Chela Preg: The Prenatal Vitamins that Adapt to your Growing Baby

pregnancy, prenatal vitaminsThere are a host of prenatal vitamins out there, and it can all be quite confusing the the mom to be, navigating all the options. Obviously you want to do the best for your baby and give them what they need. Chela Preg is a new offering on the market, and in this post we’ll share why this brand is one which grows with your baby, adapting to their needs.

The most noticeable trait about these vitamins is that they come in three trimester packs. That’s because each group of vitamins is uniquely designed to cater for your growing child’s needs every step of the way. 

Sometimes it’s frustrating to see a whole list of components on these packs and not have a clue why they are there. Here’s a breakdown on why you would be taking these sets of vitamins and how they would be helping your baby grow in an optimal way. 

Trimester One:

Your little one is barely a little speck inside you, but already it has a multitude of needs. Chella Preg’s first pack has 25 micronutrients which are working for the optimal growth of not just your fetus, but also your placenta. 

  • DHA-omega to boost your red blood cells and for the placenta development. 
  • Extra Vitamin B6 to reduce morning sickness
  • Gentle non-constipating chelated iron, Ferrochel, for the formation of extra red blood cells to carry more oxygen in preparation of the baby’s metabolic needs.
  • Quatrefolic, a natural 5-MTHF folate form of folic acid, which is better absorbed and essential for spinal chord closure (neural tube development)
  • No Vitamin E which is best avoided in the first trimester. 

Trimester Two:

Now it’s time for tissue and organ differentiation and development. This set contains 26 micronutrients. 

  • Extra DHA-omega to support the baby’s brain and nervous system development.
  • Additional calcium for skeletal development.
  • Vitamin E, extra vitamin C, choline and zinc for organ and tissue growth.
  • More Ferrochel, a gentle non-constipating chelated iron, for the formation of additional red blood cells to carry more oxygen to meet baby’s growing metabolic needs.

Trimester Three:

All systems go for a rapidly growing baby. 26 micronuritents for maximum micronutrition.

  • Maximum calcium for strong bones plus DHA-omega 3 for brain growth and for future heath, immunity and intelligence. 
  • Extra Ferrochel, a gentle non-constipating chelated iron, for the formation of extra red blood cells to carry more oxygen to meet the growing baby’s high metabolic needs.
  • More choline, a nutrient most important in the 3rd trimester for baby’s health and to help prevent diseases later in life.
  • Extra zinc, vitamin C and vitamin E to support rapid 3rd trimester cell division and tissue growth, and to reduce the risk of pregnancy complications.

pregnancy, prenatal vitamins

These packs are available at DisChem, Clicks and leading pharmacies. Their recommended sales price is R211,72 (for Trimester 1),  R230,68 (for Trimester 2) and  251,22 (for Trimester 3). 

Pregnancy already has so many things to think about, at least it’s good to know that the prenatal vitamins will be taken care of with Chela Preg.  So you can go back to planning your baby’s arrival. 

This post is sponsored by Chela Preg. 

Pregnancy Survival Guide

While being pregnant is a magical, special time, not all expectant mothers are prepared for just how their body transforms during the 9 months they are pregnant. Each trimester brings with it a new set of changes and challenges. We have put together a survival guide for pregnant moms to make their pregnancy easier so you will have time to enjoy being pregnant.Pregnancy Survival Guide|SA Mom Blogs

Rest. The first trimester is often characterised by an exhaustion only another pregnant mother will understand. It does get a little bit easier during the 2nd trimester but returns during the last few weeks. Listen to your body and rest as much as you can.

Get Comfortable. Once your tummy starts expanding it will become increasingly uncomfortable to wear your regular clothes, especially those with restricting waistbands. Find clothes that are comfortable and allow your belly space to expand. It might also be a good idea to swap your high heels for a more comfortable option, especially if you are on your feet all day.

Stay active. There are a lot of safe exercises you can still do while you are pregnant, like yoga and Pilates. It is important to try stay as active as possible, even if it is just a walk around the block every afternoon.

Eat well. You don’t need to increase your calorie intake for the first 6 months of your pregnancy and after that an increase of around 200 calories will be fine. Make sure though, that you are eating healthy balanced meals that include fresh fruit and veg and good proteins that contain the vitamins you and your baby need. Try to cut back on the amount of caffeine you drink daily.

Take your vitamins. Ask your health care provider to recommend a good pregnancy multivitamin that you can take during your pregnancy. It should ideally contain folic acid and Vitamin D.

Ditch the stress. It is normal to worry while you are pregnant but try to focus on the positive. If you are worried about something, ask your midwife or gynae about it but try not to overthink every ache and pain (because there will be a few).

The most important thing to focus on while you are pregnant is enjoying the experience while you look after yourself and your unborn child.

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The most accurate pregnancy test and WIN a voucher

Jack was the first baby that we actively tried for, so every month we were monitoring cycles and doing pregnancy test after pregnancy test if I was even an hour late. I would buy whichever one the closest pharmacy had. With Emma, we were trying but it happened so quickly that we were both so shocked, David went out to buy a few more tests so we could be SURE that we were indeed having a fourth child. To be honest we weren’t really worried about whether or not the tests we were using were the most accurate, we were kind of working with the “the more different one’s we do, the more accurate the result” thinking. But what is the most accurate pregnancy test out there?Accurate Pregnancy Test|SA Mom Blogs

Some may say the most accurate one is the one that gives you the result you want. Did you know that some tests can pick up if you are pregnant 7 days after conception? I never knew that? How early did you find out you were pregnant?

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