Six Things I like About the LG NeoChef Microwave

LG NeoChef Smart Inverter MicrowaveThe LG NeoChef Microwave not only looks very classy with its minimalist design, it also has a lot of features busy moms will appreciate. I’ll be honest, I mainly use my microwave to defrost and reheat. I only use the grill/ combi function when it has packed up on our normal oven (which tends to happen a lot, our oven is on the old side) so I was interested to try out this oven which not only cooks, but bakes and roasts as well. 


I recently went away for a week and left my husband to fend for himself with this new microwave. Even he was able to operate it (although the extra strength takes a bit of getting used to. He actually melted some plastic when he was trying to steam some potatoes!)

So here’s what I like about this microwave oven, as opposed to my older model, which also happens to be an LG model. 


  1. Quieter

The microwave hums very softly. My previous one was quite loud and tended to wake up Nicky some mornings.

2. LG NeoChef Anti Bacterial Easy CleanEasy to Clean

I really like the inside surface of the microwave. It is some grey substance (Anti Bacterial Easy Clean) that is very easy to wipe. Although I am really making an effort this time to cover the food when I cook. I must say the inside of my previous microwave was a bit icky, especially at the top. 

3. Hexagonal turntable

hexagonal turntable LG NeoChefNot sure if it’s because my old LG is just old, but the turntable has seen better days. This one is way more stable and will prevent objects which aren’t quite in the middle from tipping over. 

4. Brighter light

The LED lamp is three times lighter and more energy efficient. You will find it much easier to see what’s going on inside.

5. Quicker / hotter

Because this oven can go up to 1200 W everything you cook cooks faster. If you want to you can even cook pottery in this microwave.

I left my husband alone for a week with a new microwave and he actually burnt a plastic container. He was trying to steam potatoes. So you have to keep an eye you don’t overdo it!

6. More functions

LG NeoChef microwaveAlong with the normal cook, grill, combi, defrost etc there is something called “Popular Menu” where they provide the recipes. All you have to do is put the ingredients together, and press “Popular Menu” and then the relevant number. (There’s a more detailed menu inside the microwave).

The image on the left shows how I cooked some lamb chops on the Combi function, using the rack which comes with the product (and a plate underneath to catch the drips). They did actually taste pretty good!

On “Inverter Cook” you can Roast, Soften and Melt (things like chocolate), Defrost and Cook, do Yoghurt and Keep Warm your food. 

Something else really fancy is that the microwave has a “Smart Diagnosis” where you dial a helpline and then hold the mouthpiece of your phone up to the icon.

My verdict? A very smart (and stylish) microwave that will keep clean longer and make your life easier. 

Here is a video where I compare my old model and do a bit of a demonstration. Check out Nicky munching cookies and giggling in the background. 



For more info on the microwave see their website.

This post is sponsored by LG and we were also provided with the NeoChef microwave. 



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