A visit to Children’s Hair Salon Maddy Magoo Fourways

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If your kid is anything like my kid, it’s probably a struggle to do anything to do with their hair. The weekly ritual of washing hair is a bit of a struggle. And as for going to the hairdresser…. not the favourite thing to do. Nicky has tagged along with me to various hairdressers over the years, but never to one that specifically catered for kids. So it was an interesting experience to visit Maddy Magoo, which is a hair salon set in Kid’s Emporium at The Gantry, in Fourways, across from Papachinos. 

Maddy Magoo is set right upstairs within the Kid’s Emporium shop. It even has an outside balcony. The salon has a lot of fun decor, toys and hair equipment. 

The man who cut Nicky’s hair’s name is Vusi. This guy is a real character. He has a lot of enthusiasm for what he does, and I think he is really fun with kids. I think he should have had a  funky hat or something to complete the fun way he dashes around to take care of the little ones in his charge. 

We started off the hair cutting process in a high chair  with a fun bib of an orange super hero and Nicky was also entertained by a movie on the screen (Ice Age, hey who doesn’t love that squirrel chasing the nut?) as well as video games on a tablet. One of the games was a soccer game where he had to score goals and Nicky loved this. The manager Jacqui playing with him kept teasing him that he was 15 instead of 5 because Nicky kept scoring and she kept losing!




After the cut Nicky had a shampoo. This is to get rid of all the stray hairs. He enjoyed the head massage. 

I was interested to see them using the Tangle Teezer (which we included in our #JoziMeetup goody bag back in May) as part of the shampoo process. Vusi also pointed out to me Nicky’s dry, flaky scalp and asked what shampoo I was using. So, I tend to continue to use the baby shampoos but actually it is time for Nicky to move on from that and we purchased some special Shampooheads  treatment that will help with this problem. 


Lastly it was time for a blow dry and then we were finished.

All smart and ready for photo day at school.

If you are wanting to make the hairdressing experience more fun and less of an ordeal, then pop over to The Gantry and go upstairs from Kid’s Emporium to find Maddy Magoo Fourways. 

They are also running a special this October with Papachino’s where if you spend R200 or more you get a cappuccino at the restaurant and if you spend R300 or more at Papachino’s you’ll receive a 10% discount on any treatment. A fab restaurant where you can let the kids go mad playing and even make pizza, I’ve been there a few times.

Maddy Magoo also does themed parties. They will come to your house and bring the party packs and food or you can have it there. This isn’t just “glamour parties” for girls they do boys ones too (Spiderman, Paw patrol etc)

So now, no more excuses, next time your kid needs a haircut head on over to Maddy Magoo!

Check out their price list here. Maddy Fourways Price List 2017

Disclosure: I was provided with a voucher for a haircut for Nicky. 

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