{Product Review} Slime Time!

Nicky and I had a lot of fun at NickFest but were a bit disappointed that we couldn’t participate in the slime area which was sold out. Now you can buy your own slime and enjoy it at home!  Zimpli Kids has both slime and red goo (Slime Baff and Gelli Baff) you can use both in the bath or in a bowl as a sensory experience and of course, lots of fun!

The boxes come with a set of instructions and it’s important to try and follow them in order to obtain best results. I’m not sure I did all the right things but we had fun anyway! We first had to put in 4cm of water before we added the slime. I found it wasn’t really necessary to add much more water and we had fun with the slimy consistency.

I couldn’t help lifting it up all the time just to see the goo!

Nicky had fun too, and of course his favourite bath toys – Zebra, Parrot, Lion and Horsy – were part of the exploration of the fun. As you can see in these videos, he was up to his normal playing where Lion was naughty for making too many waves (so he went to “jail” behind the shampoo bottles) and zebra was pooping (our current obsession as a five year old).





The Gelli Baff turned out a lot thicker (not sure if I did things right) and this was a lot of fun too. With this one there is an extra packet that you add to dissolve the mixture. 

It reminded me a lot of jelly and Nicky said that Lion couldn’t swim because it was so thick.  So I suggested that Zebra could push him!


I also tried some slime at school (quite thick and without much water) so you can see the kids stretching it like Prestik! 

There are loads of videos of Zimpli Kids on YouTube and in fact some of them have 2.5 billion views.  All products are safe, non toxic and environmentally friendly so they can be drained away and disposed of easily. I do recommend, however, that you clean that bath very thoroughly afterwards. I didn’t clean the slime away properly and the next time I lay down in the bath I was really itchy that night!

Some other bloggers have also tried it out. I really like what Rebecca did as a Halloween sensory box, combining creepy crawlies with slime. 

Tracey tried out the blue version and noticed it was fine for her son Liam’s sensitive skin. 

Carly was also concerned about her child’s sensitive eczema and it was fine. She also commented about reading instructions first. Thanks Cindy! Here’s a photo of the leaflet!




Charlene’s Zee tried out the “Princess Pink Gelli Baff” and enjoyed it very much. “I really, really like it, and I had a lot of fun, so I give it 6001 smiley faces!” she said. 

Jonelle also tried it out and had great fun here. 

What do you think of Zimpli Kids Slime and Gelli Baff? Would your kids go for it?

These products will be available soon at Toys R Us. 

We were provided with the products for review. 



A visit to Children’s Hair Salon Maddy Magoo Fourways

If your kid is anything like my kid, it’s probably a struggle to do anything to do with their hair. The weekly ritual of washing hair is a bit of a struggle. And as for going to the hairdresser…. not the favourite thing to do. Nicky has tagged along with me to various hairdressers over the years, but never to one that specifically catered for kids. So it was an interesting experience to visit Maddy Magoo, which is a hair salon set in Kid’s Emporium at The Gantry, in Fourways, across from Papachinos. 

Maddy Magoo is set right upstairs within the Kid’s Emporium shop. It even has an outside balcony. The salon has a lot of fun decor, toys and hair equipment. 

The man who cut Nicky’s hair’s name is Vusi. This guy is a real character. He has a lot of enthusiasm for what he does, and I think he is really fun with kids. I think he should have had a  funky hat or something to complete the fun way he dashes around to take care of the little ones in his charge. 

We started off the hair cutting process in a high chair  with a fun bib of an orange super hero and Nicky was also entertained by a movie on the screen (Ice Age, hey who doesn’t love that squirrel chasing the nut?) as well as video games on a tablet. One of the games was a soccer game where he had to score goals and Nicky loved this. The manager Jacqui playing with him kept teasing him that he was 15 instead of 5 because Nicky kept scoring and she kept losing!




After the cut Nicky had a shampoo. This is to get rid of all the stray hairs. He enjoyed the head massage. 

I was interested to see them using the Tangle Teezer (which we included in our #JoziMeetup goody bag back in May) as part of the shampoo process. Vusi also pointed out to me Nicky’s dry, flaky scalp and asked what shampoo I was using. So, I tend to continue to use the baby shampoos but actually it is time for Nicky to move on from that and we purchased some special Shampooheads  treatment that will help with this problem. 


Lastly it was time for a blow dry and then we were finished.

All smart and ready for photo day at school.

If you are wanting to make the hairdressing experience more fun and less of an ordeal, then pop over to The Gantry and go upstairs from Kid’s Emporium to find Maddy Magoo Fourways. 

They are also running a special this October with Papachino’s where if you spend R200 or more you get a cappuccino at the restaurant and if you spend R300 or more at Papachino’s you’ll receive a 10% discount on any treatment. A fab restaurant where you can let the kids go mad playing and even make pizza, I’ve been there a few times.

Maddy Magoo also does themed parties. They will come to your house and bring the party packs and food or you can have it there. This isn’t just “glamour parties” for girls they do boys ones too (Spiderman, Paw patrol etc)

So now, no more excuses, next time your kid needs a haircut head on over to Maddy Magoo!

Check out their price list here. Maddy Fourways Price List 2017

Disclosure: I was provided with a voucher for a haircut for Nicky. 

{Product Review} Melissa’s Diaries of a Potty Training Mommy

potty trainingThis post  review of a potty training seat is written by South African mom blogger Melissa Javan, who blogs at Mel’s postbox. 


I seriously forgot that my child is one to unpack and dissect everything. And this is what she did when she noticed the big brown box and started opening its contents.


The new the Cam Dudu Anatomical Seat (potty) we got from Prima Baby South Africa was in there. Light to carry and its doggy-face looked right at her.


I called my husband to help Princess unpack the potty out of the box, because I was busy preparing a formula milk bottle.


Potty was out and Princess went immediately to sit on it. I was surprised that she sat on it for longer than five seconds. To get her to sit longer than five seconds on her other potty is a mission.


I think it has to do with the design of the potty – you sit in a position that looks like you’re sitting on a see-saw. The potty has a handle in front and the middle part of it, you can play with it.


Anyway, an half an hour later and Princess was still busy with the potty. Husband joked: we have a few minutes to ourselves.


Meanwhile, Princess had in the process made the doggy-head loose, taken it off and also the bowl part in the middle (that holds the pee) was also out. She was sitting on it without the bowl part. Even without the bowl, the potty is a bowl on its own.


In my mind, seeing the potty being taken potty training seatapart I thought: did my child just break a brand new potty? I went to observe and saw the head and the ears can easily be removed and be put back on again. **let’s out a sign of relief**


Seriously, I thought I was the excited one for this new potty (or should I say toy). I’ve been dreading the whole potty training business. Call me one of those lazy moms. Or maybe I’m scared of change. 


Like when we started the solids, I was happy that Princess started at her school first. A week later I started trying the eating solids-business at home, comfortably.


Fast forward two weeks later since we got the potty, I have to confess: I have not put work into this yet. Husband told me that last week Princess sat on the Cam Dudu Anatomical Seat-potty with her nappy on. She made a boo-boo as he calls it while sitting on Cam Dudu. She then stood up and said “Ka-ka” which is another word for “poo” (or boo-boo).


So at least we know she knows the difference between pee-pee (urine) and poo. We’ve established that the Cam Dudu is a comfortable spot to sit on. Does the fact that you have your nappy on, count? 


Also, the potty is being carried around the house (by Princess) to be played with. She still takes off most of the potty’s pieces, which can easily be put on again. I’m seriously surprised that the pieces have not broken yet.


My way forward is that I need to take Princess with me when I use the bathroom. Being a working mom, I should probably start practicing on weekends. 


I’ve been relaxed and haven’t started the process, because most mommy friends told me “she will show you when she’s ready.” Having this in my mind, I just thought: why stress about potty training then?


​Did I mention that my mother said that I can wait till Winter is over to start with potty training? So many excuses for me to not start this potty training business…


This post was sponsored by Prima Baby South Africa. The views are of Melissa Javan, content producer, blogger and owner of Mels Postbox site where she writes inspirational stories as well as highlighting journalistic and entrepreneur skills. . You can also find her on Twitter.  


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PlacecolSPA experience – finding my feet again

It was a very rushed day. Delays and unforseen circumstances. But I made it. And I was glad that I did. For I have stumbled upon a little piece of heaven right around the corner from my house.  A tranquil setting which lives up to his name “where body and soul find rest”.  PlacecolSpa is a place I definitely want to visit again. And you will too.

I’ve driven past this place many times. It was called “LééfSpa”. I always wondered about it. I imagined many ladies going there and enjoying their treatments. So I looked at it wistfully and carried on going to wherever beauty salon I needed to go to, without further investigation.

As it turns out, LééfSpa has been taken over by PlacecolSpa. Lééf was part of a group of magazines that got canned in the new digital age that has seen many print publications going under. But you can still find them online here. 

You’ll see that both the magazine and the spa have a distinct Christian bent to them. I found it very inspirational as I scrolled through their Facebook page. So many meaningful quotes. So much upliftment. 

The spa actually offers a particularly spiritual menu too. Some aspects include foot washing, quiet time, prayer and anointment. You can even do this as a group of up to six people. Then on top of that you have treatments such as foot massage, facials and other massages. 

Manager Heleen van der Merwe showed me around. The other thing that really appealed to me in this setup is the incredible blue themed decor. The serene and rustic blue is present in every room. You can see the theme carried through in their Facebook page and lovely graphics. 

I liked the pictures on the wall. The quotes. The fountain outside. The surrounding green garden. All of this contributing to a feeling of peace. Soothing music in the background too. 

They have a little coffee shop too which provides muffins, tea, coffee and ice tea. Meals can be organised ahead of time. 

I sat down for my pedicure with Mathapelo and allowed all the stress to be massaged away. I am a huge fan of reflexology and this treatment reminded me of how caressing the feet refreshes the whole body. I also had a lovely light purple colour painted on my toenails as a finishing touch.

During this time I had two filter coffees to ensure that I did not fall asleep again like I had with that very relaxing facial!

I highly recommend this establishment.  We all need a break from the rush of life to find ourselves again. 

I have scanned their price list as a pdf and you can check it out here: placecolspapricelist


Placecol is actually part of the Imbalie Beauty group, which is also part of Perfect 10 Nail and Body (the voucher which we have up for grabs) as well as Dream Nails Beauty.  You can find their website here and their Facebook page here. 

Contact Numbers: 
011 888 8523
Email Address: 
77 Malibongwe Drive
Trading Hours: 
Tuesday – Friday: 7:30 – 18:00
Saturday: 8:00 – 16:00

Disclosure: I was given this treatment by the group. 

Here are some more pictures:

{Review and Giveaway} Blue Man Group – A Mind Blowing Experience

blue man groupThe Blue Man Group is an event you have to experience to fully benefit from what they are all about. Mere words are just inadequate to do this stage production justice, but I will attempt to give you a glimpse into their world. We are also giving away two double tickets to a Johannesburg show on Thursday 30 March. UPDATE: We now have another double ticket to giveaway in Cape Town  on Wednesday 22 March.

Being a Blue Man is an art in itself. Ex Blue Man Isaac Eddy spoke about the audition process and what they look for in this kind of performer.

blue man groupIt’s evolved slightly throughout the years because it’s tough to find Blue Men. About half of us are professional musicians who learn the character, and the other half are professional actors who learn the music. The thing that’s hard is that the character is not the kind of character that a trained actor can immediately understand, and that’s why half of the Blue Men we have aren’t even trained actors. It’s a ‘clown’ character for all intents and purposes, which is a term that’s kind of misused now. For the character to be believable it has to tap into an honesty and a sense of self that a lot of times, actors are trained to get rid of. There are some people who can access that honesty in the character, and there are other people who are basically trained in all sorts of acting styles that can’t really access it.      

There is something very quaint and curious about the Blue Man and the way he approaches the world. He is child like and funny, as well as being inventive and musical. He doesn’t speak: his facial expressions and physical movement is his way of communicating. I see on their website that they do special performances for autistic people: and their style and approach is something that appeals to those kinds of people too.

I think one of the really interesting things about the Blue Men is how they involve and include the audience in their performance. This happens with everything from the audience warm up messages to give greetings to certain people to a special interruption for late arrivals. Then of course there are two volunteers who actually take part in the show.

For the first volunteer, who was a smiling lady up for the challenge, they sat at a table. She had to help them open their Twinkie packets. Very funny and it reminded me of Mr Bean. The second volunteer was a man who completely immersed himself in the Blue experience, but you’ll have to watch the show to see how that turned out!

Something else fascinating about the Blue Man Group is their take on technology. There is one scene where there are images of texting people and the words and letters spew upwards into a spiral of colour. The colours swirl and come together and then find themselves on the outfits of the performers. 

blue man group

Members of the Blue Man Group play unique instruments made from plastic pipes, flexible poles and other unusual objects. (Anne-Marie McReynolds/San Jose Mercury News/MCT)

No matter how high-tech things get, there’s still something human there. We’ll always need other, always need to collaborate. People still need to come together and look each other in the eye. Through the Blue Man’s connection with the audience, we hope to encourage this human-to-human interaction, while helping people reconnect with their own sense of wonder and discovery, with their own sense of what is possible in their lives. Phil Standton, Co-Founder.


The drumming is also incredible. It adds to the force of the performance but the Blue Men have a unique take on the shapes of their drums. They use pipes. They make the point that pipes always flow away from the house. When they go backwards you get: interaction!  (And that’s what the Blue Men are about!) The other shape they use is to represent a nerve that makes you see in your eye. 

There is a scene whblue man groupere they move the pipes in the beat to the music which is quite unique. But also drumming on all the pipes produced some very rhythmic and musical tunes. They even played a few South African ones much to the delight of the audience.

Light, colour and paint are also a huge part of the show which culminates in a huge party atmosphere with streamers and large colourful balls all over the audience. My husband managed to hit the balls quite a few times but I didn’t quite reach! I came home with a pink streamer still attached to my handbag, a playful reminder of the evening.


#bluemanselfieAfterwards the Blue Men are there in the lobby for you to greet and take selfies with. A playful end to a lesson in what the Blue Man is asking of us.

The Blue Man is reflecting the audience itself and the Blue Man is summoned by the audience itself. A primordial, psychological journey of the audience itself. Put more simply, you could think of it as, the color blue. It’s cased off that Yves Klein blue. That bright, bright cobalt that he created himself, and that he covered [a series of objects and paintings] with and nothing else. So the concept is that we emerged from a painting like that. Like our primordial soup is from the art world, and we are summoned by the audience to connect them and free them from this urban isolation. To have this single moment of connection. Isaac Eddy.


You might also remember them from America’s Got Talent:




Venue:                   Teatro at Montecasino

Dates:                    From Tuesday 7th February 2017 until Saturday 18th March 2017. Then from Thursday 30th March 2017 until Sunday 2nd April 2017.

Off Peak Shows:   Tuesday Evening, Wednesday Evening, Thursday Evening and Sunday Evening

Peak Shows:       Friday Evening, Saturday Matinee, Saturday Evening and Sunday Matinee

Ticket Prices:      Off Peak: R370 – R595.

     Peak: R455 – R680

Bookings:             From Big Concert and Computicket


Cape Town

Venue:                   Grand Arena, GrandWest

Dates:                    From Tuesday 21st March 2017

Off Peak Shows:   Tuesday Evening, Wednesday Evening, Thursday Evening and Sunday Evening

Peak Shows:       Friday Evening, Saturday Matinee, Saturday Evening and Sunday Matinee

Ticket Prices:      Off Peak: R340 – R570

      Peak: R425 – R655

Bookings:             From Big Concerts and Computicket

Follow the Blue Men on Instagram and Twitter.


Would you like to see the show? SA Mom blogs is giving away two double tickets to the show at the Teatro in Johannesburg on Thursday, 30 March 2017. To enter, leave a comment.

UPDATE: We now also have another double ticket to giveaway in Cape Town for Wednesday 22 March. PLEASE SPECIFY IN YOUR COMMENT: CAPE TOWN.

Terms and Conditions

You must be able to attend the show in Johannesburg on Thursday 30 March. (Or Wed 22 March in CT)

The competition will run for a week and the winner will be emailed and announced on our Facebook page. 


{Product Review} How a Batman Carseat Transformed My Son’s Behaviour

If you’re wondering how to entice your little one into his or her car seat, I have a groovy, Batman carseat, solution. Kids Embrace South Africa  is importing character car seats that will have your kid in their car seat in next to no time. And promising the earth to have it.

To set the scene of how much my child was excited about this car seat we have to go all the way back to November 2015 when my car was stolen, together with the car seat. I was looking online at different options and I came across the Batman car seat. Nicky also saw it and was very enthusiastic about the idea.

I did a lot of research and I just couldn’t swing it. I almost went for a second hand one on bidorbuy but I chickened out, not trusting the source. In the end I got a boring grey one from a second hand baby shop. Not that great, but it did the job. We forgot about Batman and went on with our lives.

Fast forward a few months and SA Mom blogs receives an email from Lisa Butlion, managing director for TDI Brandz, an umbrella company for quite a few products: Brother Max (feeding and weaning products), BabyStyle (prams, strollers and car seats), Yoomi (self heating feeding bottles), BoBo Buddies (beautifully made backpacks soothers and rattles), and wait for it, Kids Embrace: Character Car Seats.

Sometimes I’m really grateful for the doors blogging has opened for me and this was one opportunity I was seriously ecstatic about. Nicky saw me do a fist punch and wanted to know what was up.

“You’re getting a Batman car seat!”

“Batman car seat!” His cup was full.

Since the car seat took about a week to get to our house, this was an opportunity for us as parents to milk the thing for all it was worth.

Every time Nicky did not want to do something, we threatened to cancel the Batman car seat. This mostly applied to bath time and putting on his clothes. My husband actually had a long pretend conversation on his phone with Lisa, explaining that she shouldn’t send the seat as he would not get in the bath.

batman car seatbatman carseatEventually the seat arrived and our little boy was put out of his misery. He was so excited as we opened the box and put it together on the couch. He wanted it in the car right that minute but had to settle for the next day.

He loved putting the cape around himself. When we got in the car the next day he declared he was “cold” even though it was a sunny day, just so that he could have the cape around himself. The juice holders are great, not just for juice, but also for putting in his sunglasses.

I can’t thank Lisa enough for this great gift. My advice to other parents who are also stuck in the car a lot with a kid who doesn’t necessary want to be there: you won’t regret it. They will love it.

(And don’t think we still don’t threaten to put the Batman carseat back in its box and send it back when he doesn’t behave).


character-car-seatsThe following stock are now available: Batman, Paw Patrol Marshall, Dora & Turtles.
Stock is available from them at www.kidzbrandz.co.za or Takealot.
They will be at Mama Magic JOHANNESBURG this week with all of their brands which include:
Kids Embrace Character car seats
Babystyle Prams & Strollers
Brother Max feeding & weaning
Yoomi bottles
Thermo Baby Bath & Toilet training
PUJ Bath
Little Dutch Soft & Wooden toys
Buggi & Scooti lights
What’s also really nice is that the car seat grows with your child. Nicky started out with the front fastening seat belt and now he has moved onto the normal car seat belt. When he is even older we will remove the back part and he will just sit on the seat (with the cooldrink holders still there). The kilograms for each stage is labeled on the chair.
Here is more info on the sizing and safety:
The KidsEmbrace Friendship Series stage 1-2-3 high-back booster car seats grow with the child and are suitable for use from 9-36 kg (approximately 9 months to 12 years). The integral 5-point harness system is for children 9-18 kg and has a single hand adjustment to tighten. The integral 5 point harness also has a quick release buckle with chest and buckle pads for extra comfort on the journey. Once your child reaches approximately 4 years old, the harness can be removed and your child can sit safely in the seat using the car’s seat belt. The backrest can easily be removed and the base used as a booster seat. Built-in belt guides position the vehicle’s seat belts for a correct fit when the seat is used as a booster. This high-back booster car seat has side impact protection to keep your child safe in the event of a side on collision and the headrest is height adjustable so you can ensure they are always sitting comfortably whatever their age. The seat is strong yet lightweight which makes it easy and convenient to transfer between cars.
Unfortunately this car seat does not pass important safety tests: read this article here.
The side impact tests were particularly bad for the third stage without a back. But even Stage 2 scored badly. What I’ve done is revert to Stage 1 with all the straps. It isn’t the best solution but it is what I can do for now.



Seven Tips on Using Showmax for Kids

showmax for kidsWe’ve been using Showmax for a few weeks now and I thought I would share some tips on how to get the most out of Showmax for kids.

  1. Make sure your internet is up to speed or make sure you download beforehand in case you have a problem. You should have a minimum speed of 2 megabits per second (Mbps). An uncapped 4Mbps connection or faster is recommended for the best experience. We’ve had some problems in the past week, not only with our host but also with our Telkom line. This doesn’t make it easy for streaming Showmax, but if we have downloaded items already then that certainly does help and can provide a safety net if your internet goes wonky.
  2. Make note of the length of the program and make sure it finishes before you want them to stop. Putting Nicky on the IPad while I make supper? Great plan. Putting him on a program that is an hour and a half when bath time is 45 minutes away? Just plain stupid. And tantrum inducing. He wanted to watch the “whole thing”.
  3. Note that Showmax automatically cues the next episode. I’m embarrassed to say that Nicky probably watched a lot of the first season of Dora The Explorer just because the next episode kept coming. (Dora’s not just for girls, yo. My son loves it.)
  4. Thank goodness there are pictures. You’re going to need them. My son wants to watch “ants”. Apparently that’s Uki. Good thing he can point to it.
  5. Use the search function or Kids in the menu. You can find your favourite programs by searching for them and also using the menu (click on those three stripes at the top and scroll down to “Kids”)
  6. Download on individual episodes. When you click on a program it often gives you the option to stream it immediately. Click on the individual episode below to get the downloading option. Items will be on your device for thirty days.
  7. If using a tablet it’s a good idea to get a hardy cover. I obtained a durable one (Speck) from the Brightwater Commons flea market.

The first seven days are free. There is a free trial. Take advantage of it and download what you can.

This post is sponsored by Showmax.

showmax easter

{Product Review} Sebastian Baby Wear

sebastian baby wear product review
Here is a product review of Sebastian Baby Wear products from one of our own mom bloggers, Salomé Nourse.


My hubby and I always wanted kids. I have always dreamed of ‘playing doll’ with our kids by dressing them in the cutest clothes I can find. Initially, when we had our first, I was convinced he was a girl. So much so, that I painted his nursery a pink shade of grey.
If you follow my blog  you’ll know that I love to photograph my boys. Just as much as I love to dress them in cute clothes! BUT I have found that cute clothes for boys are harder to come by, but once you find something that it’s extra cute and special, it often comes with a hefty price tag and it’s not always very easy to go about a simple nappy change. It’s so frustrating to be extra cute and comfortable at the same time…kiss baby

So when Heather was contacted to review the Sebastian Baby Wear clothes line, although I had just had baby #2, I jumped at the opportunity!!

Sebastian Baby Wear was created by a mom with a boy (you guessed it, Sebastian) who felt exactly the same way I do. Clearly here is a huge gap in the market ;-). It seems it’s up to us moms of boys to cater for other moms of boys 🙂

baby and treeSebastian Baby Wear is exclusively designed by business owner Tessa Lakhani. From the conceptualizing to a final garment, the high quality clothes are manufactured in South Africa, even creating jobs and opportunities for local seamstresses and pattern makers around the Cape.

SBW has been so successful and the garments in such high demand, that Tessa had to open her first showroom. (Tessa, you go girl!) If you’re in Cape Town, you can find her store opposite the famous Cape Town Old Biscuit Mill.

baby khaki pantsMy personal favorite of the clothes is the Khaki cargo shorts. I love it with any little t-shirt. But especially when it’s teamed with a summer onesie. If you like the navy onesie, like Leo is wearing here, you can find it here.

It’s been so hot lately, but I’m really looking forward to having some cooler weather when I can dress Leo in this cute playsuit with this onesie.

I absolutely love the playfulness of the clothing line though, especially this new design with cheeky saying “What happens at granny, stays at granny’s!”

black and white babysoother teddy sleep friendThe clothes are designed to fit babies from 3 months. I’ll be crying long crocodile tears when their range no longer fit Leo at 2 years.


If you visit their website, you’ll see they also have accessories in their online store! Leo LOVES to sleep with his little soother teddy sleep-friend.


For more information, find Sebastian Baby Wear online at www.sebastianbabywear.com or via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SebastianBabyWear
Twitter: @sebastianbabies
Instagram: SebastianBabyWearAlternatively contact Tessa on tess@sebastianbabywear.com /or call +27 609633247


All photos by www.yellowlab.co.za.

{Product Review} MaxiVit Chewies

MaxiVit Chewies|SA Mom Blogs

We have tried many vitamins over the last 13 years and we have yet to really settle on one that I can say in all honesty is better than the others.

Cameron takes Vit B daily and Vit C during the winter months. The reason we focus on him is Maxivit-Chewies|SA Mom Blogsbecause of his hectic training schedule and that he needs to be fit and healthy year round.

Jack was home they day our MaxiVit Chewies arrived. He ripped open the package and really was super excited to see they were vitamins. My kids see them as treats because generally vitamins for his age are chewable and generally flavoured.

Every morning he now asks for his delivery vitamin. Both him and Emma are loving these MaxiVit Chewies! They are sour apple flavoured and kids seem to love sour stuff!!

These chewies are sugar free, they use xylitol instead of sugar, aspartamine or saccharine and they are also low GI. They contain 12 Vitamins and Minerals including Vitamin C and Vitamin B.

The nice thing is that everyone in the family can take this, I like this because then I only need to buy one vitamin product instead of one for me, one for Kiara, one for David etc.

You can get these vitamins in leading pharmacies.

{Product Review} Jenni Dezigns

Product Review Jenni Dezigns|SA Mom BlogsKiara was around 18 months when she started refusing items of clothing I tried to get her to wear. My dreams of pretty dresses, frilly tops and shoes with bows on quickly went out the window but the advantage of having many kids is you get to a second chance.

Emma loves clothes, she loves dresses, shorts, frills and bows. Last week while shopping with my mom in law she threw a rather impressive tantrum for a pair of pretty pink pumps. So I am getting to play doll and I am loving it. When Samantha from Jenni Dezigns contacted Heather, I was glad that she never had a little girl.Product Review Jenni Dezigns|SA Mom Blogs

When Emma’s little dress arrived I am not sure who was more excited me or her. She loved it. It came with two little head bands which she will wear but I have yet to manage to get one of my kids to tolerate stuff on their heads. She loves the little bag though and walks around with it constantly.Product Review Jenni Dezigns|SA Mom Blogs

Jenni Dezigns is a mom and daughter team who hand make all their items with love and care. They use the most beautiful, brightly coloured fabric that screams Africa!Product Review Jenni Dezigns|SA Mom Blogs

Check out this website for more of their stunning designs as well as their Etsy shop. They also have a Facebook page where you can keep up to date with what is happening.