Win a coffee machine or mini fridge when you tell us your best baby bargain on Gumtree

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Having kids is expensive. And I’m not even talking about educating them (and that’s huge). How about just setting up the baby furniture, getting some clothes, a load of nappies and toiletries? I mean, the baby hasn’t even arrived and just to be prepared, you have to really fork out. So how do you afford it? And once the child grows, they need more stuff! How do you deal with it?

One little secret is: Gumtree. You can find some serious bargains (if you are looking for goods) and also sell your old stuff.

Gumtree has an idea of how to afford some of the things your growing child needs. Go ahead and sell the baby stuff.


I sold my wedding dress on Gumtree. So why not sell my baby stuff? I have also bought Nicky’s little couch for his room on Gumtree. I have gone ahead and listed three items on Gumtree.

  1. Compactum 

This has a changing table at just the right height plus a baby bath. 

2. Camp cot –

SOLD two days after placing the ad! R500 in my pocket.

This is an awesome camp cot because it also has a changing table and grows with your baby.

3. Play pen

SOLD a day after placing the ad. R700. 

This is awesome not only to play in but also works well as a sleeping spot and tent. 


These are big ticket items but I’m selling them cheap. I am amazed that I sold two of them so soon. (Anyone want the compactum?)

So why buy second hand?


A car seat, which is a must-have, can cost you up to R3,000 brand new but only R1,000 second-hand. In SA, while laws are not as strict as in the US (you have to have a car seat when leaving the hospital), the Child Safe organisation continues to promote the importance of having the proper car seat through their buckle up campaign. And let’s not forget our own Mandy-Lee with #CarSeatFullStop. 


A stroller could cost you between R2,600 and R6,999 – depending on what you’re looking for. While the average second-hand price is around R1,400, including all the extra bits and bobs. (By the way I have written a comprehensive post on buying strollers here). 


And if you’re not co-sleeping, a cot – which averages around R1,500 second-hand – can cost up to R2,500 at retail.


In total, these three essential items could save you up to R6,000 when opting to buy second-hand.

Sounds like a no-brainer but I’d like to hear your experiences on Gumtree.

What was your biggest bargain you bought or sold?

Tell me your story and you can win a bar fridge or coffee machine.  (Let me know in the comment which one you’d prefer)


Terms and Conditions

  1. This competition will run for a week. The winner will be announced on the Facebook page, and emailed. 
  2. This competition is open to SA residents only. 
  3. The prize is not transferable.
  4. If you have won on SA Mom Blogs in the past 3 months you will not be eligible to win this competition. 

20 thoughts on “Win a coffee machine or mini fridge when you tell us your best baby bargain on Gumtree

  1. Sofiah says:

    The best bargain I bought was my car 🙂 it’s second hand but runs well and I got it at a good price, would love to win a bar fridge

  2. Amy Bridge says:

    I bought an awesome sleigh cot for half the retail price on Gumtree! It was in very good condition and so thankful we didn’t have to fork out for a brand new cot. The sellers were just down the road from us which made it very convenient. I will one day sell it on through Gumtree. I would be so delighted if I won the bar fridge!

  3. Sarah says:

    My biggest bargain was our baby compactum which we bought for R800? Was a good quality item from a well-known local furniture manufacturer. It was solid wood – just ask my hubby and brother-in-law who had to carry it! We then passed it on to my sister so we had great use out of it as a family. We also sold plenty of our baby items on Gumtree as and when the kids grew out of them. The parents we met were lovely who came to collect items, and we would often spend ages chatting about babies. Not only does Gumtree allow you to save/make money, it’s an easy way to ensure quality items are reused and not sitting in a cupboard, or worst, going into the bin!

  4. Lynn Botha says:

    Best baby bargain I got on gumtree.. a bumbo seat… my kids were born 15 months apart and it got to the point where it felt like I had twins. I had one bumbo already but urgently needed a second one, and I found a mint condition one at less than half the shops price. And the best part… when I sold them, I made my money all back.

  5. Lynn Botha says:

    Over the years I’ve bought a few things off gumtree, but have sold plenty… from baby stuff to roller skates. My biggest thing I sold was my car.. We were in the process of selling our house, and had put in an offer to purchase a new development. We were told we had plenty of time. Then out of the blue, the development company tells us we needed to put down R20 000 to secure the offer. What a joke. I was high pregnant, and getting a loan just wasn’t an option.. so we decided to put my car on gumtree.. and it sold for R24 000 within 24 hours. Easiest and quickest sale I had ever made. And we still happy in our little home 🙂 gumtree rocks. I would totally love the mini fridge please 🙂

  6. Carolyn Augustus says:

    I sold my daughter’s car seat and camp cot, which she had outgrown. It was taking up so much space and just had to go. I was contacted the same day I posted by potential buyers and could not believe how quickly it actually sold. I mean the very next day the car seat was off my hands and 2 days later the cot. A lovely R1000 in my pocket for used goods that we could not make use of any more. Will definitely be using Gumtree again.

  7. Esda says:

    Bought a brand new Medela electric breastpump, box still sealed for R800. It was bought 2 months earlier iand I got the slip so still had nearly the full warranty and paid half the price. The mom i bought it from could not breastfeed. Would love to win the bar fridge!

  8. Debbie McCracken says:

    Hooray for Gumtree! My darling sister was about to have twins and I was hunting for the best suitable Pram as a girl for her new baby boys. Well, I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the price of them! I so didn’t want to disappoint my sister by buying her a Pram from the retail stores which would break in 2 months.

    So I ended up searching on the lovely user friendly Gumtree App for prams! Yay, and It didn’t take me long to find what I was looking for .. I ended up buying my sister the best Pram on the market for her twins in excellent condition !! I was over the moon!! This Pram for twins would have cost me an arm and leg in the retail stores. Thank-you Gumtree you saved me 😉

  9. Este van Aswegen says:

    We bought with my first child a combo that included a pram with infant car seat, a wooden cot, camping cot, baby bath with stand and variety of baby toys for R2 500.

    Would love to win the bar fridge.

  10. Michelle Batista says:

    I’ve bought a pool table (coin operated) for father’s day, advertised for R3000, got it for R2500, I’ve sold phones, prams, camp cots, nappy bins, bumbo seats, a whole lot of stuff, quick & easy, love Gumtree, I at least check on Gumtree 4 times a week, lol bargains…. 💓

  11. Laura Russell says:

    I bought a HUGE box of Duplo off Gumtree for R300. It has kept my construction-crazy 4 year old daughter busy for months! This was a rather more successful purchase than the ancient food processor I bought, with visions of all the healthy homemade food I was going to churn out (I made coleslaw, which admittedly took only 3 minutes to chop – but another 45 to first assemble then take apart and clean the machine). It now gathers dust under the stairs. Moral of the story – it’s only a bargain if you USE it!

  12. ragmat Baron says:

    I sold my brand new couches i bought on gumtree within a day. So quick and easy. I had to sell as i had no more storage as I had moved in a new property.
    I would love the coffee machine

  13. Monique says:

    I sold my twins Campcot’s in Gumtree – R1000 for both. I usually donate their goodies but I needed the cash. It was sold within 2 days. I met the buyer at a McDonalds (central point) at my convenience. Easy Peasy!

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