Heat Blasting away with Ben Ten toys (and win some for yourself)

Heatblast Transform -N- Blast Ben Ten toysThe other morning we were on our way to school and Nicky took his Ben Ten toy “Transform-N-Battle” Heatblast with. For a kid obsessed with rockets and blasting off, this toy’s ability to shoot out a fireball with the help of a spring is very groovy. So we “Heatblasted” off all the way on our journey. He has also been playing with a little Diamondhead figure, and we are giving both away on the blog today.

Ben Ten is one of the longest running original cartoons on Cartoon Network (according to Wikipedia). It’s about a boy, Ben Tennyson, who, with the aid of an Omnitrix watch,  has the ability to transform into a number of different aliens.

Of course it’s much more fun to act these feats out in real life, with  the aid of toys.


The Transform-N-Battle allows you to become your favourite alien. It consists of a mask and an arm piece with a movement action. So for the Heatblast one that we tested, you press a lever and out the fire blast springs. Nicky has been enjoying walking around shooting it out. The other morning I knew he was awake because I could hear this familiar “click” of the spring as he repeatedly shot it out.

Diamondhead Ben Ten toysThe other toy we have been playing with is a Diamondhead figure. I’m actually quite impressed with the quality of this toy. The plastic substance he is made out of has an interesting soft texture. The appendages rotate fully. The legs can actually do the splits! So he is able to form all sorts of interesting positions. He comes with a crystal blade you attach to his hand. Diamonds being a very hard, unbreakable substance, he has a super indestructable weapon. At the moment he has been hanging out in the bath with the other bath toys helping Zebra, Parrot, Horse and Lion defeat their enemies. In fact these fave toys have been inspecting the new arrivals, as you can see.


Nicky also has a Omnitrix watch (basic) which contains 40 alien phrases when you turn the device around.



Ben Ten toys in the shopIn fact there are a number of different Ben Ten toys that are out now.  We saw a whole lot at our local Toy Kingdom. There is a “Power Up” version where you press a button at the back and it speaks along with some light effects. You can have the larger figures and also the more Deluxe version of the Omnitrix watch.


It’s so important for kids to be kids and just play with their toys. I never get tired of just watching Nicky invent various scenarios, and it amuses me no end how Parrot and Zebra and company have to inspect the “visitor” before they play with him. Now he is a super duper alien with his indestructable diamond powers to help them against the bad guys in the police boat. 

Would you like to win your own Transform-N-Battle and Basic Figure? All you have to do is leave a comment below. 

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  1. Lauren says:

    My baby refuses to be called on his god-given-name. Its apparently Ben – he would love this, his basic Omnitrix needs more… or so he says. Can’t wait – holding thumbs 🙂

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