Enjoying the Cars 3 movie with #EmiratesA380

EmiratesA380I don’t think we have anticipated a movie more than we have Cars 3. There’s been quite a build up. So when Emirates invited us to watch the movie in celebration of their A380 airplane, it was a resounding yes. 

Last year we attended a similar event after Emirates won an award (for the 12th straight year) for its inflight entertainment. This time the latest award was from Trip Advisor – Best Airline in the World.  My family was quite happy to come with – although this time Nicky did not want to change into the pilot outfit. He was quite happy to suck on a lollipop though.  I like the Emirates headdress.  For those moments I fancy myself as a air hostess. Lol. 

It was also good to see some other bloggers in attendance like Zoe (from Born Geek ) and Laura (from this blog and Harassed Mom), Thando from Modern Zulu Mom and Tanya from Rattle and Mum.  Also from You, Baby and I we had Shaney’s hubby in attendance with Kitana. They were more successful than me with the dressing up! 

Someone else who was not there but missed was Cassie, who now lives in Australia. You can read her comprehensive review of Emirates here. 

Check out Nicola’s post also here of more info on Emirates and the event.  Sorry if I have missed anyone else! Please let me know in the comments. 

Thando from Modern Zulu Mom

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Laura’s Jack and Emma enjoying the movies.










emirates recycled blanketThe other thing I really liked about Emirates was their commitment to the environment. In the movie they gave us the softest blanket which is recycled from 28 bottles. Nicky enjoyed cuddling it in the movies and when it fell on the floor I snatched it up. So soft I really felt like falling asleep.

I also found it interesting that since last year they dry wash their aircraft which saves on water. 

So what is so special about the A380 that they are bringing back to SA? First class and Business class can enjoy an on-board lounge while the First Class may also make use of a shower.  (If, like me, you’ve been driving past their billboards you would have seen the lounge and shower pictured on the corner of Malibongwe and Republic.)

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But of course we are most interested in the way they care for the families and once again we were spoilt with “Fly with Me” travel buddy and carry buddy. You’ll see in my post from last year the super soft blanket is inside the carry buddy. Last year we had an eagle and this time we had a hedgehog. Both very cute.   

Nicky utterly enjoyed the Cars 3 movie. The movie is about how Lightning has to find his place within a new generation of cars. He is completely lost until he works with his trainer, Cruz Ramirez, and finds a way to win through the recognition and promotion of her talents. A great moral to be able to step back and celebrate the strengths of others. 

My son spends a lot of his TV time watching toy cars. Many of them are part of the Cars ensemble. He knew the names of the Cars 3 characters way before we did. Nicky also was celebrating his birthday in the same week, which made for a few really cool Cars presents.

The movie takes place in different locations. After his crash, Lightning practices in Radiator Springs, and this is still when he is wearing his grey primer. This cute Lego set has him going up a ramp with a police car tracking his speed. You can see Nicky put some prestick on the police car. Not sure what he wanted to do there, but it’s part of his playful nature. 

When Lightning starts training with Cruz, one of the places where they race together is on the beach. This Lightning toy is a great one for the bath because it sucks up water when you pull it backwards and gives a light spray.  

Right at the end of the movie they are having fun at a place called Willy’s Brutte. This toy track has a loop and when you press the foot pedal it shoots the car around.  

cars 3 willys brutteThe kids had lots of fun with this setup at Nicky’s party and another cool thing is that you can move it around and join it in different places, making the loop both horizontal and vertical. 

lightning and mater in space puzzleNicky also got a puzzle of Lightning and Mater travelling through space – appropriate since he had a space party. 

There’s no doubt my boy will be watching more Cars videos and playing with his Cars toys because he is such a fan of these characters. 

Thank you Emirates for keeping us entertained. It sounds like, with all these channels, comforts and perks, the hardest part will really be getting them off the plane. 

The next #JoziMeetup on 13 May is about Building Relationships with Brands

#JoziMeetupIt’s that #JoziMeetup time again! Time to meetup with your blogging buddies and listen to some inspiring speakers assisting us to blog better. We have an awesome lineup of speakers and brands taking part in this event, so you can sit back and enjoy!

The theme of the event is “Building a relationship with brands” and we’ll hear from both the blogger and the PR side about what works and doesn’t work when establishing a productive affiliation with brands.

The speakers are:


  1. Mike Said: Daddy Blogger: “Around South Africa on 80 brands”

Mike will be talking about how he utilised brands to sponsor his trip around our country. How he proceeded from idea to implementation, and from blogger to traveller. He will be sharing the power of leveraging social media in the new economy.

Mike blogs at Daddy Blogger.

2. Nicole Sparrow:  Autograph PR: “Please remember to iron your sheets”

You’ll remember Nicole from our last meetup chatting about some make up items from Dischem. Nicole runs a PR agency with quite a few cosmetics that she represents. 

Nicole often giggles at bloggers and vloggers who do stunning makeup tutorials but all she focuses on is the creased sheet they’ve hung as a backdrop!  So she will be dealing with little details like that as well as how PR agencies work, the importance of having a rate card and media kit and what they look for in bloggers they want to work with.

You can find Nicole’s PR website here. 

Two brands will be also be at the meetup to showcase their products:

  1. Prima Baby will be at the event to showcase some of their products to keep your little ones captivated and having fun. You can find them on Facebook here.


2. Prima Toys will be showcasing the latest toys and educational products for preschoolers. They will also talk about the latest trends in toys and games.  Find them on Facebook.

3. MatsiMela will be there to show off their body care and skin care products, as well as give some pampering to the bloggers.  You can find them on Facebook. 

Details of the event:

Date: 13 May 2017

Time: 10am

Venue:  Cafe Zing, The Regent Hotel, 21 West Rd South, Morningside, Sandton

Cost: R250 plus R5 for Quicket = R255 

Bookings: through Quicket: Click here.


(If you are in PE you can join in the #ECMeetup on the same day. Read Luchae and Eleanor’s post for further information.) 

Any more brands who would like to get involved please email heather@samomblogs.co.za

Link for tickets again: Click here.

#JoziMeetup: An Elegant Affair

Everything about our latest #JoziMeetup  radiated class, beauty and elegance.  This was right from our informative speakers (who certainly had their own sense of style) to the contents of our lovely goody bags. We had a fabulous selection of both mom and lifestyle bloggers too; plus some great brands added into the mix.

cafe zing foodCreating an air of beauty and grace was no doubt elevated by our venue, Cafe Zing, housed in The Regent Hotel. Many thanks to Daddy Blogger Mike for unearthing this treasure. The food was delicious, the beverages warm, and Ansel was fantastic setting us all up for the presentations.

Our two speakers certainly had a lot to teach us about creating a beautiful blog (Roxy)and taking awesome pictures of your kids (Salome).
roxy2Roxy oozes her own style, and it is definitely many shades of pink. From the clothes she wears to her pastel shaded blog, her brand is very evident.

She advised us to brand our blogs across fonts (2-3), colours (3-5), logo and photographs. I did not even know that there is such a thing as a Style Guide, but apparently there is; a useful place to record all these things.

One of the ways you can put this brand all together is in your blog post graphics. The key is consistency across similar photos, fonts, and colours. It is useful to pop in your url and logo. It’s easy to create a template in a site such as Canva, which also gives you the relevant image sizes for where you want to post to.

yellow labSalome had a long list of very useful photographic tips that every blogger could use. After all, we all take pictures for our blogs, and she has certainly given us some ideas to put into practice.

Some really cool ones that I liked:

-Use catchlights: look for the light in the eyes because it brings the photo to life.

-Lighting: use window lighting: not the harsh direct one, but on the table near to the window, use open shade: use the shade outside – under a tree for instance. Use back lighting from behind. You can use a lightbox if working at night.

-Vantage points:  use different points. So often kids get sick of posing for photos. Rather come from another angle and get a less fake shot. Also get down to their level. I also liked that she said to get into the picture with your kids.

posingSalome had us all standing up doing poses of how to stand for a photo. Her trademark “forehead forward, chin down” used in our last meetup was put to use, plus the idea of standing sideways (which makes you look thinner) and putting your weight on your back leg.

-Probably her most unusual tip was to turn your phone upside down to get some better angles. She has even placed her phone this way in a glass to capture an underwater shot.

-Photographing objects was a hot topic among bloggers who receive press drops. Again, using natural light is a winner, and Roxy chimed in to suggest scrapbooking or even wrapping paper as a background. A useful input from Daddy Blogger Mike: brands already have photos on sites or flashsticks: what they want from you is the product in action.


We had some speakers representing brands at our meetup. 

Nicole showing us Dischem goodies

Nicole showing us Dischem goodies

One was the Entertainer App which gave us memberships and highlighted the benefits you may gain in all different categories for the “buy one get one free” concept.

The other was Nicole from Autograph PR who gave us some lovely make up items from Dischem. I think what was really useful about her input was the idea about how busy our lives have become and how the items can make our lives easier eg a mosaic eyeshadow that can also double as blush. I particularly like her eyeliners and the liquid one which go on very easily and give my eyes fantastic definition. 

Cherise and her prize from Room Service Co.

Cherise and her prize from Room Service Co.

We gave away a lovely ottoman / could be used as toybox from Room Service Co which promises to re-uphoster or change an item of furniture into something else. These ladies also gave us some very cute pink cupcakes.

Rain Africa also gave us some lovely hampers and also provided the bloggers with soap and hand lotion in a stunning little package. Print Wild gave us vouchers and so did Prominent Paints.

We were totally spoilt with our goody bags that I will leave in photographic record so you can see how awesome they were. Thank you to all the brands that supported us.

goody bag
But most of all I want to say thank you to the bloggers that attended: you are the lifeblood of our community and without which we would not be able to have any of these events. Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


Thanks also to those who posted about the event, you can read more here: Mel’s Postbox and MomAgain@40.

We also have a video from Victoire, thanks so much!

And also about the #CTMeetup here.

SA Mom Blogs: Heather and Lauraname tags of bloggers at #jozimeetup

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