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https://www.pinterest.com/luchaewilliams/As weekends go, this past weekend left me in complete awe of how beautiful my curly girly is. My “mommy fire” was burning very strongly.

You know about the “mommy fire” right? It’s that intense desire you feel in the pit of your tummy that urges you to do everything in your power to give your children the best future possible. It is this same “mommy fire” that inspired Jaclyn Holmes to start her Proudly South African baby wear company, Schnooky Pie, while on maternity leave in 2014 with her very own schnooky pie, Mia. Jaclyn felt drawn to the kiddies clothing market and began to source and manufacture the most adorablest (is that a word?) baby and toddler apparel this side of the globe!

From tutu dresses and birthday outfits to suspender and shorts sets, the online store has quite a big selection of cute and spunky baby wear. Some of my favs include their very trendy baby grows which are unique in that the studs are situated down the back of the garment and not just at the bottom, as it normally is. I’ve been blogging about my girl’s curly hair and the one thing I found exasperating is when I have to try to squeeze her head (full of curls) through a small tshirt neck. I was pleased to find that, with the Schnooky Pie babygrows, I had the option of undoing the entire back and slipping it on, front to back, or putting it on as normal, over her head, but with a few of the top studs undone, to make more room for her head. It’s genius, really.Schnooky Pie|HarassedMom

And anyways, who made up the rule that babygrows are meant to be boring? These Schnooky Pie grows are the perfect addition to your trendy tot’s wardrobe and can be teamed up with funky or cute bottoms to create an easy outfit. Plus, there’s the added benefit of knowing that the babygrow, doubling as a tshirt, won’t end up mid belly, during play (Or is that just my kid?).Schnooky Pie|HarassedMom

My Curly tried on a pretty Pink Penguin grow, which is embellished with a raised textured penguin print on the front and trendy arrows on the back. It was so easy to team this one up with a charming little tutu skirt, owing to the fluffy hair on the penguin and the “Yes I am this cute” print on the front, which added a dollop of extra cuteness to the look.

I also fell inlove with the eye catching “Born Local” babygrow, in a lovely grey color. Besides for the super cool arrow print on the back, I found the raised, textured “Born Local” print on the front of the garment, even trendier and such a cool statement to make! We paired it with some shorts and sandals and we were ready to hit the beach!Schnooky Pie|HarassedMom

At the end of a long day, my girl fell asleep fully clothed and I simply slipped off her shoes and bottoms and she was ready for bed, in her Schnooky Pie babygrow.

The fabric and design of the items is of a high quality and I was happy to hear that the Schnooky Pie team strive to ensure that the brand remains true to it’s core – 100% Proudly South African! Jaclyn’s passion for the company is evident in the way she sources the fabrics and manufacturers, right down to the wonderful ladies who sow the garments together.Schnooky Pie|HarassedMom

She shared: “The fabric has been sourced from Durban, the artwork has been printed in Durban and the babygrows have been produced in a small CMT in Durban that has up-skilled woman and given them jobs as seamstresses. I am very proud of this new range and everything that we have achieved with keeping it as Proudly South African and handmade as possible.”

The Summer range, launched in December 2015, boasts a variety of 13 prints in total (some are glow in the dark!) and have been tested with 20 moms across South Africa for fit, comfort, stretch and every day wear and tear. So you know you are getting the best.Schnooky Pie|HarassedMom

Check out the Schnooky Pie website and online store or their Facebook page for more darling outfit ideas for your little one.

Schnooky Pie is giving away 1 precious babygrow to 1 lucky baby between the ages of 0-24 months!

To win, leave a comment telling us which Schnooky Pie item is your favourite

Competition closes on 4th March 2016.

The competition is open to SA residents only.

Big thanks to Luchae and her special little schnookypie for doing this review for SA Mom Blogs. You can find Luchae on her blog My Spreadsheet Brain, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

19 thoughts on “{WIN} With Schnookypie

  1. Carla VDW says:

    My little boy who is due in June would look adorable in the Elephant with chevron back – NAVY! Gosh what adorable things!

  2. Shanelin says:

    Awww how cute are all these clothes?! I would definitely go with the Puffed Lion with chevron back – GREY…

  3. Melissa Govender says:

    My favourite from the entire range has to be the black HUGO summer shorts set. I have not purchased one but would absolutely love to in the near future.

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