{Product Review} Slime Time!

Nicky and I had a lot of fun at NickFest but were a bit disappointed that we couldn’t participate in the slime area which was sold out. Now you can buy your own slime and enjoy it at home!  Zimpli Kids has both slime and red goo (Slime Baff and Gelli Baff) you can use both in the bath or in a bowl as a sensory experience and of course, lots of fun!

The boxes come with a set of instructions and it’s important to try and follow them in order to obtain best results. I’m not sure I did all the right things but we had fun anyway! We first had to put in 4cm of water before we added the slime. I found it wasn’t really necessary to add much more water and we had fun with the slimy consistency.

I couldn’t help lifting it up all the time just to see the goo!

Nicky had fun too, and of course his favourite bath toys – Zebra, Parrot, Lion and Horsy – were part of the exploration of the fun. As you can see in these videos, he was up to his normal playing where Lion was naughty for making too many waves (so he went to “jail” behind the shampoo bottles) and zebra was pooping (our current obsession as a five year old).





The Gelli Baff turned out a lot thicker (not sure if I did things right) and this was a lot of fun too. With this one there is an extra packet that you add to dissolve the mixture. 

It reminded me a lot of jelly and Nicky said that Lion couldn’t swim because it was so thick.  So I suggested that Zebra could push him!


I also tried some slime at school (quite thick and without much water) so you can see the kids stretching it like Prestik! 

There are loads of videos of Zimpli Kids on YouTube and in fact some of them have 2.5 billion views.  All products are safe, non toxic and environmentally friendly so they can be drained away and disposed of easily. I do recommend, however, that you clean that bath very thoroughly afterwards. I didn’t clean the slime away properly and the next time I lay down in the bath I was really itchy that night!

Some other bloggers have also tried it out. I really like what Rebecca did as a Halloween sensory box, combining creepy crawlies with slime. 

Tracey tried out the blue version and noticed it was fine for her son Liam’s sensitive skin. 

Carly was also concerned about her child’s sensitive eczema and it was fine. She also commented about reading instructions first. Thanks Cindy! Here’s a photo of the leaflet!




Charlene’s Zee tried out the “Princess Pink Gelli Baff” and enjoyed it very much. “I really, really like it, and I had a lot of fun, so I give it 6001 smiley faces!” she said. 

Jonelle also tried it out and had great fun here. 

What do you think of Zimpli Kids Slime and Gelli Baff? Would your kids go for it?

These products will be available soon at Toys R Us. 

We were provided with the products for review. 



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