{Guest Post} Daddy’s Home!

Today’s post was written by South African mom blogger Helene, who blogs at Prettybelle. 

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…

Once a week my husband takes Minki to visit Granny. This usually happens at 17:30. And they return at 19:00. Which means I have a full hour AND a half to myself.

 Okay, here’s my dirty little secret (thanks to the All American Rejects), as soon as I hear the gate close behind my dear husband and perfect little angel, I start cleaning, do the dishes and iron his shirts… No!!! I’m lying! The only place I run to is the kitchen (to grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine), depending on my day and then run again – to the couch.

Where I just lie down and watch The Bachelorette.

Just like this, but without little Miss Minki…

You can judge me but that’s my guilty pleasure. My little bit of heaven. And it makes me happy, so damn happy.

In between sips of wine and Rachel whining to Peter about putting a ring on her finger, I think to myself: How on earth do single mothers do this? How do they cope non-stop? 24 hours a day without ever getting a break or help from hubby? I take my fave Cotton On cap off to all the single Mama’s out there! You’re doing a great job all by yourself!

But let’s talk about Dad…

A Recent study from Pampers revealed that 49% of Mama’s get up more than twice in the evening to care for baby. Unfortunately I’m one of those…But after 3 of those sleepless nights, its hubby’s turn and I get a full 9 hours sleep.

And don’t you dare feel guilty Super Mama! 


Dads Matter!

Numerous studies have reached the same conclusion:

Children with involved fathers have an advantage – socially and academically – over children with distant or no relationships with their dads.

Which basically mean: Dad must be (more) involved with raising kiddo.

Maybe you’re a stay at home Mom, maybe you’re working full-time and juggling all aspects of motherhood. Dad is probably working full-time, but whatever your situation the bottom line:

 Daddy’s all around the globe are stepping up and parenting is becoming a team effort.

Like my sister-in-law husband is demonstrating above!

Most Mama’s want to get Daddy more involved…

Here’s how:

Be Specific – Tell hubby exactly (word for word) what you need/want him to do!

Wrong way: “I need more help!”

Right way: “Please watch kiddo for an hour, while I take a bath.”

Stop hovering – when Daddy actually play with baby, you are worse than John Snow and the gatekeepers in Game of Thrones.

Daddies play rough! Chill Mama, rough play with dad is beneficial.

Give praise – Dad’s often feel overlooked. Let him know how much his involvement means to you!

(And he will probably do it again)!

Even hold baby while you quickly pop into Zara!

Moms and Dads parent in very different ways.

Parenting is a team effort and there’s no I in team! Experts agree:

Mothers need to allow dads to be dads and to have their own relationship with their children.

A study of 500 South African dads with daughters under the age of 18 has revealed the top 20 things fathers with a little girl will have mastered.

 Top 20 things that dads with daughters will know:

1. How to make her feel special

2. How to dance with her on your feet

3. How to make everything better

4. How to give the perfect cuddle

5. Girls like getting dirty too

6. How to play with dolls

7. Glitter can get everywhere

8. How to dance

9. Girls play football too

10. How important it is to colour co-ordinate

11. How to stop a nightmare

12. How to face paint

13. What objects in the house make a great popstar microphone

14. Girls want to learn how to build a den and climb trees

15. How to get chewing gum out of long hair

16. How to braid hair

17. How to ice skate

18. How to say ‘no’ gently when she asks to marry you

19. What a pirouette is

And last but not least…

20. How to make a pair of fairy wings!

As Dr. Linda Nielsen of Wake Forest University explains in her work, decades of research shows that girls who have loving, communicative, supportive relationships with their dads from early childhood on are less likely to suffer from a lack of self-confidence and self-reliance as she grows up.

Important stuff!

Involving Daddy in everyday chores is crucial!

Each household is different. Find a way that works for both of you, but remember that the greatest gift you can give your children is a loving home (trust me, my mom and dad will be married 37 years and they still kiss each other goodbye every day) and I’m a pretty happy human being.

Bob Murray, PhD, author of Raising an Optimistic Child: a Proven Plan for Depression-Proofing Young Children for Life says:

“The research clearly shows that happy, optimistic children are the product of happy, optimistic homes, regardless of genetic makeup.”

Did someone say date night? Don’t you dare feel guilty when you and hubby finally go on a date!

Bob says:

 “Nurture your relationship with your spouse. If parents have a really, good committed relationship the child’s happiness often naturally follows.”

You know the old saying happy mama happy baby? It’s so old because it’s true!

Take the steps necessary to be HAPPY, whether it is spending time with your favorite girlfriend, jogging, taking a long bath or just like me, watching The Bachelorette.

And then, when you are pretty happy make sure to love hubby that extra bit more. I know your tired, no scratch that exhausted, but know this, by nurturing your relationship, you will give kiddo

a lifetime of happiness.

Stay Stylish (and happy) and give your husband a kiss when he comes home tonight!



About Helene:
I’m Just a Mama, married to the love of her life and completely besotted with her babygirl. I started Prettybelle with one hand, while breastfeeding. I believe life is all about the PrEtTy little moments in between. We must just embrace it – with style! 
Helene is a qualified journalist with a degree in B.A Journalism. She has a post graduate certificate in education (PGCE) and 9 years experience as kindergarten teacher. Currently Kids-editor at BELLA-magazine. She has a Diploma in Personal Styling at the acclaimed Wardrobe Academy, just because she’s a self confessed shopaholic.
Find her here: Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram
Read Helene’s other post on SA Mom blogs about Styling it like a Mama. 
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What’s new with #DisneyAfrica?

I think we all are very aware of Disney in our everyday lives. It’s on everything from our kid’s yoghurt to the TV and movies around us. But I think I have probably underestimated how wide their stretch is and everything they are involved in. So it was an interesting afternoon with #DisneyAfrica hearing more about what lies ahead for the brand. 

Disney has three channels on DSTV. 

Disney Junior is on Channel 309. This is the preschooler channel. Slated to appear here are Puppy Dog Pals, Vampirina Micky and the Roadster Racers, Sofia the First: The Mystic Isles, The Lion Gaurd, PJ Masks, Doc McStuffins: Toy Hospital, Miles from Tomorrow and My Friends Tigger and Pooh. 

Disney Channel is on 303. For families, specifically kids 4-14. More girls. Looking forward to Descendants 2 on 6 Oct 2017 (after watching the first Descendants), Tangled (The Series), Hotel Transylvania (The Series), Ravens Home (That’s so Raven now features Raven and Chelsea as divorced single moms raising two families in one house), DuckTales (whoo-hoo! are back!), Cookabout (youngsters learn the basics of cookery and travel in Gauteng to see the process that goes into putting food into the shops) , KC Undercover, Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, Elena of Avalor, Bunk’d, Stuck in the Middle, The Lodge and Bizaardvark.  

Disney XD is on 304. More boys 8-14.  Coming up on this channel are Spiderman, Mech X4 (about a boy who can work a robot with his mind against monsters), Disney 11, Milo Murphy’s Law, Star Wars Rebels, Supa Strikeas and Walk the Prank (comedy plus real hidden camera pranks). 

There are some interesting films coming up as well. 

Some worth mentioning:

Coco: 24 November 2017. This is a Disney Pixar film about Miguel who is seeking to discover his family history. Despite being banned from music, this is his passion. He takes a journey through the Land of the Dead to find out more. The reason why I’m mentioning this film is that for Frozen film buffs there is a short 20 minute film before it “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.” about Olaf and other Frozen characters that you will want to see. 

Star Wars The Last Jedi on 15 December 2017. Join your favourite heroes in an epic adventure. I am sure this will be a success for all the Star Wars fans out there. 

Black Panther. So did you know that Disney owns Marvel too? ie all your fave cartoon characters. This movie follows on from Captain America: Civil War and is about King T’Challla returning to the African nation of Wakanda where Black Panther is there to assist the prevention of a world war. Worth mentioning here is that there are a few SA actors involved in this movie. 



A Wrinkle In Time: 9 March 2018. I read this book as a child and it was really a page turner. It’s about time and space travel but more than that: darkness and light. I’m really looking forward to it. Also featuring some really big names such as Reese Witherspoon and Oprah Winfrey. 





Mary Poppins Returns: 28 November. Super excited about this! But who could ever replace Julie Andrews? Emily Blunt, apparently!


So…. Disney own Disney Pixar Marvel and Lucas Film.  Plus ABC Studios. So Grey’s Anatomy. The Fixer. And more. 

But they also have a thriving retail industry. At the event there were awards given to South Africans who have done unique things with the brand. Like making a musical toothbrush and a Mickey and the Roadsters braai hood. Can you believe it? Shoprite Checkers won an award too. 

At this event there was an upstairs section where we could look at some of their offerings.

Disney Baby is huge. I think I’ve chatted to at least two companies promoting it in the past year. Who doesn’t like these Bambi characters decorating all things cutsy?

Little girls love those princess dresses…

And what is to stop the teen from decorating their bedroom with the brand?

Or the adult from having laptop covers or even Disney shoes?

There are also lots of gaming extensions of the brand. 


 I liked seeing Karen and Mira there.  

Read other blogger’s posts about the event here: MomAgain@40 and Tech Girl. 

What do you like about Disney?




Win 10 pairs of tickets to Little Homemade CPT Pop-up Boutique

Leila is an event organiser of Pop-up Boutiques for local brands with a particular focus on locally produced goods in Cape Town. We met her on Monday. After she and her sister had her children they decided to host an event for moms, babies and kids. Their latest offering is the Little Homemade Pop-up Boutique on 24 and 25 September and today we are giving away ten tickets to the event. 

Here’s some idea of what will be on offer:

-mom and tots boutique of local brands

light meals from the phenomenal Food Fanatics

-outdoor play area supervised by the professional Baby’s First Sitter while you shop,  a soft play area by Moemsies Party Rentals

-massage (Serenity Felt) (*free, terms and conditions apply)


5 thread maternity

-facepainting (3 Sisters)

-organic babycare samples

Some of the companies involved will be:

  • Ubuntu Baba
  • Seven Ounce
  • MarshyandMe
  • Oh Lief – Baby products
  • Royal Stitch
  • The Mummary
  • Candy Floss Clouds
  • Mini Mi – Atelier
  • Akidz

    Rocca Kids SA

  • ROCA Kids Furniture
  • 5Threads

All you need to do is visit Homemade CPT on Facebook using the Rafflecopter mechanism. If you want more entries, look at the other options. 

Terms and Conditions

  1. This competition will run for a week. The winner will be announced on the Facebook page, and emailed. 
  2. This competition is open to SA residents only. You must be able to attend the event in Cape Town.  
  3. The prize is not transferable.
  4. If you have won on SA Mom Blogs in the past 3 months you will not be eligible to win this

    Mini Mi – Atelier


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 a Rafflecopter giveaway



{Momentrepreneur} Meet Leila: “With coffee or jungle juice we make it work!”

This week we feature a mom who is an event organiser of Pop-up Boutiques for local brands with a particular focus on locally produced goods in Cape Town. Her name is Leila Bardien and you can find her website here: Homemade CPT. 


  1. Tell us about yourself, a bit of background.

I’m a mom of 2 little boys, who loves enjoying the many beautiful experiences that life has to offer.


  1. What were you doing before you started this business?

I spent 15yrs in the textile manufacturing industry as a Quality Expert.


  1. Is your business full time or part time and why?

Currently our business is part time. We believe in quality and unique concepts to create memorable experiences.


  1. How do you juggle the responsibilities of being a mom with your work?

It’s super hard for us at the moment since my sister-in-law (business partner) and I both had babies this year. But with some coffee or jungle juice and message communication, we manage to make it work.


  1. Do you have a business plan? If so, can you share a bit about your strategy to make it successful?

Yes, we have to plan super carefully and stick to budgets. We also have to ensure effective marketing for events. Lastly, it is important to make sure all  resources are used effectively. We rent out our event installations to contribute towards income.

  1. How do you get clients/ market yourself?

We market via social media predominantly. We have made use of PR as well.

  1. What’s your biggest challenge right now?

Finding brands that match our profile and have the same vision.

  1. Did you need a lot of money to start off? And how long was it before you made a profit? We needed quite a bit for startup since installations are not cheap as well as venue hire. We are currently marginally above break-even point. The journey continues.



  1. What makes your business unique from other brands?

The concept and service on offer. We offer business exposure for small brands, with digital artwork, we market on social media and we ensure our events retain a beautiful cohesive aesthetic setup of quality local product available, for an awesome shopping experience.


  1. Share with us your social media links and website.

Instagram – @homemadecpt

Website – Homemadecpt.co.za

Facebook – Facebook page /homemadecpt

Watch out for our post on Wednesday when we will be giving away tickets to this event. 


Visit to the Johanesburg Children’s Home

There’s something interesting Jodene said at our latest #JoziMeetup. She says the really cool thing about blogging is that it has opened doors of opportunities for her.

So, by a series of fortunate events, I visited an orphanage on Saturday. Actually I went to a Netflorist event last year (where I learnt to style a rocking bouquet of flowers) and was introduced to the Johannesburg Children’s Home. Media at the event were matched up with various kids (who we chose) to sponsor them a cake on their birthday. So I chose Sibusiso in September, as my husband, father and sister all have birthdays in this month.






Nicky chose the cake. He has a thing for Oreo biscuits at the moment and he liked the “Cookies and Cream” cake. (I bet you didn’t know Netflorist did cakes. Neither did I.)

We also went through some of his toys to give some away. The bigger ones he doesn’t play with anymore. And a tricycle. Plus a Lego lookalike which isn’t really Lego. 

So we drove there and as it turns out they have a system when you bring stuff in. You have to fill in a form and it goes to the office. Probably a good idea so that it all gets equally distributed. 

We then went in search of Sibusiso. And we found him. And a little friend called Banele.  Sibusiso was turning seven the next day. We spent a while playing with them. 

They have a stunning playground there with lots of jungle gyms to play on. Nicky had fun with his new friends.


I could see how the kids took pride in showing Nicky around. Nicky has a current fascination for upstairs homes and was entranced to see that they have this setup. So up we went to see their room and he looked out of the window in wonder. A lovely leafy view and also of the swimming pool. 

As much as they have a lovely environment to live in, there were signs that this was an orphanage. Sibusiso definitely wanted hugs and my heart ached for him and the situation. The rooms were neat and tidy but definitely sparse. I did notice books though and they showed Nicky their Ben Ten book very excitedly, also wanting to do some moves. 

I came home to all the clutter of toys and was reminded about what was important. The love we have in our family. The fact that Nicky has a mom and a dad. 














We have so very much to be so grateful about and I want to thank Netflorist and JHB Children’s Home for giving us this opportunity to make a difference.

(Check out our Spring gardening tips and win a daffodil with Netflorist in our current competition)

If you’d like to know more about the home and how to assist you can visit their website.  

You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter. 

Changes in Confidence: in Pictures: and Win a Conscious Confidence Course

How often has confidence stopped you from following your dreams? Or merely opting out of important life events? Today we’re going to meet a photographer that has been helping women become more confident, not only behind her lens, but also in real life by creating a course in confidence, which we are giving away on the blog.

Abigail Klopper shares about how she became interested in this topic of confidence. As she photographed many different people from all walks of life over the years, she found a common reaction to being photographed. People hated it. “I’m not photogenic”. “I hate this part of my body, can you hide it?”

The photographer also has her own history of insecurity, stemming from a comment made about her appearance in Grade 3. and issues as a teen. 

As Abigail took photographs, she found women in particular to be very self critical. Very quick to devalue their worth. 

She also noticed how her clients were amazed at the results.

She came to the conclusion: I am giving them their confidence back. 

“I soon realised that confidence was something that came from the inside. Portrait photography focuses on the exterior, on that which is visible to others, our physical appearance. However, it also exposes our insecurities and our underlying issues. So while my photography was helping women with their physical confidence, it was fleeting. I wanted to help women on a deeper level and change their confidence from the inside.”

After doing massive amounts of research, Abigail developed a four week long Conscious Confidence Course. 

Unlike some courses that require participants to spend large amounts of time working through the course material, Abigail has purposely broken the course into small actionable steps focused on body, mind and soul confidence and that participants can implement as their schedules allow.

Here are three women that Abigail photographed and can tell a story about the changes she brought in them. 


At the time of this shoot, Josie was a new mom to twins Abigail & Christian. They were born prematurely, so naturally Josie was under some significant stress along with the usual ‘new-mom’ experiences. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the gift of my makeover shoot! As a new mom to 5 month old twins, just getting out of my pj’s everyday is a major feat. So having my hair and make-up done was such a treat. And then your professionalism and guidance during the shoot made me feel like a supermodel. I knew exactly what you wanted from me and you made me feel totally at ease. And the end result … Wow! Thank you for making me feel beautiful and giving me my confidence back. And for inspiring me to get out of my pj’s and make a small effort everyday. Cos that’s sometimes all it takes. 



Kim and her daughter Jordy came for a shoot together. After the shoot Kim mentioned that the shoot transformed the way she saw herself. Something shifted for her in the way that she showed up in the world, because she saw herself differently. 

To anyone who sees these exquisite pictures on Abigails “walls” online… what goes on within you at Abigail K’s shoots, and then at the final take, is transformational… Abigail’s talent goes deeper than just the click of the camera! What her talent gives is just so much more… I have continued to grow and blossom as the woman I once believed and knew I was… she re-painted me in these shots and this entire experience raised me up out of a “low confidence” zone and helped me recognize the light and magic within me that somehow us Moms tend to forget… and as a final blessing and continuation to the magical experience, my relationship with my beautiful daughter has deepened and grown to newer levels of fun, sharing and a different kind of closeness that we have NEVER had before… Thank you Abigail for everything that has unfolded as a result of this awesome PRIZE and gift at the most important day in a Mother’s life – the celebration and privilege of being a MOM – every year… I feel re-born!



Jacqui won this shoot through a competition. She is mother to one son and she said that she felt like a queen during and after the experience. 

If you feel good about yourself and you share that with others, you invite them to become more confident in who they are. Your confidence was very contagious during my experience at Abigail K Studio. Of course, I lacked none, because I’ve been preparing for this moment for years, but you gave my confidence an extra boost. I loved it! Confidence, is a beautiful thing. It allows you to just, be.



When your confidence is low, it can be tough to find the will and the momentum to take the action needed to increase your confidence. Below are some of the confidence boosters Abigail draws on when she finds her confidence becoming a bit shaky:

  1. Look at yourself in the mirror and repeat an affirming, positive mantra until you feel your confidence shift.
  2. Write a list of 10 things you’re grateful for. If nothing else, it will take your focus off everything that you think is wrong in your life.
  3. Move your body for 15 minutes, whether it’s going for a walk, doing some yoga stretches or going for a run. It’s a great way to awaken your senses and make you feel more alive.
  4. Turn on your favourite music – LOUD! And dance like no one’s watching.

Do some introspection by journaling about the source of your current low confidence. Just writing out your doubts and concerns can sometimes reveal something about ourselves that we were not initially aware of. And all positive change starts with awareness.


A final word from Abigail:

I’m always in awe of moms. It’s seriously the toughest job on the planet with the biggest responsibility and burden. Of course it has it’s positive payoffs as well. But being a mom doesn’t mean you stop being a woman. A beautiful, talented, worthy woman with her own ambitions, likes & dislikes and her own journey to travel. I see too many women abdicate their individuality when they become moms, in favor of being the main care giver, which is admirable in a sense, but at the same time unreasonable and unsustainable. I’m reminded of the all important airline safety message – In the event of a drop in cabin pressure, place the mask over your own nose and mouth before assisting minors or others in need. The same is true for moms – they are not selfish if they take care of their own needs and desires first. Doing that makes them able and available to tend to their family’s needs. In this way, they’re being responsible in that they’re demonstrating what self-care and self-love looks like. Children learn by observation and that’s one of the best gifts you can give them. The ability to treat themselves with love and respect. If more people did that, this world would be a more loving place. 

To win her Conscious Confidence Course, simply comment below on why you think you need this. 

Terms and Conditions

  1. This competition will run for a week. The winner will be announced on the Facebook page, and emailed. 
  2. This competition is open to SA residents only. 
  3. The prize is not transferable.
  4. If you have won on SA Mom Blogs in the past 3 months you will not be eligible to win this competition

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Netflorist’s tips for Spring Gardening and Win this cheerful Daffodil

Now that cold dreary days are over and the birds are chirping, it can only mean one thing: spring is here! If you want to make sure your garden is as bright and cheerful as you are this spring, here are a few gardening and planting tips:


  • Clean out your garden:  survey your garden and remove debris and unwanted weeds.
  • Get your soil ready: revitalize with moisture such as compost, and add the appropriate nutrients to increase plant life.
  • Focus on new plants:  Although it’s important to get those old plants in order, spring is a great time for planting new plants such as tulips, pansies and even veggies like lettuce and peas.
  • Maintenance: Make sure your garden stays beautiful throughout the season by doing things such as mulching, pruning flower shrubs, and considering new flower beds.

Would you like to win this cheerful daffodil from Netflorist? All you have to do is visit their Facebook page and leave a comment here about your Spring tip.

If you use the Facebook post below just make sure you use your email as well so we can contact you about the prize. 



Terms and Conditions

  1. This competition will run for a week. The winner will be announced on the Facebook page, and emailed. 
  2. This competition is open to SA residents only. 
  3. The prize is not transferable.
  4. If you have won on SA Mom Blogs in the past 3 months you will not be eligible to win this competition

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Book Review: Burnt Toast by Teri Hatcher

This book review is by Megan Hartwig. 

Burnt Toast and other Philosophies of Life’ by Teri Hatcher is my recent read. You all know Teri Hatcher. Don’t you? Okay, let‘s say ‘Desperate Housewives’…ahh the bulb clicked. Right then..Teri Hatcher is a celebrity, beautiful, successful and rich and she’s also a human being, a mother and a woman.


“Toast. Think about it for a moment. It probably has the simplest recipe in the world: one ingredient, one instruction. Still, you know when you’re trying to make it and you just can’t get it right? It’s too light or too soft, then… totally burnt. Charred in a matter of seconds — now it’s more like a brick than a piece of toast. So what do you do? Are you the kind of person who tries to scrape off the black? Or do you smother it with jam to hide the taste? Do you throw it away, or do you just eat it? If you shrug and eat the toast, is it because you’re willing to settle for less? Maybe you don’t want to be wasteful, but if you go ahead and eat that blackened square of bread, then what you’re really saying — to yourself and to the world — is that the piece of bread is worth more than your own satisfaction”. – Excerpt from the book.

She explores these feelings in “Burnt Toast: And Other Philosophies of Life,” in which she speaks frankly about her life, career, child and relationships. It is a fast and easy read and the book shows a lot of times that there are in fact a lot of similarities between Teri and her ‘Desperate Housewives’ character “Susan”.

“Up ’til now, I ate the burnt toast. I learned that from my mother — metaphorically if not literally. I can’t actually remember if she even likes toast or how she eats it. But what I know for sure is that although she was a loving and devoted wife and mother, she always took care of everyone and everything else before herself. This habitual self-sacrifice was well intended, but ultimately it’s a mixed message for a child. It taught me that in order for me to succeed, someone else had to suffer. I learned to accept whatever was in front of me without complaint because I didn’t think I deserved good things.”- Excerpt from the book.

In fact, the title of her new book, “Burnt Toast,” I feel, is a metaphor for women who too often take the leftovers for themselves — something Hatcher says she is trying not to do as much, but still does.

It is light and true to heart. I enjoyed it and so will you.


You can find Megan, the reviewer of this book, on 

Instagram: flutterbymegs Twitter:@flutterbymegs



Win Baby Nike and Jordan Clothes for your baby 0-12 months

trendy baby clothes Nike and JordanYour little baby can be completely on trend and groovy in this cute, sporty apparel. SA mom blogs is giving away two hampers of baby clothes worth R1500 each.

Looking to make your little one look stylish and to be the next sports star? He or she will look super groovy in these threads that will tell everyone “Just Do It” or will emulate the sports star Micheal Jordan. 


Jordan Kids is inspired by basketball star Michael Jordan. It will keep the little ones warm and active and consists of hoodies, tees and caps. 

As you can see for the older kids, this range is comfortable and super cool for all young basketball enthusiasts or anyone who wants to be sporty and active.

Nike wants to get kids active early . The symbolic swoosh and the “Just Do It” logo are present in functional and fashion forward clothes for both girls and boys. 

The idea is to inspire confidence on every sportsground they enter, so that they feel like winners with unlimited potential.  It’s all about giving them a lifelong passion and love for sport. 

Check out these kids wearing their Nike threads. Don’t they look cool?

Want to win some Nike or Jordan baby clothes for your little one? All you have to do is comment below with the age of your baby and we will send you the appropriate size for your little one between 0-12 months.


Terms and Conditions

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  2. This competition is open to SA residents only. 
  3. The prize is not transferable.
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Heat Blasting away with Ben Ten toys (and win some for yourself)

Heatblast Transform -N- Blast Ben Ten toysThe other morning we were on our way to school and Nicky took his Ben Ten toy “Transform-N-Battle” Heatblast with. For a kid obsessed with rockets and blasting off, this toy’s ability to shoot out a fireball with the help of a spring is very groovy. So we “Heatblasted” off all the way on our journey. He has also been playing with a little Diamondhead figure, and we are giving both away on the blog today.

Ben Ten is one of the longest running original cartoons on Cartoon Network (according to Wikipedia). It’s about a boy, Ben Tennyson, who, with the aid of an Omnitrix watch,  has the ability to transform into a number of different aliens.

Of course it’s much more fun to act these feats out in real life, with  the aid of toys.


The Transform-N-Battle allows you to become your favourite alien. It consists of a mask and an arm piece with a movement action. So for the Heatblast one that we tested, you press a lever and out the fire blast springs. Nicky has been enjoying walking around shooting it out. The other morning I knew he was awake because I could hear this familiar “click” of the spring as he repeatedly shot it out.

Diamondhead Ben Ten toysThe other toy we have been playing with is a Diamondhead figure. I’m actually quite impressed with the quality of this toy. The plastic substance he is made out of has an interesting soft texture. The appendages rotate fully. The legs can actually do the splits! So he is able to form all sorts of interesting positions. He comes with a crystal blade you attach to his hand. Diamonds being a very hard, unbreakable substance, he has a super indestructable weapon. At the moment he has been hanging out in the bath with the other bath toys helping Zebra, Parrot, Horse and Lion defeat their enemies. In fact these fave toys have been inspecting the new arrivals, as you can see.


Nicky also has a Omnitrix watch (basic) which contains 40 alien phrases when you turn the device around.



Ben Ten toys in the shopIn fact there are a number of different Ben Ten toys that are out now.  We saw a whole lot at our local Toy Kingdom. There is a “Power Up” version where you press a button at the back and it speaks along with some light effects. You can have the larger figures and also the more Deluxe version of the Omnitrix watch.


It’s so important for kids to be kids and just play with their toys. I never get tired of just watching Nicky invent various scenarios, and it amuses me no end how Parrot and Zebra and company have to inspect the “visitor” before they play with him. Now he is a super duper alien with his indestructable diamond powers to help them against the bad guys in the police boat. 

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