Win tickets to Mama Magic (18-21 May, TicketPro Dome)

mama magicThe Mama Magic show basically has everything under one roof you will need in your pregnancy and parenting journey for your child 0-5. It is one of those staple  events for new moms to attend to find out about the latest baby products, as well as for those to bring their tots along to watch Barney and grab the specials at Baby City on nappies.  SA Mom blogs is giving away two double tickets for any day during 18-21 May at the TicketPro dome at Northgate. 

I’ve written two posts about this expo before and you can read them here: 

mama magic BarneyThe first post I wrote about watching and meeting Barney when Nicky was about two years old and also some products that I saw that I liked. 

Mama magic BarneyTwo years later we went to Mama Magic again and Nicky had fun in the ball pit, with the lego and dragging a plastic dog around we found at the SPCA stall. 

I think it is a testament to the variety to be found at the show that there were items and activities to be found at each age group, and moms who want to entertain the little ones can bring the older siblings as well to join in the fun. 

Would you like to attend this year’s show?

All you have to do is comment below.

Terms and conditions:

You must be a resident of SA to enter and able to attend the exhibition at the TicketPro Dome, 18-21 May, Johannesburg.

The competition will run for a week and then the winners will be emailed and announced on our Facebook page. 


9 thoughts on “Win tickets to Mama Magic (18-21 May, TicketPro Dome)

  1. Naledi says:

    I am a new mommy, juggling my honours study, being a mom and a job. I was looked down upon on having a baby while in school but I have proved that its not the end of the world. i work part time selling muffins to make extra money so whenever there is a sale or special on baby stuff i run to the store to stock up. Since being a mom i have never had a day of just being pampered and have fun with my 5month old son and the mama magic expo would be the best thing ever to ateend with my munchkinzzz. i really hope i win.

  2. Wayne says:

    My family would love this chance…we have 2 small ones on nappies, our neighbour last year bought many nappies on special and bless her, she thought of us. I am certain, the kids will love the day too.

  3. Esther says:

    I am a mommy to 4 little beings. During this cold season, they are indoors a lot and an outing is always welcome.
    What more can I ask for than opportunity to entertain them whist we asa family get to save on the big essentials as nappies and food then a plus, meeting the awesome faces behind these brands

  4. Wayne says:

    This is my wife’s first love!
    I didn’t want to comment (the eyes on a guy reading a mom blog 👀)…
    But then, she and our babies LOVE it and as our home ‘s financial guru, she really knows how to get best things out of it where we benefit long term. I just wish to surprise her

  5. Esther says:

    I am mommy of 4 little people.
    In winter, they are indoors a lot and an outing is always welcome. Then the part were we he to SAVE on goods, meet South African entrepreneurs behind brands whilst they have fun, always makes mommy ‘s day a lot easier.

  6. Laura Roque says:

    I would love to take my 2 year old daughter Gianna to go watch Barney. I am a Mom of 3 beautiful princesses so am pretty sure theres something for me at the show.

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