Win these cute goggles and swim cap from Spurt

children's swim goggles, caps, nose clipOne of the things Nicky struggled with quite early on at his swimming lessons was being splashed in his eyes. He used to cry a lot about it. We solved the problem by wearing goggles and now swimming is a favourite time of the week (that, and playing with his friend Boris on the trampoline afterwards).  Today I’m reviewing and giving away some swimming accessories from Spurt, and I’m sure you’ll agree, that these products will make swimming even easier for your child. 

spurt swim apparelBoth myself and Nicky have tested out the swimming cap, goggles and nose clips.

The swimming cap is very firm and the kid’s version has some really cute pictures. The one they sent us was a shark with fins. Super cute!  The little fins stick out!

The cap we are giving away has a bird face on. Spurt has lots of different designs to choose from. How cute is this dog eating a bone? I had a very nice one in shades of red and orange. It was like wearing a sunset. They are 100%  made of silicone. You can even customise one if you want. 

What I like about the goggles is that there are two separate adjustable straps which you can move about on your head. They are very secure. Nicky had silver grey ones and I had a colourful orange one.  They have UV protection. And an anti-fog coat. 

If you’ve ever had water up your nose you orange goggles and cap from Spurtmight want to opt for the nose clips too. Not just for those synchonised swimmers that swim at all angles but also for those who swim a lot and want to provent the water coming in that way. 

On the website you’ll also find colourful fins and a variety of swimming accessories. 

Spurt, the company that makes these products, prides itself on being of service to both normal pleb swimmers like us and the serious athletes. I think what I like about them are their very colourful and funny designs as well as a secure fit.  

nose clips, goggles, cap from Spurt


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