Win a manicure course valued at R2200

Have you always wanted the secret to crafting the perfect set of nails? Perhaps you’ve often fancied yourself opening your own beauty shop (or working in one) but never quite got the idea off the ground? In celebration of Imablie Beauty’s training academy, we’re giving away a manicure course valued at R2200. So now is your chance to test your beauty skills out with some new nail artistic abilities. 

Have you noticed that the beauty industry is recession proof? So no matter how bad things are, women will still come to keep up appearances. It makes us feel better to look good, after all. 

The Academy distinguishes itself from all other educational institutions by its extensive
academic and practical training process, which is implemented and monitored by the top
leaders in their prospective fields and executed over four phases.

Phase 1: Theoretical .
Phase 2: Practical: A subject matter expert guides students in readiness for the next phase.
Phase 3: Incubation: under the watchful eye of a mentor.
Phase 4: Job Preparation and Placement Phase: assistance with interview skills and the opportunity for employment in one of their many beauty salons or wellness centres,

I had the pleasure of having a facial with the  facial with the Principal – Lisa Leibov  at their Johannesburg and not only did I feel like I was in expert hands, it was so relaxing I practically fell asleep! A few weeks later I had a pedicure at the Placecol Spa (which is also part of the group) and that was much needed for my feet. 

I think the other thing about beauty treatments is that they really help us ladies care for ourselves in a very practical way. We make time in our day for self care, something that often comes last on our list of priorities, although it shouldn’t be. 

So take the time to enter the world of beauty for a bit, and discover one of the staples of the industry: manicures.  Here are further details about the course:


Date:                                     20th – 21st of July (Thursday & Friday)

Time:                                     Thursday 09:00-15:00

                                                Friday 09:00-13:00

Course Details:                  Anatomy & Physiology of the Hand and Nail

                                                Hygiene & Sterilization

                                                Professional Conduct

                                                Manicure Tools & Products

                                                Manicure Station Set-up

                                                Manicure Procedures

                                                Paint Techniques

                                                Massage Skills

Food:                                    Muffins will be provided, Toasted Sandwiches & Salads on cash available

Venue:                               23 Saddle Drive, Woodmead Office Park, Woodmead, Johannesburg. 


Would you like to win this course?

All you have to do is

  1. Blog post comment: tell us why you think it would be worthwhile to go on this course
  2. Follow two of their social media. You’ll the academies are both in Joburg and in Cape Town but the prize is in Joburg.


Visit Facebook: Imbalie Beauty Academy Woodmead 

Follow Instagram: Imablie Beauty Academy

Western Cape:

Visit Facebook: Imbalie Beauty Academy Western Cape

Follow Instagram: Training Academy Western Cape


  1. This competition will run for a week. The winner will be announced on the Facebook page, and emailed. 
  2. This competition is open to SA residents only who would be able to attend the course in Johannesburg,  20th – 21st of July (Thursday & Friday)
  3. The prize is not transferable.
  4. If you have won on SA Mom Blogs in the past 3 months you will not be eligible to win this competition.


Cradle Cap and Colic: New baby problems.. PLUS win Colief products

As if it wasn’t enough that you now have a new little baby needing to be fed at odd hours and you are doing what you can to get some sleep inbetween, there happen to be further problems that can raise their heads in the early days. Colic and cradle cap are just two problems that can occur in those early days and can drive you crazy. Fortunately there are some products that can help and SA Mom blogs will be giving some of these away. 

Colic can be a real awful thing to go through, for both the mom and baby. I put my poor mom through this. She told me that every day at about 4pm I would just start crying and nothing seemed to help.  Colic is defined as severe pain in the abdomen caused by wind or obstruction in the intestines and suffered especially by babies. The problems of colic often start several weeks after birth, then peak at around six weeks, lasting for about three or four months.

Some tips for Colic:

  1. Keep track: Write down when baby cries, for how long and any possible triggers. (nappy, sleep, hot, cold, dummy) So if one of these works it can be a tiny victory. Knowing the pattern also helps you prepare as a mom.
  2. Keep late afternoon and early evening clear: As colic crying seems to happen around these times, get things done that need doing in other parts of the day where possible, so that you are there for your baby during this time.
  3. Keep calm and sooth: Rocking, sucking and holding baby close are activities you can do during this time. It might seem like it is not helping but the fact that you are present does not go unnoticed by your baby. You are providing security in a wave of pain.
  4. Keep connected: You’re not the only one going through this. Join up with another mom’s group and you may find you may encourage another mom going through the same thing. 
  5. Keep Colief close: 

Rather than only treating the symptoms of colic, your infant’s colic-associated crying and tummy discomfort may be the cause of temporary lactose intolerance. Colief Infant Drops is one of the only colic supplements that works by breaking down the lactose in milk (naturally found in breastmilk) to help ease digestion. So you add it to your formula or breastmilk. 

These infant drops have also undergone successful studies Kearney (1998) and Kanabar (2001).

Cradle cap is flaky, dry skin that looks like dandruff, or thick, oily, yellowish or brown scaling or crusting patches on your baby’s scalp. 

Colief Baby Scalp oil  contains rosehip oil, chamomile and Vitamin E.  Simply massage into the skin or scalp and the oils will help sooth and moisturise. Suitable for babies older than two months. 

Our last item, unrelated to the above but necessary for general health is Vitamin D. In fact when I went to a dietician for fertility help one of the first things she did was make me take a blood test for Vitamin D. It turned out that it was a bit low and she actually prescribed  a higher dose. Vitamin D is essential for bones and teeth development and also for boosting your immune system. We can absorb it from the sun as well, but is it enough? 

Growing kids 6 months to five years and pregnant and breastfeeding moms can really benefit from this. Colief also has VItamin D drops which contain 600 Drops (2µg (80IU) per drop) which is 5 months supply for infants and children and 4 months for pregnant and lactating moms. Not suirable for infants younger than one month or for those consuming 500ml or more of formula. 

The final portion of our prize is the Baby Sense book by Meg Faure, famous occupational therapist and speaker. Meg has spoken at Colief events and has some tips of her own to get through it. 




SA Mom blogs is giving away the following two hampers:

1x Colief Infant Drops

1x Colief Scalp Oil

1x Colief Vitamin D3 Drops

1x Baby Sense book by Meg Faure


Value: R550 each.


Share with us some of your tips and follow some social media and win using the Rafflecopter mechanism below. 

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Win two hampers of PediaSure worth R750 each! (Plus Recipes)

Young children have boundless energy, but they need the right nutrition to function optimally. I’d be the first to admit that I have a fussy eater, and I’ve also experienced those kids who just are not keen to eat. There is a back up plan to make sure that they get all the nutrients they need: PediaSure.

Little kids are constantly on the go, indeed one of their primary functions is to move and investigate the world.  We have one kid in our class at school that starts eating very early in the day, and it certainly keeps the hunger at bay. Most of them have a little bit to eat and then want to go and play at snack time. But snack time is very important and I have to take my hat off to parents who go to a lot of effort to provide a wide variety of fruits, nuts, raisans, bread, egg, yoghurt, cheese, meat, and many more offerings. Then they also give a selection of drinks from water, to tea to milk and juice. 

Toddlers in particular tend to “graze” and have a little bit to eat here and there. It can be frustrating as a parent to prepare a whole lot of food and see it go to waste. But somehow they keep on growing and eat as much as they need.

To make sure they are getting all the vitamins and nutrients that they need, it’s good to have some kind of insurance in the background to take up the slack when you’re not sure if they have a complete diet.  Having vitamins or a shake that contains these vitamins and minerals is a good idea to boost their immune systems in winter before they get sick. 

PediaSure Complete is a nutrient-rich, lactose-free drink that provides balanced nutrition for children from age three to ten, experiencing growth challenges. Long-term clinical studies using two glasses of Pediasure Complete daily has been associated with improved appetite and physical activity and a reduction in the number of sick days (Huynh DTT, Estorninos E, Capeding RZ, et al.)

Here are some recipes to entice your kids to eat or drink healthy:


No-bake Energy Balls

  • 1 Cup Raw Oats
  • 2/3 Cup Desiccated Coconut or Coconut Flakes
  • 1/2 Cup Peanut Butter or Almond Butter
  • 1/2 Cup Ground Flax Seeds
  • 1/2 Cup Dark Chocolate Chips
  • 1/3 Cup Honey
  • 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract



Stir all ingredients together in a medium bowl until thoroughly mixed. Cover chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes,

Once chilled, roll the mixture into golf-balled sized portions. Store in an airtight container and keep refrigerated for up to 1 week.

Makes about 20 energy balls.



Choc-Berry Smoothie

  • ½ Cup Milk
  • 1 Scoop Vanilla PediaSure® Complete
  • 75g Frozen Mixed Berries
  • 1 Tablespoon Drinking Chocolate



Measure all ingredients into a blender jug.

Blend until smooth.

Serve at once.


Peachy Iced Tea

  • 4 Rooibos tea bags
  • 2L Boiled water
  • 1 Cup Diced Peaches or 1 Tin Peaches (in Fruit Juice), Drained




  1. In a large jug, add 4 tea bags to 2L of boiling water. Allow to steep for 5 – 10 minutes.
  2. Remove tea bags and 1 tin of peaches, roughly chopped. Cool in the fridge overnight.
  3. Serve chilled. Makes 2L of peachy iced tea. Serves 8.





SA Mom blogs is giving away two hampers of PediaSure consisting of:

  • Toy Voucher (ToysRUs, worth R300)
  • Notebook
  • Shaker
  • USB
  • 400g Product of PediaSure

The worth of the hamper would be R750.


All you have to do is leave a comment below. Tell me about your child’s eating challenges. 


#GrundigMomOfTheYear: Celebrate mom with a culinary experience worth R600 and a chance to win an oven worth over R8000

We’re still celebrating our mothers this month with a very special competition. Our moms are an invaluable part of our lives, so this would be a great opportunity to spoil yours.

There are two parts to this prize.

The first one will run on this blog. It is a culinary experience at the JHB  Culinary & Pastry School worth R600,00.  I had a look at their Instagram page and they are sure cooking up some impressive food and pastries as well as amazing cakes at that school. Here’s one that a lucky mom to be enjoyed, together with talented chef Charity. 

Then we have this impressive artwork from Chef Kelvin. Looks like something straight out of Master Chef. 

Suffice to say your mom will be in good hands learning from the best. 

I wouldn’t say that cooking or baking is really my strength so I’ll take this as an opportunity to learn. Oh yes, the blogger gets to go along with the mom. So I’ll be creating something yummy (and hopefully good looking too).

The winner and blogger will be treated to a red Velvet cupcake making and decorating lesson. The culinary experience will most likely happen over the weekend.


Now for the second part of the prize.

On the day of the experience, there will be a draw where the attendees will stand a chance to win the grand prize which is Grundig top of the line oven valued at R8 900. 

Grundig is a German brand which as we know, is typically efficient and reliable.  They have been making high quality products since 1946. It started with a radio and has expanded to the latest stylish home appliances.  They also pride themselves on being energy efficient.  You can read more about them on their website here. 

The oven up for grabs is a GEBM 25000 B Multifunction 70cm single oven. It has triple glazed doors and a built in meat probe. For more info on the oven see this link. 


Not bad for mom, isn’t it?


Now all you have to do to win this for your mom is to comment below, telling me the name of your mom and why she should win and why she is the #GrundigMomoftheYear. Unlike other competitions where we draw a prize randomly, this time the decision will be based on the answer contained in your comments. 


Terms and conditions:

  1. This competition will run for a week and end on 30 May. The winner will be announced on our Facebook page and emailed. 
  2. This competition is open to Gauteng residents only. If your mom lives far away she must be able to attend the culinary experience in Johannesburg. 
  3. The prize is not transferable.
  4. If you have won on SA Mom Blogs in the past 3 months you will not be eligible to win this competition.

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Win tickets to Mama Magic (18-21 May, TicketPro Dome)

mama magicThe Mama Magic show basically has everything under one roof you will need in your pregnancy and parenting journey for your child 0-5. It is one of those staple  events for new moms to attend to find out about the latest baby products, as well as for those to bring their tots along to watch Barney and grab the specials at Baby City on nappies.  SA Mom blogs is giving away two double tickets for any day during 18-21 May at the TicketPro dome at Northgate. 

I’ve written two posts about this expo before and you can read them here: 

mama magic BarneyThe first post I wrote about watching and meeting Barney when Nicky was about two years old and also some products that I saw that I liked. 

Mama magic BarneyTwo years later we went to Mama Magic again and Nicky had fun in the ball pit, with the lego and dragging a plastic dog around we found at the SPCA stall. 

I think it is a testament to the variety to be found at the show that there were items and activities to be found at each age group, and moms who want to entertain the little ones can bring the older siblings as well to join in the fun. 

Would you like to attend this year’s show?

All you have to do is comment below.

Terms and conditions:

You must be a resident of SA to enter and able to attend the exhibition at the TicketPro Dome, 18-21 May, Johannesburg.

The competition will run for a week and then the winners will be emailed and announced on our Facebook page. 


Win tickets to Transformers Animatronics!

The other day I saw a pair of Transformers socks at Pick n Pay and I bought them for Nicky. Now a few weeks ago he wouldn’t have even known who they were. But now Bumble Bee is his favourite and he is a definite fan. He put those stinky socks back in his cupboard and would have worn them again had I not whisked them away! We had such a good time at the Transformers Animatronics exhibition and now we want to share the experience with you. 

Internet TV service Showmax is giving away 5 sets of 4 tickets to the Transformer Animatronics exhibition at Emperor’s Palace, which runs until 28 May 2017.

This is quite an incredible exhibition as all the Transformers on display are made from car parts and other scrap.  They are real metal characters. No cuddly ones here! But still super cool to pose with Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. 

The first section is a display of all the Transformers which includes the Autobots and Decepticons plus the latest Dino Bots and famous Rescue Bots, the famed pre-school series that has expanded the Transformers fan base.

Nicky liked Bumble Bee but he was also fascinated with Megatron especially when I read on the text in front of his bike formation that he can also turn into a boat.

After the display there is a cinema where you can watch a 20 min movie and then there is a kid’s play area with Duplo blocks and large lego blocks. with food as well. There is also a rubbing activity where you can make impressions of your favourite transformers. 

You can read more about our visit at my post on my blog One Step at a Time.

While we were there at the exhibition, there were a few Showmax people walking around with clipboards telling us about Showmax. They will help you sign up and explain how to claim your 30 day voucher. Showmax makes sure that the Transformers fun doesn’t end. The kids can watch the Transformers Collection on Showmax as many times as they like once you get home!



And if Transformers is not your cup of tea, there are plenty of other things to watch on Showmax. There are also 1000s of top-quality, educational and fun kids shows for the kids to enjoy from Barbie to Paw Patrol for just R99. Take a look at all the fabulous family features available from at


WIN 5 sets of 4 tickets to the Transformers Animatronics Exhibition! 

All you have to do is leave a comment below on why your family should go. 

Terms and conditions:

You must be a resident of SA to enter and able to get to the exhibition at Emperor’s Palace, Johannesburg.

Once winners are selected, they will receive a special ticket and will be able to book the day that suits them best up until 28 May. 

The competition will run for a week and then the winners will be emailed and announced on our Facebook page. 



Win a Barbie Video Game Hero Memory Game Doll plus DVD worth R800!

Barbie Video Game Hero ​Memory Game Doll In case you thought that Barbie was all blonde and dumb, this new version will put that myth to shame with a game that tests your memory using the lights on her belt and skirt.  Barbie also enters a new dimension in a video game format, using her roller skates to propel herself onto new adventures.  We are giving away this doll and a DVD worth R800 on the blog today.

Test your memory with this ultra-cool doll inspired by the anime world just like in the movie. Her colourful racing look hides a fun, interactive game within its anime fashion elements.

How does it work?

Barbie Video Game Hero ​Memory Game Doll faceTo get started, push the button on her belt and the doll’s purple skirt lights up with a pattern using three coloured lights. Your goal is to repeat the pattern using the corresponding colorful buttons on her belt. As more patterns are successfully matched, they become more challenging and five different levels can test different memories to the max.

This Barbie comes with real working roller skates and helmet, all ready to take off! And as you can see, there’s not much blonde hair around. We are multicoloured here!

The DVD we are giving away is all about  how Barbie is pulled into her favourite video game who must rely on her amazing gaming skills and out of the box thinking to save her team and beat the game.

Here’s a trailer of the DVD:


There are also other products in this new range, including Barbie Video Game Hero Barbie doll, Barbie Video Game Hero Ken doll , Barbie Video Game Hero Friend Doll , Barbie hero vehicle play set . Barbie will be all set to have friends and super cool wheels as she rolls around her game in her roller skates.  

All you have to do is use the Rafflecopter prompts below! The more things you do, the greater your chance of winning!

Terms and conditions:

You must be resident in South Africa.

The winner will be emailed and announced on our Facebook page in a week’s time.


 a Rafflecopter giveaway


{Review and Giveaway} Blue Man Group – A Mind Blowing Experience

blue man groupThe Blue Man Group is an event you have to experience to fully benefit from what they are all about. Mere words are just inadequate to do this stage production justice, but I will attempt to give you a glimpse into their world. We are also giving away two double tickets to a Johannesburg show on Thursday 30 March. UPDATE: We now have another double ticket to giveaway in Cape Town  on Wednesday 22 March.

Being a Blue Man is an art in itself. Ex Blue Man Isaac Eddy spoke about the audition process and what they look for in this kind of performer.

blue man groupIt’s evolved slightly throughout the years because it’s tough to find Blue Men. About half of us are professional musicians who learn the character, and the other half are professional actors who learn the music. The thing that’s hard is that the character is not the kind of character that a trained actor can immediately understand, and that’s why half of the Blue Men we have aren’t even trained actors. It’s a ‘clown’ character for all intents and purposes, which is a term that’s kind of misused now. For the character to be believable it has to tap into an honesty and a sense of self that a lot of times, actors are trained to get rid of. There are some people who can access that honesty in the character, and there are other people who are basically trained in all sorts of acting styles that can’t really access it.      

There is something very quaint and curious about the Blue Man and the way he approaches the world. He is child like and funny, as well as being inventive and musical. He doesn’t speak: his facial expressions and physical movement is his way of communicating. I see on their website that they do special performances for autistic people: and their style and approach is something that appeals to those kinds of people too.

I think one of the really interesting things about the Blue Men is how they involve and include the audience in their performance. This happens with everything from the audience warm up messages to give greetings to certain people to a special interruption for late arrivals. Then of course there are two volunteers who actually take part in the show.

For the first volunteer, who was a smiling lady up for the challenge, they sat at a table. She had to help them open their Twinkie packets. Very funny and it reminded me of Mr Bean. The second volunteer was a man who completely immersed himself in the Blue experience, but you’ll have to watch the show to see how that turned out!

Something else fascinating about the Blue Man Group is their take on technology. There is one scene where there are images of texting people and the words and letters spew upwards into a spiral of colour. The colours swirl and come together and then find themselves on the outfits of the performers. 

blue man group

Members of the Blue Man Group play unique instruments made from plastic pipes, flexible poles and other unusual objects. (Anne-Marie McReynolds/San Jose Mercury News/MCT)

No matter how high-tech things get, there’s still something human there. We’ll always need other, always need to collaborate. People still need to come together and look each other in the eye. Through the Blue Man’s connection with the audience, we hope to encourage this human-to-human interaction, while helping people reconnect with their own sense of wonder and discovery, with their own sense of what is possible in their lives. Phil Standton, Co-Founder.


The drumming is also incredible. It adds to the force of the performance but the Blue Men have a unique take on the shapes of their drums. They use pipes. They make the point that pipes always flow away from the house. When they go backwards you get: interaction!  (And that’s what the Blue Men are about!) The other shape they use is to represent a nerve that makes you see in your eye. 

There is a scene whblue man groupere they move the pipes in the beat to the music which is quite unique. But also drumming on all the pipes produced some very rhythmic and musical tunes. They even played a few South African ones much to the delight of the audience.

Light, colour and paint are also a huge part of the show which culminates in a huge party atmosphere with streamers and large colourful balls all over the audience. My husband managed to hit the balls quite a few times but I didn’t quite reach! I came home with a pink streamer still attached to my handbag, a playful reminder of the evening.


#bluemanselfieAfterwards the Blue Men are there in the lobby for you to greet and take selfies with. A playful end to a lesson in what the Blue Man is asking of us.

The Blue Man is reflecting the audience itself and the Blue Man is summoned by the audience itself. A primordial, psychological journey of the audience itself. Put more simply, you could think of it as, the color blue. It’s cased off that Yves Klein blue. That bright, bright cobalt that he created himself, and that he covered [a series of objects and paintings] with and nothing else. So the concept is that we emerged from a painting like that. Like our primordial soup is from the art world, and we are summoned by the audience to connect them and free them from this urban isolation. To have this single moment of connection. Isaac Eddy.


You might also remember them from America’s Got Talent:




Venue:                   Teatro at Montecasino

Dates:                    From Tuesday 7th February 2017 until Saturday 18th March 2017. Then from Thursday 30th March 2017 until Sunday 2nd April 2017.

Off Peak Shows:   Tuesday Evening, Wednesday Evening, Thursday Evening and Sunday Evening

Peak Shows:       Friday Evening, Saturday Matinee, Saturday Evening and Sunday Matinee

Ticket Prices:      Off Peak: R370 – R595.

     Peak: R455 – R680

Bookings:             From Big Concert and Computicket


Cape Town

Venue:                   Grand Arena, GrandWest

Dates:                    From Tuesday 21st March 2017

Off Peak Shows:   Tuesday Evening, Wednesday Evening, Thursday Evening and Sunday Evening

Peak Shows:       Friday Evening, Saturday Matinee, Saturday Evening and Sunday Matinee

Ticket Prices:      Off Peak: R340 – R570

      Peak: R425 – R655

Bookings:             From Big Concerts and Computicket

Follow the Blue Men on Instagram and Twitter.


Would you like to see the show? SA Mom blogs is giving away two double tickets to the show at the Teatro in Johannesburg on Thursday, 30 March 2017. To enter, leave a comment.

UPDATE: We now also have another double ticket to giveaway in Cape Town for Wednesday 22 March. PLEASE SPECIFY IN YOUR COMMENT: CAPE TOWN.

Terms and Conditions

You must be able to attend the show in Johannesburg on Thursday 30 March. (Or Wed 22 March in CT)

The competition will run for a week and the winner will be emailed and announced on our Facebook page. 


Win the cutest cloth nappies from Baby Bottoms

Cloth nappies can save you a ton of money, but the drawback for me has always been the schlep of washing them. Enter Baby Bottoms, who take care of that for you. You can even rent the cloth nappies from them. Today we are giving away a set of nappies for girls or boys – you choose the gender!

On Monday we met Courtney and she shared with us her story of how she started business, and how she uses routine to get it all done, as well as how supportive she finds both her husband and her mom.  You can also see in the picture how she uses her nappies on her own kids!

This is how her service works:

I think what I also like about the rental is that your same nappies will be returned to you, so you’ll have that same lot that will be washed together and not with some other child’s.  

They deliver everything you’ll need to start using cloth nappies- the nappies, a wetbag (a small travel bag to place used nappies in while you’re out the house) a dry bucket to store  them in between collection days as well as the nappy liners you flush down the loo.

The buckets will be collected every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and be replaced with a new supply of freshly cleaned nappies for the rest of the week.

They sell, rent out and clean nappies – the cleaning service is currently only in the East Rand but they will be looking to expand in the future. Rental and sales are nationwide.

You can check out further details on their website here. For a month’s subscription of cleaning, it starts at R629 and for both rental and cleaning it is R899. 

We are giving away

  • An All in One Nappy
  • An insert
  • A Wetbag
  • Total value = R285

If you win you’ll specify if you’d prefer the male or female version, and we’ll make sure you’ll have the gender specific pack!

All you have to do to win is comment below!

Check out Baby Bottoms website too! And find them on Facebook. 

This competition will run for a week and the winner will be announced on our Facebook page and emailed.  You must be a resident of South Africa to enter.



Win a luxury pamper pack of skincare from Celltone

We all need a bit of pampering and in South Africa’s harsh sun climate, we need to take care of our skin. For moms on the go, however, how do you fit it in? Celltone has made it super easy and idiot proof with a set of 1-6 steps to take care of your skin in  a lovely pack.

If you’re wondering why I placed these products in the leaves, it’s because it’s a tribute to the snail extract in their products (hence the logo). Farmworkers long ago noticed the difference to their hands and the tradition continues. The snail gel is one of their well known products. 

I’ve been using this pack for more than a week now and it feels so beneficial to take care of myself in this way, as well experiencing clearer skin. I keep bottles 1-3 in the bathroom, since they require water, and 4-6 in my cupboard (although 5 needs water it isn’t every day). I’m using 1,3,4 and 6 on a daily basis and 5 (exfoliator) twice a week and 6 (mask) once a week on a Saturday when I have more time. 

Let’s run through the contents of the pack:

  1. Facial Wash: Moisturising Facial Wash

This is a gentle water soluble wash that removes oil, dirt and make-up. I find it very soothing as well as giving a thorough cleanse.

2. Exfoliator: Invigorating Exfoliating Scrub

This container is the only one that doesn’t have the pump action dispenser. I guess it is because of those little granules that remove the dead skin. It has a lid that you open and squeeze the creamy liquid out. As a bonus those particles are smooth bamboo that do not scratch your skin but do leave it feeling radiant and smooth.

3. Cleanser: Soothing Cleansing Lotion

This is a cleanser that doesn’t foam. Although it cleans it moisturises so that your skin does not feel stripped and dry. I use it on my four year old son, knowing that his skin will be cleaned without becoming dry (just to be safe I put number 6 moisturiser on him too).

4. Toner: Alcohol free facial toner

I think what I like about toners is that they don’t have the harshness of a cleaner. It’s more gentle. This toner softens, calms, adds skin repairing ingredients and prepares your pores for the next, moisturising step.

5. Mask: Hydrating facial mask

Long ago I used a mask to extract all my oil but as I get older, my skin is just dry. Dehydration causes flaky, dry, wrinkled and sagging skin. This mask has collagen, keratin and elastin to rehydrate your skin.  I leave it on for two minutes before rinsing it off. 

6. Moisturiser: SPF 15: Daily moisturising Facial Lotion

Moisturiser is your protective barrier against free radicals as well as the sun. This product actually fades the damage and makes your skin look healthier. It is enriched with Argan oil. 

Tissue oil:

As a bonus in this pack your also get some tissue oil.  This product has up to five times more hydration. It has a multitude of other uses such as reducing stretch marks, soothing after sun effects, and moisturising after a shower. It’s also useful across all ages from babies, children, teens, sportspeople and aging skin. Don’t rinse this one off! In this past week I have also used tissue oil on burns (oil from the stove) and although I could see the skin was about to blister it just had a mark in the end.

Did you know that the sizes of the bottles are internationally travel approved too? And that cute see through cosmetic bag is handy for travelling too.

BONUS in this giveaway: Suncreen for adults and children: we’ll be giving away the adult and children ones.

Celltone have three sunscreens: for babies, children and adults.

All have SPF 50 UVA and UVB protection. They contain anti-oxidants to fight free radicals. 

I find it interesting that the adult one is suitable for acne prone skin (some sunscreens are greasy but this one is light, even though it smells like sunscreen).

The other interesting thing is that our cricketers, who spend an awful lot of time in the sun, use this sunscreen. Inside the suncreen boxes you’ll find collectable cards of both Celltone products and cricketers: the current Protea Squad. If you collect all the cards you can win Samsung S7 smartphone.  (There are 30 altogether up for grabs) Details inside the packages.

But back to our competition!

If you’d like to pamper yourself with Celltone skincare and take care of your skin at the same time, all you have to do is follow them on Instagram, using the Rafflecopter prompts below. For bonus points there are other options to increase your chances.

Terms and conditions:

  1. You must be South African to enter
  2. The competition will run for a week and then the winner will be emailed and announced on our Facebook page.



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