SAMB Christmas Pick – Schnooky Pie

Moms (and dads) I hope you are all ready for tomorrow because today’s pick has something AMAZING planned for Black Friday tomorrow! So I would head over to Schnooky Pie’s Facebook page and Twitter account and follow them NOW! Schnooky Pie is one of my favourite kids clothing brands. They are a proudly South African company run by an incredible women (who is also a mom).

I really want to say “buy all their stuff now” but if I have to pick an item or two then I would have to pick their swimming costumes

Our swimming costumes come as a set with the rash vest style top and mini shorts for the bottoms. Made from high quality lycra (swimming costume fabric) and made with a generous cut, our swimming costumes are the perfect item to get your little one this summer.   All of our designs are handmade in Durban by our amazingly talented team and each design is lovingly checked to ensure that we maintain our high standards that our fans have come to love and expect.  

Schnooky Pie | SA Mom Blogs

Then I would definitely chose their pj/dress. When we are on holiday the days become afternoon then become bedtime before we can realise it. Having an outfit like this that is a dress but can also be a pyjama is super cool. I almost wish there was an adult size!!

Schnooky Pie | SA Mom Blogs

And my final pick, ideal for a stocking fuller is this little plushie! I absolutely love it! It is perfect as a decor item or as a toy for your little one. There is also an ice cream one but I really like this dinosaur!

Schnooky Pie | SA Mom Blogs

I know I am standing by to catch their black Friday specials and the bonus is you can do it all online. No need to wrestle with the masses in the shops!

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What’s On for Families This Weekend in Gauteng (4-5 June)


Quite a few of the events that we mentioned last week are still going strong, such as the Aussie Circus. For a comprehensive list of activities go to Cassie’s post here.

  1. Body Worlds Vital Exhibition 

bodyworksThis exhibition has been on since 1 March  and still has a few more weeks to go until 19 June at the Sci Bono Discovery Centre, Johannesburg.

It promises to be an educational and informative experience, looking at the human body without its protective skin, displaying muscles and other organs preserved through the process of Plastination, which is the discovery of Dr Gunther von Hagens. The original exhibition visited SA three years ago and this is an entirely new one.

It is open 7 days a week 9am-6pm. Adults cost R120 on weekdays and R160 on weekends, public holidays and school holidays. Children are R100 (6-17 years)

2. Gateway to Space

spaceGatewayVIP079space2This exhibition has already kicked off on the 1st of June and will run until the end of July. It has been widely advertised in the YOu/Drum/Huisgenoot group of magazines, so that’s another great place to find more information.

According to this last week’s YOU, you can see a life size model of the Mir space station core, a model of the LUnar rover and a real space suit and touch a moon rock.

They really go back to the history of space (all the way back to 1903) as well as the future of the trip to Mars.

There are some real cool activities (at extra charge) that you can experience, from wearing a space suit to landing a space craft.

Tickets are R120 for kids under 18, adults R180, family R520 (2 adults 2 children) & pensioners over 60 on weekdays can get in for R150.) 

Sandton Convention Centre.


go play3. Grand Opening of Go Play in Pretoria

This indoor play centre is opening – ideal for gross and fine motor as well as spatial skills. It has a toddler area as well as a 4-12 year old area. 

Eco Boulevard, 270 Witch-Hazel St, Eco Park, Centurion
R50 per hour from Wednesday–Friday, and R65 per hour from Saturday–Sunday
And then for adults there is also the Medieval Faryre and Artists Under the Sun at Zoo Lake.
Please add any more in the comments!

Party Picks for May

1. Neon 80s themed 30th party.

2. Stunning Lorax party. Love the colours and attention to detail of this party.

3. For a bridal shower with a difference, this Mad Hatter themed party is stunning.

4. This Vintage Toy themed party is simply gorgeous!

Which one is your favourite?

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{Giveaway} 3 Pizza Hut Vouchers

Pizza Hut|SA Mom BlogsOur Gauteng readers will now how winter has made her arrival known, our rainy weekend and the chilly weather have made many of us reluctant to go out and many of us have turned to comfort food as a result of this chilly weather, like pizza and chocolate.Pizza Hut|SA Mom Blogs

Monday afternoons are one of our busiest afternoons, both kids have something on and our timing has to be right. Last week Monday in between drop offs/pick ups a delivery arrives, David goes out to sign for it and asks me if I ordered pizza – anyway long story short and a five minute discussion with the delivery dude and we accept the pizza. When we opened it, it wasn’t an ordinary pizza but rather Pizza Huts Big Night In Box.  My kids literally jumped up and down with sheer joy.Pizza Hut|SA Mom Blogs

The box includes 2 pizzas,  a chocolate pizza, a portion of chips and 2 cheesy garlic twists – all for R100!

I love the idea. Instead of just ordering pizza you can now get a whole meal for take out night or date night. Being a bigger family, we would need two though but it would still be really good value for money.

The awesome team at Pizza Hut have given us THREE vouchers to giveaway to three of our readers to get the Big Night In Box

The R100 Big Night In Box includes:

•             Any 2 Personal Pan Pizzas

•             A Chocolate Pizza

•             Portion of Chips

•             2 Cheesy Garlic twists

 It is packaged in the standard 12” box and is available for a limited time only.

To enter this competition leave a comment what your idea date night is. 

This competition is open to SA residents only and will close on the 25 May 2016.

10 Tips To Improve your Instagram used to think Instagram was purely for pretty pictures and inspirational quotes but it is so much more than that, it is a great platform to build an audience and engage with your readers, if done right. I have come to realise that simply posting images does not mean you have a good account nor does it mean you will build a following.

I am going to share some of the lessons I have learnt recently but I strongly suggst you sign up for some of Alex Tooby’s videos, join her Facebook group and Ashley Knights Facebook group, both have some valuable resources, advice and lessons.

    1. Make sure your profile is relevant and contains information about who you are. Use keywords and make sure they will attract the audience you want. Remember your call to action in your bio!
    2. Know your audience. Who do you want to follow you? Moms? Fashion peeps? Brands? Once you know this, you will know what photos to full your feed with.
    3. Take photos that fit with your “theme”. This is a little bit tricky for mommy bloggers because most of us blog about everything so often post photos of our kids, food, crafts and anything we find interesting. You can make it work though if you keep the photos similar. Check out the feed below and you will see what I mean. The photos are all different, of different things but they are also similar. Instagram is all about the visual appeal so you when people arrive at your account, it needs to be as appealing as possible.Moms on Instagram|SA Mom Blogs
    4. Take GOOD photos. We can all point our camera at something and click but not all of these photos need to be shared. Don’t share blurry photos or photos that are grainy or have no point (other than to you in the moment). Share those images on twitter, save your thought out, pretty photos for your Instagram account.
    5. Don’t post too often or too seldom. There are mixed thoughts on this but once a day on Instagram is often enough, you can do two or three posts but more than that can be too much. Instagram is more about quality than quantity but you do need to be active.
    6. Use hashtags. I have avoided hashtags because they are messy and I find posts with them in annoying but during one of Ashley’s videos she says  to put them in the comments. It is neater and you can go wild with the amount of hashtags you use because it doesn’t interfere with your caption. Make sure though that the hashtags are relevant to your brand and your post.
    7. Interact with other brands similar to yours. Find other mommy bloggers who blog about crafts if that’s your thing and comment on their posts. (You can find them by searching hashtags you are using). Commenting brings followers and creates engagement.Instagram Tips|SA Mom Blogs
    8. . It is ok to use images that aren’t your own. What I mean by this is that there are  resources that offer free images that you can use. Obviously you don’t want to use an image of someone on the beach and caption it “I am enjoying the weather”, but if you want to create quotes then these images come in very handy. Remember to credit the original source!!!
    9. Be unique. There are millions of people on Instagram. Millions of fashion bloggers, mommy bloggers, parents – everyone wanting a piece of the pie. People will follow you because you offer something special, something unique to you and your brand.
    10. Be Real! We all know that often a lot of work goes into creating an Instagram photo but do not lose your “realness”.

If you found this post helpful then please share with you friends, don’t forget you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

First image credit – City Girl Searching

HarassedMoms thoughts on racism

Racism Thoughts|HarassedMomI have taken a while to write this post because it is not a topic you just bang out a post about but it is something I feel I need to write about.

As a nation, South Africa has started the year on a rather negative note. Some very hateful things have been said, from both sides of the fence and some rather ugly discussions have happened online. It has also sparked some very positive and constructive discussions and those of us who are prepared to admit we were wrong or that we can still learn, have learnt a lot.

It has made me very aware of how and what we are teaching our children, specifically in relation to race.

I think it is too simple to say “kids don’t see colour” because they do. Jack knows Cameron is a different colour to him, he asks us about it. Kiara’s classmates know I am a different colour to her, they call me out about it. Cameron was very aware he was the only child of colour when he joined his swimming club. They see it, they notice and they question it. So we have to do more than simple assume the children growing up in South Africa today will not be racists because they don’t see colour. It is naive.

It is something we have to actively teach them and it is really something that can only be taught through action.

Just think for a minute about what your behaviour must be like for you to raise a racist;

You must be disrespectful of people based purely on the colour of their skin,

You must act superior to everyone not from your race,

You must openly and blatantly discriminate against people based purely on the colour of their skin,

You must talk down to people of colour.

(to name a few things)

Now read that list again and ask yourself if that really is who you want to be and more importantly who you want your children to be?

Teaching your child tolerance and acceptance is not rocket science, it is not hard, there is no secret, it is simply teaching your children to treat every single person they meet with the same level of respect and kindness.

It is greeting the cashiers, talking to the lady packing your bag, engaging with the car guards, respecting doctors and nurses.

It is not assuming every Afrikaans person knows how to farm.

It is not speaking to a person of colour in some strange accent.

It is not assuming the homeless man at the robot is illiterate or uneducated.

It is not calling the white kid with his R2000 brand name shoes and a spoilt white kid.

It is calling people out who say inappropriate things or treat people without respect.

It is not accepting the “but that’s how I was raised” debate.

Your child learns what you teach them. Make sure what you are teaching them is something you will be proud of.

{Blogging 101} 10 Blogs you need to be following

10 Blogs you need to be following|HarassedMomThere are so many blogs out there, millions and millions in fact. It is hard to wade through them all and find ones that suit our needs. Everyone is different and we all read blogs for different reasons and often reading a blog is temporary, like when you are pregnant you gravitate to blogs about that or when you are trying to loose weight or start a craft.

These are the Top 10 blogs that we think you need to be following.


Mandy has just taken over as editor of Tums and Tots and features a lot of our awesome bloggers but aside from that the side is extremely informative and contains practical and useful information.

I love Making Mountains. Her blog is about parenting but also about a lot more, it is honest and real and also has some pretty pictures and some very moving and thought provoking posts.

Coffee and Crumbs is not a South African blog but is an incredibly honest and almost raw look at parenting. It is written by a few different bloggers and is really a must add to your daily reading!


ProBlogger is the only blogging resource that I have found to be really useful in a practical way. There are podcasts and blog posts with a wealth of information and advise that really works!

Webfluential also have a great blog where they share ideas that are specific to the SA blogger!

Beauty Bloggers

Beauty isn’t really my thing but I am embracing the fact that I am nearly 40 and have to start being proper about make up and such things. Pretty Please Charlie is a great all round blog but with a focus on beauty. She is also a mom so knows the challenges we all face!

Pink Peonies is a such a pretty blog with lots of pretty images and great ideas and giveaways!

Food Bloggers

I found Scrumptious South Africa a few years ago when a friend posted her Butterscotch and Apple Upside Cake and was hooked from then on. She has a huge selection of absolutely divine recipes including low carb options.

Simply Delicious is also a really great SA Food blogger who makes the most amazing looking dishes.

And finally for a bit of inspiration, Susannah Conway is a great resource. She currently has a great free ebook to work through to help with planning and goal setting for 2016!

Tell us some of your favourite blogs? 

{SA Mom Blog Linky} Family friendly holidays

We are fast approaching holiday season in South Africa. The time of year we all flock to various corners of the country to visit family, escape family or just get away for a bit.

Holidaying with kids can be challenging, holidaying with a large family even more so. You have to make sure the establishment you want to stay at is able to deal with children. If there is nothing for them to do it is going to make the holiday unpleasant, if there is no suitable food, it is going to get unpleasant and if the actual accommodation does not cater to the needs of children you will not enjoy the holiday!

I am very glad we have family we can stay with, it makes it all a lot easier.

But here are 3 collections of family friendly accommodation on South Africa!

This list separates beach holidays, resort holidays and outdoor holidays – you will find something here to suit your needs, budget and family.

This is a small list but it has some really lovely venues on them.

Some of the places on this list look very fancy pants but children are welcome at them all.

Where have you been that is family friendly? Share your holiday posts with us in the linky below!

{SA Mom Blog Linky} Beauty Post Round Up

SA Mom Blogs Link up|SA Mom BlogsI have been very bad with a proper beauty routine. I am not sure if I am just lazy but it has never really been something high on my agenda but as I get older I can see the changes in my skin, so I am trying to embrace a proper, grown up routine.

We have some really great beauty bloggers in SA but we also have some really great mom bloggers who write about their beauty regimes and products they love which makes it seem more doable.

Cindy shares how to do your make up in 5 minutes – she has three kids, those of us with many kids know how to do things quickly but efficiently!

Celeste had a home pamper party using some really stunning and affordable products.

Charlene reviewed some coconut oil hair care products which I am very keen to try for Kiara especially.

My daughter mentioned something less than positive about my eyebrows recently which has made me think about doing something with them. Mariza reviewed this product which does seem like it could be a solution to my problem!

Share a beauty blog post you have written or one you have read that was useful.

*image credit*

{SA Mom Blog Linky} Recipe Round Up – Summer Salad.

This is the first of a regular series of linkys we are going to be running on SA Mom blogs. We do still have the series linky up , – so if you are running a series or have taken part, please add your link into that thread and Heather works very hard on her monthly round up.

We are kicking off with my favorite thing – FOOD!

We don’t do a slow transition into summer here in SA, its cold today and hot tomorrow! Twenty Four Hours and we have a new season.

So I thought we would start our linky with a round up of our favorite summer salad (or winter ones).

Here are a few salads that I love.

I am not a huge beetroot fan but my family are, this beetroot, butternut and avo salad is also a nice way to get veggies into them during the summer.

I love blue cheese but it can get a little over powering so having it as a dressing on this cranberry and nut salad makes it a lot easier to enjoy.

This salad has some of my husbands favourite things – avos, bacon and feta! This is a stunning salad to arrive with at a braai!

I am still not 100% sure about quinoa but this Rainbow Nation salad is definitely one I would love to try!

Have you posted a summer salad to your blog? Then why not share it with us in the linky below – we will post the links to our social media account for some extra love.!