How to add the button

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how-to-add-button-to-your-blogCopy and paste the code into your sidebar on your blog.


Adding the code to Blogger blogs:


1. copy code from sidebar

2. login to your Blogger dashboard

3. go to layout

4. click “add a gadget”

5. choose “HTML/Javascript”

6. paste the code

7. save

8. move the icon anywhere on your sidebar by dragging the box to the correct space

9. hit “save blog” one more time if you move the icon


Adding the code to WordPress blogs:

1) copy code from sidebar

2) login to your WordPress dashboard

3) go to “Appearance”

4) go to “Widgets”

5) add a text widget to your side bar (drag it from the Available Widgets to the sidebar on the right)

6) paste code into text widget

7) click “save”



If the design of your blog is such that you cannot have widgets in your side bar, please speak to me and maybe you can put it on your “about” page.