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SA Mom Blogs Link up|SA Mom BlogsI have been very bad with a proper beauty routine. I am not sure if I am just lazy but it has never really been something high on my agenda but as I get older I can see the changes in my skin, so I am trying to embrace a proper, grown up routine.

We have some really great beauty bloggers in SA but we also have some really great mom bloggers who write about their beauty regimes and products they love which makes it seem more doable.

Cindy shares how to do your make up in 5 minutes – she has three kids, those of us with many kids know how to do things quickly but efficiently!

Celeste had a home pamper party using some really stunning and affordable products.

Charlene reviewed some coconut oil hair care products which I am very keen to try for Kiara especially.

My daughter mentioned something less than positive about my eyebrows recently which has made me think about doing something with them. Mariza reviewed this product which does seem like it could be a solution to my problem!

Share a beauty blog post you have written or one you have read that was useful.

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