Six Things I like About the LG NeoChef Microwave

LG NeoChef Smart Inverter MicrowaveThe LG NeoChef Microwave not only looks very classy with its minimalist design, it also has a lot of features busy moms will appreciate. I’ll be honest, I mainly use my microwave to defrost and reheat. I only use the grill/ combi function when it has packed up on our normal oven (which tends to happen a lot, our oven is on the old side) so I was interested to try out this oven which not only cooks, but bakes and roasts as well. 


I recently went away for a week and left my husband to fend for himself with this new microwave. Even he was able to operate it (although the extra strength takes a bit of getting used to. He actually melted some plastic when he was trying to steam some potatoes!)

So here’s what I like about this microwave oven, as opposed to my older model, which also happens to be an LG model. 


  1. Quieter

The microwave hums very softly. My previous one was quite loud and tended to wake up Nicky some mornings.

2. LG NeoChef Anti Bacterial Easy CleanEasy to Clean

I really like the inside surface of the microwave. It is some grey substance (Anti Bacterial Easy Clean) that is very easy to wipe. Although I am really making an effort this time to cover the food when I cook. I must say the inside of my previous microwave was a bit icky, especially at the top. 

3. Hexagonal turntable

hexagonal turntable LG NeoChefNot sure if it’s because my old LG is just old, but the turntable has seen better days. This one is way more stable and will prevent objects which aren’t quite in the middle from tipping over. 

4. Brighter light

The LED lamp is three times lighter and more energy efficient. You will find it much easier to see what’s going on inside.

5. Quicker / hotter

Because this oven can go up to 1200 W everything you cook cooks faster. If you want to you can even cook pottery in this microwave.

I left my husband alone for a week with a new microwave and he actually burnt a plastic container. He was trying to steam potatoes. So you have to keep an eye you don’t overdo it!

6. More functions

LG NeoChef microwaveAlong with the normal cook, grill, combi, defrost etc there is something called “Popular Menu” where they provide the recipes. All you have to do is put the ingredients together, and press “Popular Menu” and then the relevant number. (There’s a more detailed menu inside the microwave).

The image on the left shows how I cooked some lamb chops on the Combi function, using the rack which comes with the product (and a plate underneath to catch the drips). They did actually taste pretty good!

On “Inverter Cook” you can Roast, Soften and Melt (things like chocolate), Defrost and Cook, do Yoghurt and Keep Warm your food. 

Something else really fancy is that the microwave has a “Smart Diagnosis” where you dial a helpline and then hold the mouthpiece of your phone up to the icon.

My verdict? A very smart (and stylish) microwave that will keep clean longer and make your life easier. 

Here is a video where I compare my old model and do a bit of a demonstration. Check out Nicky munching cookies and giggling in the background. 



For more info on the microwave see their website.

This post is sponsored by LG and we were also provided with the NeoChef microwave. 



Product Review Roundup: Four Moms Try Out Chela Preg

Deep within the womb of a pregnant woman, a little heart beats. A little baby is taking in everything that their mother eats. To protect herself and grow her baby, the pregnant lady takes a prenatal vitamin to ensure that the baby gets every vitamin and mineral it needs to build a healthy body, and to care for her body too. We’ve already looked at an overview of Chela Preg, as well as a more detailed look at what’s inside their supplements. Today we look at three South African mom bloggers who tested out these pills. What did they think? And was there any reaction in their bodies? Let’s take a look.

I thought I’d start off with quoting Catherine, who blogs at Boots in the Big City, and you can read her full post on Chela Preg here

I’ve always been a fairly healthy person and always try to eat a relatively healthy, balanced diet. Since falling pregnant though, I’ve become a lot more aware of what I’m putting in my body and making sure that my little bean is getting enough vital nutrients to help them grow and develop. I’m still all about moderation and wouldn’t be giving up my chocolate or rusks anytime soon, but when it comes to meals, I give more thought to the ingredients on my plate. The fact that everything I eat goes straight to my baby quite simply blows my mind! Despite all of this, pregnancy is the most nutritionally demanding time in a women’s life and it is difficult to ensure that you are getting the required amounts of iron, omega 3 and folic acid that are so crucial for your baby’s development. Being a vegetarian makes it even more of a challenge for me to get all the nutrients from the foods I’m eating and so including a good prenatal vitamin is a vital part of my daily routine. 

I think she really sums up the why of prenatal vitamins, how important it is to put the right stuff in your body while you are pregnant. 

She also took some stunning pictures of the beautiful bottles and vitamins. 

Belinda, from Tassles and Tigers, took the box along to her gynaecologist for a professional opinion.  Read her full post here. The thing that she was impressed with was the way the tablet split the iron and calcium between a morning and evening pill.

Although it may seem like a schlep to remember taking your prenatal vitamins in the morning and the evening, and two of them at that, there’s a very good reason for this and it’s not that they couldn’t fit all the vitamins and minerals into one tablet.

During pregnancy, your baby needs both calcium and iron. Calcium of course for healthy teeth, bone, muscle and heart development and iron for brain development. Most prenatal vitamins contain both of these. This is great, but not many people know that calcium actually interferes with the absorption of iron.  Which is not great at all as iron deficiencies have been linked to anaemia during pregnancy and even autism in babies (not my claim – just passing on speculative information that may or may not be accurate here).

To solve this issue, Chela-Preg splits the calcium and iron into morning and evening tablets.  This also allows them to include the Omega 3 in the evening tablet, where it is less likely to cause or worsen pregnancy nausea.

Kim, who blogs at Muller Kids, (read her post here) had this to say.

I love the packaging of the supplements, and that there is a morning and evening dose. It’s also quite reasonably priced and I think it’s great value for money.

Lastly, Sophie, who blogs at Mumming and Modeling,  shares with us in her post here how she felt better and how it is more cost effective:

I just liked the idea of the tablets being formulated specifically (I’m a nerd like that, sometimes) and I honestly didn’t know if I’d feel any different after changing them over. And, of course, we’ll probably (hopefully?) never know if any one brand of vitamin does any harm, or has any benefits, more than the other. However – I can say I’ve felt pretty good since using it (who knows if that’s a placebo effect?) AND it’s cheaper than the leading brands – and I mean, MUCH cheaper – the leading brand of prenatal supplements costs R208 per 30-day pack. Chela Preg Trimester 123 costs R600 for the entire 9 months or so of pregnancy. It’s a no-brainer, for cost effectiveness if nothing else.


So what was the physical effect on the SA mom bloggers?



  1.  Take morning supplements with your food and other tips

Kim, who had not been taking any prenatal supplement up until now, shared this:


I found that I had to take the morning dosage after I’d eaten something. The one time I didn’t, I was nauseated for most of that day. The evening dosage has a nice softer coating, making it easier to swallow. 

Catherine agrees about taking your morning tablet after food: 

My morning vitamins often make me feel quite queasy so I’d recommend you take it with food or after your breakfast and definitely not on an empty stomach! I do like these evening capsules as they are much smaller and coated which makes them a lot easier to swallow.

Sophie, who doesn’t like taking tablets, has this to suggest:

There are 4 tablets to take a day in trimester 3. This is, admittedly, a slight struggle for me – I had to have the copper loop inserted at 12 weeks pregnant, as I couldn’t handle taking the mini-pill at the same time every day – so these were a bit of a nightmare to get used to! I found placing them next to the glass cupboard helped, so that I’d see them getting my morning juice, and in the evenings getting my dinner drink. So far so good!

2. No constipation and reflux

Says Catherine: 

As with all supplements, there can be side effects and a well-known one for prenatal vitamins is constipation (this is often from the increased iron) but I luckily haven’t suffered from this at all despite having to take additional iron tablets. 

Belinda agrees:

I did, however, have one instant observation, which was the complete absence of pregnancy constipation.  (Let’s not beat around the bush and talk about keeping it regular etc.)  I can only assume this is due to the specifically low-constipating and low-nauseating chelated iron, Ferrochel (the trademark ingredient that lends the supplement its name).

Sophie says:

I am now 2 weeks into trimester 3 of Chela Preg. So far, I’m liking it. Now, I’m no scientist, so I can’t claim that slightly less reflux is down to the different medication, or if it’s just a moving baby. If you believe in coincidence, then maybe it’s just that… or maybe not.

3. Energy levels are better

Kim says:

I haven’t been using the Chela-Preg™ trimester pack for a month yet but so far so good. Baby is growing well and I haven’t felt this great in a while…

I didn’t experience any negative side effects and only really enjoyed a slight increase in my energy levels and the knowledge that my baby is getting the vitamins and minerals it needs during this specific stage of pregnancy.

Catherine says: 

Another benefit from taking a good prenatal vitamin is that your energy levels should increase because your body is getting all the nutrients it needs – and yes, I know pregnancy in general is rather tiring but can you imagine if you not getting enough of what your body needs??

Sophie says:

I can say I’ve felt pretty good since using it. 

4. Less “pregnancy brain”

Belinda had another benefit for us.

Finally, and this could be purely because I have gotten used to it or stopped trying altogether, but I do seem to have better use of my brain of late.  That’s a reduction in pregnancy brain, for anyone who doesn’t know. 


So there you have it, folks. Our bloggers have tested out Chela Preg and found it beneficial not only to their baby but also to themselves.

These packs are available at DisChem, Clicks and leading pharmacies. Their recommended sales price is R211,72 (for Trimester 1),  R230,68 (for Trimester 2) and  251,22 (for Trimester 3). 

This post was sponsored by Chela Preg.


Heat Blasting away with Ben Ten toys (and win some for yourself)

Heatblast Transform -N- Blast Ben Ten toysThe other morning we were on our way to school and Nicky took his Ben Ten toy “Transform-N-Battle” Heatblast with. For a kid obsessed with rockets and blasting off, this toy’s ability to shoot out a fireball with the help of a spring is very groovy. So we “Heatblasted” off all the way on our journey. He has also been playing with a little Diamondhead figure, and we are giving both away on the blog today.

Ben Ten is one of the longest running original cartoons on Cartoon Network (according to Wikipedia). It’s about a boy, Ben Tennyson, who, with the aid of an Omnitrix watch,  has the ability to transform into a number of different aliens.

Of course it’s much more fun to act these feats out in real life, with  the aid of toys.


The Transform-N-Battle allows you to become your favourite alien. It consists of a mask and an arm piece with a movement action. So for the Heatblast one that we tested, you press a lever and out the fire blast springs. Nicky has been enjoying walking around shooting it out. The other morning I knew he was awake because I could hear this familiar “click” of the spring as he repeatedly shot it out.

Diamondhead Ben Ten toysThe other toy we have been playing with is a Diamondhead figure. I’m actually quite impressed with the quality of this toy. The plastic substance he is made out of has an interesting soft texture. The appendages rotate fully. The legs can actually do the splits! So he is able to form all sorts of interesting positions. He comes with a crystal blade you attach to his hand. Diamonds being a very hard, unbreakable substance, he has a super indestructable weapon. At the moment he has been hanging out in the bath with the other bath toys helping Zebra, Parrot, Horse and Lion defeat their enemies. In fact these fave toys have been inspecting the new arrivals, as you can see.


Nicky also has a Omnitrix watch (basic) which contains 40 alien phrases when you turn the device around.



Ben Ten toys in the shopIn fact there are a number of different Ben Ten toys that are out now.  We saw a whole lot at our local Toy Kingdom. There is a “Power Up” version where you press a button at the back and it speaks along with some light effects. You can have the larger figures and also the more Deluxe version of the Omnitrix watch.


It’s so important for kids to be kids and just play with their toys. I never get tired of just watching Nicky invent various scenarios, and it amuses me no end how Parrot and Zebra and company have to inspect the “visitor” before they play with him. Now he is a super duper alien with his indestructable diamond powers to help them against the bad guys in the police boat. 

Would you like to win your own Transform-N-Battle and Basic Figure? All you have to do is leave a comment below. 

This post is sponsored by Prima Toys. 

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{Product Review} Melissa’s Diaries of a Potty Training Mommy

potty trainingThis post  review of a potty training seat is written by South African mom blogger Melissa Javan, who blogs at Mel’s postbox. 


I seriously forgot that my child is one to unpack and dissect everything. And this is what she did when she noticed the big brown box and started opening its contents.


The new the Cam Dudu Anatomical Seat (potty) we got from Prima Baby South Africa was in there. Light to carry and its doggy-face looked right at her.


I called my husband to help Princess unpack the potty out of the box, because I was busy preparing a formula milk bottle.


Potty was out and Princess went immediately to sit on it. I was surprised that she sat on it for longer than five seconds. To get her to sit longer than five seconds on her other potty is a mission.


I think it has to do with the design of the potty – you sit in a position that looks like you’re sitting on a see-saw. The potty has a handle in front and the middle part of it, you can play with it.


Anyway, an half an hour later and Princess was still busy with the potty. Husband joked: we have a few minutes to ourselves.


Meanwhile, Princess had in the process made the doggy-head loose, taken it off and also the bowl part in the middle (that holds the pee) was also out. She was sitting on it without the bowl part. Even without the bowl, the potty is a bowl on its own.


In my mind, seeing the potty being taken potty training seatapart I thought: did my child just break a brand new potty? I went to observe and saw the head and the ears can easily be removed and be put back on again. **let’s out a sign of relief**


Seriously, I thought I was the excited one for this new potty (or should I say toy). I’ve been dreading the whole potty training business. Call me one of those lazy moms. Or maybe I’m scared of change. 


Like when we started the solids, I was happy that Princess started at her school first. A week later I started trying the eating solids-business at home, comfortably.


Fast forward two weeks later since we got the potty, I have to confess: I have not put work into this yet. Husband told me that last week Princess sat on the Cam Dudu Anatomical Seat-potty with her nappy on. She made a boo-boo as he calls it while sitting on Cam Dudu. She then stood up and said “Ka-ka” which is another word for “poo” (or boo-boo).


So at least we know she knows the difference between pee-pee (urine) and poo. We’ve established that the Cam Dudu is a comfortable spot to sit on. Does the fact that you have your nappy on, count? 


Also, the potty is being carried around the house (by Princess) to be played with. She still takes off most of the potty’s pieces, which can easily be put on again. I’m seriously surprised that the pieces have not broken yet.


My way forward is that I need to take Princess with me when I use the bathroom. Being a working mom, I should probably start practicing on weekends. 


I’ve been relaxed and haven’t started the process, because most mommy friends told me “she will show you when she’s ready.” Having this in my mind, I just thought: why stress about potty training then?


​Did I mention that my mother said that I can wait till Winter is over to start with potty training? So many excuses for me to not start this potty training business…


This post was sponsored by Prima Baby South Africa. The views are of Melissa Javan, content producer, blogger and owner of Mels Postbox site where she writes inspirational stories as well as highlighting journalistic and entrepreneur skills. . You can also find her on Twitter.  


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Dry Hair? Vichy Cares. Plus win hair products that suit your hair.

We’re in the middle of winter and our hair tends to take a beating over this cold season. However there is hope for dry hair. A lovely rich mask. I tested out the Vichy Nourishing and Reparative range and would like to share my results with you.

In May I had my hair coloured to look good for the #JoziMeetup.  Colouring hair definitely gives a lift to any woman, but in winter weather it isn’t the best for the condition of your hair. David, the stylist at Isobel’s salon, ran his hands through my hair before he had even coloured it.

“You need a hair mask,” was his definitive conclusion. 

So after those words were uttered I was on the lookout for a suitable solution. It arrived in the form of Vichy Nourishing and Reparative Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask. 

These Vichy products are part of the Dercos range. This set meets your fundamental needs by treating and reinforcing the bulb, the scalp and the fibers. With care available for every hair concern, Dercos gives your locks a new lease of life. Here are the different kinds available:

-Anti Dandruff Shampoo
-Ultra Soothing Shampoo
-Oil control treatment Shampoo
-Nourishing Reparative Range
I tested out the last one on the list. 

My hair before

This is my hair before. Dry, brittle, colour treated and in need of some moisture. 

I started with the shampoo. Then I rinsed that out and turned off the water. (Save water, you all!) I put the mask in. I found that I obtained better results the longer I left it in. So in other words, if I rinsed it out immediately – no effect. One minute (which is what the box said) = huge difference. So I did about two minutes. I put the water back on (and while I fine tuned the temperature that gave me some extra time) and rinsed it off.
Now it probably wasn’t necessary to put the conditioner on as well, but I wanted to go the whole hog so I did that too.

My hair after three washes

I did all three for three washes and it had this effect:

Since then I’ve cut down on the mask but I will still be doing that at least once a week. It makes such a difference and I am getting compliments about my hair .
The reparative range is for those with dry, damaged and brittle hair that has been exposed to multiple aggressions such as brushing, washing, drying and repeated chemical treatments. 
-Nourishing and Reparative Cream Shampoo: RRSP: R199
-Nourishing and Reparative Conditioner: RRSP: R225
-Nourishing and Reparative Rich Mask: RRSP: R320


VIchy also has a skin care range for those suffering from dry skin in this season. It’s called “Aqualia Thermal” and will boost hydration. The range is dermatologically tested and includes serums, blams and moisturuisers for dehydrated skin. Enriched with Vichy Thermal Spa Water, the Aqualia Thermal products sooth and moisturise your skin for up to 48 hours.  


Does your hair need help? Does it have a dandruff problem? Oily? Need soothing? Or just some reparative help like me?

Vichy is giving away a personalised hair hamper! All you have to do is follow them on Instagram and receive additional entries for other social media follows, using the Rafflecopter mechanism.


Check out more info on Vichy on their  website. 



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  2. This competition is open to SA residents only. 
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{Product Review} Five reasons why the Sylvanian Families Supermarket adds value to your child’s play experience.

sylvanian families supermarketSylvanian families are a series of little woodland animals who live in the fictional town of Sylvania in a British, 1950s, middle class setting. There are many adults around the world who collect these figurines, but there is a special function here for the children to enjoy them too. We tested out the Sylvanian Families Supermarket and found some really useful aspects to this toy set. 


  1. PLAY

The first and most important aspect of any toy is the ability to be able to use your imagination and create stories as you play.

sylvanian families rabbitsThe Sylvanian families most often come in a group of Father, Mother, Sister and Brother.  It’s very useful for play therapy to use these family components to play out the dynamics in your family.  It’s also commonplace, as Nicky played with the toys, to let mom and child do the shopping (as we often do), even to the point where we load the groceries and get in the car afterwards. 

Nicky obviously chose items he liked (like ice-cream) but he was also considerate of the fact that they were bunnies so he made sure they had a carrot.




Setting up the supermarket is quite a business and many of the items needed to be folded and stuck together. This facilitates fine motor skills. 

The abilities to sort and match are also part of the process. I like that the little fruit and vegetables must be matched to their station. Nicky liked fitting them in their slots and finding the rest of their group.


All the groceries also have to be sorted into shelves and fridges. You need to decide what needs to be frozen, refrigerated or shelved, and which items will fit where.  

Admittedly in the beginning I did help Nicky (5 years) with a lot of this, but in subsequent playing with this set he has sorted it out to his own desires and insisted that I do not interfere. I think he’s taken pride in setting up his own shop. 


It appeals to me that these are collectible items and can be passed down through the generations. They are beautifully made, with incredible detail on the labels, with the cutest little outfits, and the supermarket itself has a solid structure. 


Together with the supermarket set comes a little book. The book has a story about how two characters made more money for the supermarket by adding on some extra value: deliveries and tasting cupcakes. .(Please excuse this image: we had an accident with some juice…) 

I think the supermarket is a setting for something greater than consumerism. It’s also a place to play out scenarios and stories about the shop. For my child something simple like: how will you solve the problem of the can falling down? (Find another shelf.)  But for the older child maybe there are deeper questions like: How will you make sure your customers obtain the best service? They will be open to these kinds of discussions and the toy provides a good starting place for that. 

5. ADDING THE #CheckersLittleShop ITEMS

Sylvanian families supermarket and #CheckersLittleShopMany shoppers across South Africa have been intrigued by the little brand items Checkers has been giving shoppers for every R150 spent. I admit, I’m normally a Pick n Pay shopper but for the past two weeks I’ve been suckered in so as to build a small collection for our supermarket.

Now I’m well aware that the Checkers items are slightly too big for the supermarket and don’t quite fit in the shelves. But. There are ways around this. There is space at the top of the shelves and also along the edges. A good idea if you want to go this direction is to remove the boxes and then you will have more space. I think the nice thing about using these items is that they are very South African and relatable. So buying Milo and Ouma will add further realism to your game. 


Remember when I said it was a collector’s item? There are even bloggers who devote their whole blog to Sylvanian families. South African ones too – check out this one: Lady Lolipop’s Sylvanians.  

Someone else worth investigating is speaker and author Nikki Bush who also takes videos a lot better than I do. 

You can check out Sylvanian families at your local toy shop. Here is a picture I snapped at my local Toy Kingdom. 

There are many Sylvanian family items but I do think the supermarket has a lot to offer on many levels. Introduce these little critters into your home and you will find that both boys and girls will enjoy building and shopping in them. 

Disclosure: SA Mom blogs was provided with the Sylvanian Families Supermarket to review. 


{Product Review} MatsiMela: Your Home Spa

MatsiMelaIf you’re looking for the perfect gift to spoil another woman, MatsiMela has the home spa range to suit every taste. I was introduced to the range some weeks ago and would like to tell you a bit more about it.

MatsiMela Home Spa is a premier Body Care Range that was developed by husband and wife team, Wayne and Olivia Nel. The MatsiMela Home Spa Range is inspired by their love for mother nature and the botanical ingredients indigenous to Africa. MatsiMela is an indigenous word meaning “roots”and originates from the African language Sotho.
They have several different  ranges. I think what is so appealing about these ranges is that they meet you in your area of need, so have a read through and see which one fits you. The other thing that attracts me to them is how they showcase African ingredients and histories, showing the use of local resources to make our bodies feel pampered.  
Marula Nut 
Rich in antioxidants and oleic acid, this natural oil is cold pressed from the nut of the marula fruit. Marula Oil is rich in components necessary for healthy skin, such as antioxidants, vitamins E and C, and oleic acid. It has free radical scavenging properties as well as a high concentration of palmitic acid which forms a protective coating on the skin’s surface.Because of this, it is a great ingredient  for dry skin. 
Rooibos and Honey
This naturally organic indigenous tea is full of anti-oxidants, which can assist in slowing the aging process. Rooibos tea contains the minerals copper, iron, potassium & alpha-hydroxy – an excellent component for the maintenance of healthy skin.
Baobab Seed
 The kernels contained within the Baobab fruit pod yield a rich, golden scented oil traditionally used by African women to protect their beautiful skin against the harsh African savannah environment. The oil has strong natural moisturizing properties and is commonly used to both prevent and cure dry skin conditions of the face and body. Baobab oil contains omega 3, 6 & 9 essential fatty acids that contribute towards the maintenance of healthy skin. 
Vanilla and Sandlewood
Relax with Sandalwood combined with Chamomile Extract. Chamomile was supposedly dedicated to the sun by the Egyptians thanks to its curative value against chills. It is consecrated to St. Anne, Mother of the Virgin. The botanical name, Matricaria, is from “matter” and “cara” from beloved mother. Chamomile has also been described as meaning “capable of anything”. It has been a favoured natural remedy with records of its use just as well in therapeutic as cosmetic domains thanks to its soothing and calming properties. Chamomile  has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it useful for treating allergic conditions. In vivo tests have found: decrease of skin’s redness. 
Ginger and Lime
Ginger Oil is obtained from the root of the herb Zingiber Officinale. The health benefits of ginger root oil can be attributed to its antiseptic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, stimulating and aphrodisiac properties.
Lime in itself is a brilliant tonic and has many attributes such as; toning up muscles, tissues and skin as well as assisting with circulation – helping you retain your youth!
The combination of Ginger & Lime may also reduce pain of muscles and joints and if used as an exfoliation in mind – may just assist in the fight against cellulite – getting you right and ready for the warmer months ahead! Awaken your mind and body! Go ahead and try it!
Litchi and Rose
Uplift your mood with Litchi & Rose combined with Centella Asiatica Extract. Centella is a plant extract that has direct influence on connective tissue and especially on some cell parts, stimulating rapid and healthy growth of some tissue components. Collagen 1 is the most abundant type of collagen present in human skin connective tissue. The healing process induced by Centella is deeply linked to the stimulation activity on Collagen 1 synthesis. Centella is an excellent skin care additive in cosmetic products due to its Anti-ageing and Anti-wrinkle fighting properties.
Red Berry
Detox your body with Red Berries combined with Horse Chestnut extract. Horse Chestnut boosts circulation and aids in the detox process. It also balances the circulation in the skin, thereby promoting not only a clear skin, but an even complexion and good skin tone, and is used in good quality cosmetics,  hand creams, lotions, as well as slimming and cellulite products. Due to the natural saponins contained within the Horse Chestnut plant, it has a potent anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. 
Warm orange and ginger
Containing pure Ginger Oil with a stimulating effect on the heart and circulation, creating a feeling of warmth and well-being and restoring vitality, especially for those feeling the cold in winter.
The spicy root also contains an antioxidant called gingerol, which fights skin-damaging free radicals and can help promotea brighter, firmer more youthful appearance.
Sweet, spicy, woody and warm!
Here are some that I tried out.
The Marula Nut hand cream is awesome not only because of its lovely smell and texture, but also because it has SPF 40.
What with driving and all the other activities we put our hands through, they need that extra protection. I have also noticed Nicky forming freckles on his hand/ wrist area from all that bike riding so I think I need to be putting some on him too.
Vanilla and Sandlewood body butter was chosen because I was told it would be relaxing. And it is very calming.
I put it on Nicky after bath time before I put on his pajamas. (He loves digging his hand in and taking too much so I have to make sure he doesn’t get his paws on it)
I tried out the In Room Spa Bronzing cream which you can use as a once-off bronzer (ie it comes off in the bath) just to top off your skin. If you compare my two arms you can really see the difference in the shade. It gives a bit of colour to your skin. 
The other In Room Spa product I was sold on was the Leg and Foot Gel. Lately I feel like my feel are absolutely finished at the end of the day and this is helping me relax and recharge these hard working parts of my body. 
MatsiMela also had a large range of scrubs on display. I was attracted to not only the lovely smell and texture, but also the different vibrant colours. Each fulfills a different physical need, as much of their products do. 
MatsiMela will be at the #JoziMeetup to show off their products and give some pampering.  I am very happy to have this brand on board and look forward to enjoyinging their products.
Mother’s Day is just around the corner and this would be a lovely way to spoil your mom.  Here is a selection of some of their gifts:
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{Product Review} Furby: He’s furry, he’s irritating, but the kids love him…

We first met Furby towards the end of October last year when we were invited to see him at Toy Kingdom at Sandton on a Friday morning. I was on a mid term break and it seemed a good idea at the time to have a little outing before we did our grocery shopping. Little did I know that blue furry toy would worm its way into Nicky’s heart and stay there quite firmly.

Nicky had a lot of fun playing with the toy and was quite sad to leave him behind. I think he thought the promotional box we received contained the toy and was a bit upset that there was no blue furry creature inside.

From then on we never heard the end of it.

When we asked him what he wanted for Christmas we were very firmly told “Furby”. Now Furbs does not come cheap, and swinging R2000 seemed a bit  much, so we left it for a while before we decided. Towards the end of November there were lots of specials online but even a drum set could not tempt our kid. He was locked on Furby. 

My husband found him online and we received the desired toy in a box. He went all the way to the Eastern Cape with us for Christmas. 

On Christmas day Nicky was so happy to get his gift. He was walking around with Furby the whole time. The reason Nicky is not in the  Christmas dinner photo is because he passed out after having a tantrum about it. I refused to have the chattering toy at the Christmas dinner table. This was too much to bear and after an early morning his engine konked out as he was sulking over Furby on the couch.

For the next car trip on our journey we told Nicky that Furby needed to sleep. (That is what the sleep mask is for. Do not lose it!}

Furby has a few cute sayings that make me smile:

“Rock abye Furby on the tree top….”

“What the Furb?”

“Light as a feather, soft as a Furb.”

“To Furb or not to Furb, that is Question.” Very profound, Furby. 


Insert batteries underneath Furby

Actually Furb comes to an end pretty quickly if you have him going all day long. After 15-28 hours of being awake he needs new batteries. For us this lasted a few days and then we got rechargeables. You’ll see Furby went along with us on holiday and even took the top bunk bed when we stayed over in Bloemfontein. 

Furby on a bunk bedWhen we started school again my boss was curious about Furby since she’d also had the toy around when her kids were younger.  Nicky brought him in for a “Show and Tell” and three other kids pestered their parents until they got the toy too. 

The thing is, once a kid sees Furby, they are hooked. It’s cute. It talks (own language, but anyway…). It’s like a little friend, and it makes them laugh.

There are a lot of cool things that Furby can do, I’ll just mention a few:

There’s an app you can download and interact with on the IPad. There are also more things you can feed it on the app. 

Furby has a few rude noises. He can burp and fart when you pull his tail. There’s even a part on the app where you can hold him over the toilet. Gross, yes, but little kids love it.


When it wakes up he is normally hungry. He will ask to be fed and you put your finger in his beak. You will actually see the food flash past on his eyes (e.g. watermelon, pizza).


He has very expressive eyes and you’ll see all sorts of movement on the eye screen. 


When you’ve had enough of Furby you can put him to sleep with his sleep mask. He is very cute when he goes to sleep, most commonly saying “Power nap!”


Furby is available at leading toy stores and Vodacom too. He’s available in blue, pink and purple.

For more info see this website. 

How NOT to set up the Alcatel Move Time Track & Talk Watch

It seems like I often have to learn things in life the long way around. I think if I just read the manual properly, or asked the right questions, things might go smoother. But, as in other cases, I may be technologically (and psychologically) challenged. 

Here is how I attempted to get the Alcatel Move Time Track & Talk Watch watch set up. If you’re in a rush and want to know how to do it properly, skip to the end.

  1. Ignore instructions about needing a nano sim card and try and pair my phone with the watch after downloading the app. Error: not found.
  2. After chatting to the PR lady realise I do need a nano sim. Go to cellphone shop to get one but forget I need proof of address.
  3. Go back to cellphone shop with proof of address (carrying sleeping child) and feel triumphant that I now have a nano sim. This should work. Ignore ladies at counter that say I need a phone to figure out the phone number of the sim.
  4. Put nano sim in and try and pair again. Error: not found.
  5. After more emails realise I need to make sure that Bluetooth, NFC, GPS and Wifi must be off. Still not working.
  6. Apparently there should be a “G” on the phone. This I do not have and don’t know how to make happen.
  7. Phone technician who says it is because nano sim doesn’t have data on it. And I need to know the number to put the data on it. He suggests IPhone. (I have an old one)
  8. Can’t get IPhone open and don’t have paper clip to open it to get the sim card in.
  9. Go back to cellphone shop. They put the nano sim in their own phone and get the phone number. Hurray! I transfer data from my phone. But that elusive “G” still does not pop up. Try pairing anyway. Error: not found. Nicky is having fun with the cushions/ chairs at the shop.
  10. Phone technician again. He thinks it might be that the sim is not registered properly. Make a date to meet him at cellphone shop.
  11. Go to cellphone shop again (with sleeping child) and switch watch on. Very embarrassed to find out that the “G” is showing. Now why did that not do that before???? Technician says it might have been a bad reception area??
  12. Now everything works fine. Enter IMEI on the app and it works ! No. flipping. way. 
  13. Enter my number. Click 3 lines at the top. Go to address book. Add number there.
  14. Back home we have fun sending little voice messages. (Need to get airtime to use phone function still)


  1. Go to cellphone shop WITH your proof of address. Ask for a nano sim. Don’t leave with out getting them to tell you what the cellphone number is, even if you have to get them to get out their own phones.

2. Get data and airtime for your sim. Insert it in your phone using screwdriver provided. Charge the phone using the chord provided. Make sure you have a good reception, that the bars on the top left are showing and that there is a “G”. 

3. Download the app. “Move Time”. On your cellphone make sure that you have all the Wifi stuff off, Blue tooth, NFC, GPS. (Easier to do this not at home when your phone auto connects to the home Wifi). Then pair your phone using the IMEI number provided.

4. If all else fails phone Faheem from Alcatel. Very helpful dude. 

Disclosure: SA Mom blogs was supplied with the watch.

For more info Tanya has written an informative post on the watch here.

SAMB Christmas Picks – Babe Bee Christmas Trees

Babe Bee is a range of must-have infant products and accessories that are creative, fun and downright ingenious.

 The brainchild of Brigitte Philogene, a mum (to a very busy little boy, Zack) and entrepreneur, Babe Bee brings you all the goodies you wished you had, never even knew you needed or simply can’t live without.

 This unique range brings a smile to your face, is a welcome addition to the layette and nursery (and beyond) and is perfect for baby shower gifts.Christmas Trees|SA Mom Blogs

 Babe Bee is currently an on-line business, based in Durban

They have a range of really cool goodies, we have featured their Easter plates before but today we are focusing on their felt, wall mounted Christmas Trees.Christmas Trees|SA Mom Blogs

These trees are made from felt and are simply attached to your wall with double sided tape. They come with fun decorations and are perfect for little hands to have fun decorating and redecorating the Christmas Tree.

WALL MOUNTED CHRISTMAS TREES are 1 meter high and are R170 each.

You can visit the website or like their Facebook page.

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