Win the cutest cloth nappies from Baby Bottoms

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Cloth nappies can save you a ton of money, but the drawback for me has always been the schlep of washing them. Enter Baby Bottoms, who take care of that for you. You can even rent the cloth nappies from them. Today we are giving away a set of nappies for girls or boys – you choose the gender!

On Monday we met Courtney and she shared with us her story of how she started business, and how she uses routine to get it all done, as well as how supportive she finds both her husband and her mom.  You can also see in the picture how she uses her nappies on her own kids!

This is how her service works:

I think what I also like about the rental is that your same nappies will be returned to you, so you’ll have that same lot that will be washed together and not with some other child’s.  

They deliver everything you’ll need to start using cloth nappies- the nappies, a wetbag (a small travel bag to place used nappies in while you’re out the house) a dry bucket to store  them in between collection days as well as the nappy liners you flush down the loo.

The buckets will be collected every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and be replaced with a new supply of freshly cleaned nappies for the rest of the week.

They sell, rent out and clean nappies – the cleaning service is currently only in the East Rand but they will be looking to expand in the future. Rental and sales are nationwide.

You can check out further details on their website here. For a month’s subscription of cleaning, it starts at R629 and for both rental and cleaning it is R899. 

We are giving away

  • An All in One Nappy
  • An insert
  • A Wetbag
  • Total value = R285

If you win you’ll specify if you’d prefer the male or female version, and we’ll make sure you’ll have the gender specific pack!

All you have to do to win is comment below!

Check out Baby Bottoms website too! And find them on Facebook. 

This competition will run for a week and the winner will be announced on our Facebook page and emailed.  You must be a resident of South Africa to enter.



52 thoughts on “Win the cutest cloth nappies from Baby Bottoms

  1. heathers says:

    Thanks Kate for your input. It is totally my fault, I suggested the two pictures. But winners can choose any of the six, regardless of the sex of their child.

  2. Marianne de Villiers says:

    I am expecting a boy in May and would love this. A washing service is great idea, pity I am in Cape Town.

  3. Rechelle says:

    Awesome give away. As a mum who’s new to cloth this would be an awesome win. Don’t have enough diapers to go full time cloth so slowly building my stash

  4. Lauren de Carvalho says:

    I’m new to cloth so this is super exciting as I’m still trying to find my way around which cloth to use… so many options! #confusedmommy #excited #holdingfingersthumbsandtoes

    Thx for an awesome giveaway ❀️

  5. Monique says:

    What a great business idea! Just starting my little girl out on cloth and would have loved something like this close by in order to “test” cloth before starting and buying.

  6. Sheri-Ann van Dyk says:

    I love cloth nappies, been using them on my little girl from 3 months. Don’t have a wet bag though.

  7. Mika Steyn says:

    Awesome, was hoping someone would bring back this type of service! Like they did in the good ol’ days πŸ™‚


    What a great competition! I actually just shared the website with my grandmother on Sunday as she mentioned she was looking for a place on the east rand where she could buy some.

  9. Elize Hattingh says:

    Hi, I am a new mommy-to-be on 24th March and I am very excited to go the green/eco-friendly cloth nappy route! There are so many brand options on the market and I am not sure where to start investing. Thus I would love to try the Baby Bottoms range! We are expecting a baby girl so the pink option will work well.

  10. Kate says:

    Lovely Nappies but I don’t understand the gender stereotyped marketing. Is the message that owls are not for boys and cars are not for girls? That is absurd. I believe all colors are for everyone and our kids deserve not to be pigeonholed at birth based on gender…

  11. Melanie says:

    The rental and cleaning is a great idea! I think one of the reason why some mom won’t use clothes is because they think it’s to much work!

  12. Kate Sissing says:

    What started as an experiment has become an obsession! My son has had cloth OTB since birth (Dec 2016) and I won’t look back. The only thing better than the gorgeous prints is the fabulous cloth community.

  13. Delicia Wratten says:

    Eek! Such an exciting competition! I love cloth diapering and having some extra nappies will definitely be helpful!! Courtney’s business idea is so clever! I will be looking into the cleaning service for sure.

  14. Simone says:

    I cannot wait to start my cloth journey, but I only have 2 nappies so far so I would love to win this!

  15. Luchae Williams says:

    Wouldn’t mind checking a baby boy pack out for baby Jonah. I must admit, I’ve been stocking up on diapers, but have considered going the cloth route.

  16. Kim Muller says:

    I’ve always wanted to try cloth diapering but the once off cost was always daunting. The option to rent makes life so much simpler. We should definitely find something like this in Cape Town.

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