From D to A with SkillUp Tutors

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skillup tutorsWhen Kris started high school, after moving from Johannesburg to Cape Town, she was dismayed to obtain two D’s in Geography and EMS. Her mom, Debbie, went online to find a tutor on SkillUp Tutors and the rest is history.  She achieved an A in Geography and now has confidence in all her subjects after her tutor also helped her in Accounting. She now only uses them for extra Maths assistance. 

In today’s schools, where large classes often mean overworked teachers just don’t get to each child, tutoring is an excellent option, especially where your child is struggling in a particular subject. Even in small classes, there are gaps of misunderstanding, and places where students fall short, purely because they haven’t been able to have someone sit down with them and explain things properly, because teachers have a full class to teach and time ran out.  This is where the Tutor system comes in. Individual attention where your child needs it the most.

However, there’s a problem.  It’s pretty expensive to hire a tutor. 

This is where SkillUp Tutors differs from other agencies. They let their tutors set their own rates (from R50 to R500 per hour) and only take as little as 10% commission. 

You can look for tutors all over the country, tutors who have been screened for quality and safety. What’s more, if you find one that you really like that isn’t in your location, there is an online learning space complete with camera and whiteboard to explain concepts further. 

Skill Up Tutors has more than 5000 tutors on their database and they operate from Junior school right up to University. 

Mathew runs a slick operation; he is extremely professional and I love how he uses technology as a platform to match his tutors with learners’ requirements, to keep parents updated with lessons used and to communicate progress reports. Kristin’s tutor Johnathan has not missed a lesson, he is reliable, prepares well and is so enthusiastic.”

“Johnathan is not only an intelligent student himself, but he has bridged the gaps for Kristin in Geography, EMS, Accounting and Maths. He is also a great role model for someone like Kristin as he has shown her what it takes to be a successful second year student studying at UCT”

“We plan to use SkillUp going forward especially as Kristin enters grade 10 with her subject choice. I believe this will benefit her as she plans to study at university.”

“Carmen will also use their services when she needs extra practice to achieve those distinctions” says Debbie. 


Here are some other recent tutor reviews:


For more information check out their website at  SkillUp Tutors.

There’s no reason why your child should be suffering to understand concepts when the right , affordable tutor can be matched to them and make a difference. 


7 thoughts on “From D to A with SkillUp Tutors

  1. Louise Freeman says:

    My son has managed to pull his physical science mark up by 14% this term, but is still not achieving what he wants to in his Grade 11 year. He studies hard, and is dedicated to improving, but may need some guidance. I feel that he would benefit from being tutored by someone closer to his age, rather than an older teacher, as he will relate better.

  2. Evette Lippert says:

    I would like this for my grand daughter. She always puts in every effort with her maths but its a stuggle for her. I feel as much as she studies and works hard she needs something like this on a one on one basis.

  3. Namreen Sonday says:

    My son struggles with his study subjects. I really feel like one on one tutoring will make the world of difference in helping him acquire the skills he needs for the next few years of school and beyond.

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