My Top Picks from Mama Magic

Every year the Mama Magic expo invite me to come and judge some of the products from the expo and every year I have had to decline but this year I was able to go.

This next comment is not a reflection on the expo or the brands or new parents but I am extremely glad that I am over that baby stage because honestly there are so many products on the market (often with conflicting information) that I wouldn’t actually know where to start. Also so much stuff is actually unnecessary. I have said it often and I will keep saying it (until I have grand babies and then I will buy all the random gimmicks) – all babies need are nappies, wet wipes, vests and blankets. Everything else is a nice to have not a necessity

I will say I was disappointed at the lack of local products and like Mariette said, there was very little in terms of innovative and exciting products – it was pretty much stuff we have seen before. There were various categories that we judged, travel, food, toys etc but these are just a few of my top picks from across the categories. 

  1. These Oogaa silcone plates were pretty cool. They have a variety of uses, which I always look for. If I am going to spend money on something I want to know I am getting my moneys worth and that it won’t last 2 months and baby will outgrow it.  So basically you can use it as a plate, with different compartments and you can bake in it and you can use it to freeze stuff in, so to make ice lollies or even jelly. They can go in the dishwasher and microwave. I really like these, they weren’t cheap but considering how much you can do with it, I think it is worth it.Favourite Products|SA Mom Blogs
  2. Sleeping bags for babies are probably one of the best things invented and something I only really used with Emma because we were given one. They help to keep baby from kicking off blankets, make it easy to take them out at night. These Love To Dream sleeping bags are really pretty and I like that you can take the sleeves off, so ideal for winter or summer and to use as baby grows.
  3. This product was a bit of a gimmick but it did appeal to me on a visual level so I am sharing it. It is a teething biscuit from Jelebebe made from silicone that baby can wear as a necklace or mom can wear if she is feeling funky. 
  4. My absolute favourite product was the Joki Hanging Nest. It was designed with kids with SPD, Autism and ADHD in mind. I have 3 kids with varying degrees of SPD and the minute I saw this I could see Jack and Kiara using it. (Emma would hang from it like a freaking monkey). I was really drawn to this product and I can see the value to a child with SPD and Autism actually because it creates a nest around the child. It is not cheap but honestly I would pay for it!      Favourite Products|SA Mom Blogs

We only judged a very small sample of the products at the expo so I am pretty sure there are loads more amazing products, if you went to the expo then please share with us some of your favourites.