, 23 July, to enthral both young and old alike. Comprising a jaw-dropping Grand Gallery of 360° 3D illustrations supported by a collection of humorous and adventurous images, this will be the exhibition’s first stopover on the African continent.

Incredible Illusions is the antithesis of the traditional exhibition experience: with no hallowed halls, soft chamber music, and certainly no photography bans, the travelling exhibition instead encourages interactivity and even the use of cellphones and personal interaction, to make each visit a customised experience. Visitors can share their visit with the world on social media and let their illusionary experience live a little longer.

Fun from beginning to end, the Incredible Illusions exhibition includes an “art jamming” zone where children and adults alike can learn the basics of 3D artwork to express themselves creatively. An educational zone tells the brief story of ‘Pavement Art’ and how the mathematical field of geometry plays a pivotal role in compiling a 3D design.

Tickets are available for pre-purchasing at www.webtickets.co.za or www.incredibleillusions.co.za

3. Imagine Family Magic Spectacular

South Africa’s biggest magic show returns, presented by the College of Magic. There will be more than 50 entertainers, mimes, jugglers, clowns and more.  Fantastic fun for the whole family. 

The venue is the Artscape theatre. The cost is from R160. Family discounts are available. Book through Computicket. It starts at 12. 




  1. Kairos Winter Kaleidoscope Fun Day

This family fun day will have lots of entertainment, food and more. The venue is 10 Sabie Rd, Emmarentia. Tickets are R50 and the hours are 9am till 3pm. 

Their website is here. 

2. Introduction to Fly Fishing

Have you ever wanted to fish? Make it a family affair every Saturday in June from 8:30am for two and a half hours (although you can stay longer if you want) at the Kloofzicht Lodge and Spa in Muldersdrift. Children six and older can join in with the idea being that they “catch and release” their fish. 

Costs are : Adults R400 and children R300 and rod hire and fly packs are available at additional cost. Check out their website and Facebook page.  (I see on their Facebook page that Saturday is all booked out but Sunday is available). 

3. Melville Koppies walks

For children over 6. The guided tours take place on 4 and 18 June and 2 and 16 July. There are also 8km hikes on 11, 25 June and 9 and 30 July.

Adults pay R50 and children R30.  See their website here. 

4. Family Picnic Fun in the Forest

Have some fun in the forest and check out the fairy trail at this picnic.

Archery, tomahawk toss, zip line, pony rides, tree climb, kite flying, target shooting.   Bicycles welcome and good pets on leads welcome.   Log fires.   Bring your picnic basket or grab a waffle, coldrink, beer or coffee from the Waffle Shop. (no braaing)

Adults are R35 and children R25 which includes the fairy trail.

The address is:  2 Aloe Ridge Drive, cnr R82 Old Vereeniging Rd, Walkerville, 1961, Johannesburg. You can also check out their website


If you have any events you want to share email heather@samomblogs.co.za. If you would like your event in the top slot you can reserve it for R250.   
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