{Guest Post} My pregnancy journey with gestational diabetes

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This week’s post about gestational diabetes is written by South African mom blogger Puveshree Moodie, who blogs at Life’s a Treat. 


I was somewhere between my 24th and 28th week of pregnancy when I got a call from my gynaecologist saying that I need to come in and discuss the results of my 3 hour glucose test. My gynaecologist sat Jason and myself down and discussed my results. She gave us as much information as she could as I had no idea what this meant for my baby’s and my health.

This diagnosis was a head-on challenge which I was up for the battle.I went into research mode to learn as much as I could about GD to ensure I overcome this without taking any medication. I learnt about the carbohydrate vs. protein balance to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.My gynae booked me into the hospital for 24 hours to monitor how my body coped with breaking down the sugar in difference types of food.Once this was established, a dietician compiled a personalised eating plan for me. I went home with a list of allowed foods and its portion size in each food group. I also received print outs to keep a food diary and blood sugar readings after 30 and 60 minutes of eating. I purchased a blood sugar test machine to get the readings. My goal was not to take any medication to manage the GD and to manage it through diet. Leading up to the diagnosis, I was eating healthier and limited sugars so it was not a huge task to adjust my eating habits.

gestational diabetes

I became obsessive about what I ate, how much I ate and about testing my sugar after each meal, my gynae and dietician had to make some adjustments to my diet as I was losing weight; so I was also put on a shake called Glucerna which I could have at any time I felt hungry. However with me following my eating plan so strictly; I never felt hungry or cravings as my blood sugar levels were balanced. I gained a total of 7kg and lost my weight and an additional 4kg postpartum by following a similar diet.

gestational diabetes

My baby tracked well with her weight gain, was born at 38 weeks to ensure my placenta did not calcify and she was not at risk of being still born. Mckenzie weighed 2.6kg at birth and we were told it’s a good weight for a baby whose mum had gestational diabetes (usually babies are big weighing over 4.5kg).I was tested 6 weeks postpartum and my sugar levels were back to normal.

I drank at least 2lts of liquid in the form of still spring water and herbal teas with no milk, sugar or sweetener. I would also have a cup of Glucerna anytime between breakfast and lunch.


Breakfast: Green smoothie (Cooled rooibos tea, 1/4 avocado, 1 cup spinach/kale,4 almonds, 1/4 cup oats, 1 tsp chia seeds) and a clemongold mandarin.

 Snack: 1 small carrot and hummus 

Lunch: Oven baked turmeric & smoked paprika chicken thighs, avocado, tomato, lettuce/kale/spinach, cucumber topped on a slice of brown bread.Sometimes I would sprinkle some feta (I would not recommend the feta if you have high blood pressure)

Snack: Nimu skinny hot chocolate made with low fat milk 

Dinner: Curried chicken breasts and pickled carrot and onion salad.


*Disclaimer: Please don’t follow my typical day of eating as it was designed for my needs.If you are faced with this diagnosis, I encourage you to meet with a dietitian to develop an eating plan customised to your needs.

I would love to hear from you if you have had an experience with gestational diabetes or are going through it presently. You are welcome to contact me lifesatreatza@gmail.com if you want me to create recipes to support your personalised diet.



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