Seven Interesting New Products at Mama Magic 2017

There are many different reasons to visit the Mama Magic expo. Maybe some of you go just to see Barney. (Ja, I think that’s the drawcard for us!). Perhaps you want to stock up on discounted nappies.  Or maybe you go to check out what is new and interesting in the baby and toddler world to help make lives easier for parents.

On Tuesday I went over to the dome to do some judging of various products. I’ve been asked to do this before but it’s often at an awkward time. So this was an afternoon when I didn’t have to work and I had the maid to look after Nicky, so it all worked out.

My first impression? My gosh. What a lot of nappies. I checked out the plan of the floor and everyone getting ready. There are a load of nappies so I don’t think they will run out. 

Oh? You want to know about the products. Not the nappies. Ok.

  1. Aeroplane baby bed:

This Jet Kids bed box is a super invention. It comes in a case on wheels and folds out into a bed that can be used on a plane for a baby to sleep in. I think it’s a brilliant idea.  I also think this will make mom and baby’s life easier when they can lie down properly. It might even work for a small toddler as well.

2. Second child seat on the back of a pram:

Babyzen Yoyo has  a nice little extra seat on the back for an older child to tag along with the baby. The seat is removable as well and it has different attachments. You can also snap in their car seat as well (Babyzen iZi Go Modular by BeSafe for a baby under 1 year).

I’ve seen other products like this around but they tend to more have the standing option so it’s nice to have the seat there. It can carry a child up to 20kg.

It also folds up really well. See their website 

If I was pregnant I would totally buy this. I guess I can dream hey…

3. A rocket spoon:

Oh man, Nicky would have loved this. He has a thing for rockets.  I have to give these guys credit, putting food inside a rocket is quite inventive.

The same company also makes expandable bowls and feeding cups. Marcus & Marcus. 


4. Ferrari Balance Bike

This was cute. Definitely for a small toddler. It kind of balances itself as it is quite thick. Here’s the website. 




5. Portable nebuliser

I really liked the small size of this. I think it will really help a travelling mom to have this as backup without having to lug a huge thing along. This product is from Baby Womb World. 


6. No dirt dummy

Ok I’ve never really been a dummy mommy (my kid had the boob) but I know for many parents dummies are their life line. And the worst thing is when the thing falls in the dirt. And you know you need a sterile dummy for a little babe.

So this product is really interesting. It has a pop out dummy which the baby sucks. And if the thing drops, a plastic enclosure envelops the dummy so it doesn’t hit the dirt. It’s called The Pop (The Cleaner Pacifier) and is made by a company called Doddle & Co. 

Clever hey?

7. Easy to assemble mosquito net

I really liked this. Maybe because I had a bit of a useless one. But this one is very easy to assemble and pop out over a camp cot or crib. It has a nice frame to it. 



Some other things worth mentioning are some super smart nappy bags by Le Grandeur Baby and a heart rate monitor for when you are pregnant and want to hear your baby’s heartbeat. (Angel Sounds, also from Baby Womb World) There were also some nifty new bottles from Pura. 


What do you like to see at the expo?

Mama Magic will be on this weekend in Johannesburg, at the Dome in Northgate from 30 Nov – 3 December. 



{Guest Post} Sleep: How to Get them to Sleep and Stay that Way, and Why Sleep is Important

Today’s post is written by Hayden Myers.


As you grow older you realize the benefit, as well as the pure privilege of sleep.  As a child, you couldn’t think of anything worse.  Why would you want to sleep when you could be playing?  All kids have a serious case of FOMO but we, as grown ups know that it’s vital that they get a good amount of snooze time.


So, let’s explore why your little monster needs to be sleeping at least 9-10 hours in a 24 hour period, and also how you can assist them. From kid’s furniture to food, from noise levels to activities, there are simple solutions to helping your kids lay and sleep.


Cause, it’s damn hard to sleep when you really don’t want to.


Reasons your child needs serious amounts of sleep


Les Miserable

There is no doubt when a child becomes tired they turn into the Tasmanian Devil reincarnated.  We hear it often, when watching a child fall apart at the seams and landing up in a major tantrum, “Oh, he must be tired.”  Well, more than likely he is. And, who is at fault, really?  He doesn’t know any better.   Ensuring your child gets his quota of sleep is vital for him to function normally.

Grow Grow Grow

The growth hormone is mostly dispensed during deep sleep.  And, we must highlight the two words ‘deep sleep’.  It is very important, not only that your child gets enough sleep, but also good sleep.  Think about how many hours small babies sleep.  It is because they are growing, and a baby that doesn’t sleep enough, will take longer to reach their growth milestones.


As the child grows older he requires less sleep, and in fact, as they reach adulthood, which is between 18 and 20 years of age, they can do with a vastly lesser amount of zzz’s than they ever did before.


The average adult can do with as little as 5-6 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period, however, it is best that they get at least 8, for many reasons, not dissimilar to why kids need sleep.


Who’s got a big tummy?

The lack of sleep can egg on excessive eating, from infancy to adulthood.  Babies can very soon become accustomed to accepting the breast or bottle when they wake, and in fact, many parents are quick to shove the soothsayer into their mouths, in the hopes they will go back to sleep.


This is not wise.


Babies, toddlers, young children, teenagers, and adults alike, can all learn to fall asleep without the help of food or drink.


Encouraging this feed and sleep behaviour can lead to obesity, and its been proven time and time again, especially in the good ole’ US of A.  Kids are found, more often than not, staying up late, eating all sorts of terrible foods, than sleeping soundly in their beds. Try implement a healthy diet like banting? How they function during the day is beyond me, and you will find they will resort to eating during the day again to just stay alert and awake.


A vicious cycle is then created and one that is hard to break.


I’m so sick!

Sleep is also responsible for healing our bodies, and as a growing child, this is so very vital.  Your body produces proteins that assist in warding off viruses and illnesses, and these are secreted at night when sleeping.  A survey showed that people, not just kids, who got less sleep than others, in the same age category, were more often ill.


Think about when you get a cold, or body flu.  Your body is achy and all you want to do is sleep.  It is your body’s way of telling you that it needs to rejuvenate itself, and sleep is the way. 




That’s the key.  But prevention is so much better than trying to play catch up with the cure.

Are you focusing?

Your brain needs to be able to reboot every night, so that you can restart the next day, and especially so with kids.  Today, our young ones are exposed to so much more than we ever were, and ironically we probably got more sleep than they are now.  For them, to function on full tilt, with the load of homework and projects, the extra mural activities and sports, that we insist they take part in, they need to be able to focus.

Such a Smart Alec

Are our kids getting stupider?  Ok, is that even a word? Well, you get my drift.  No, they are not.  Their IQ levels are actually higher than ever before, but because they are able to tap into more of their brainpower, they need to let the brain cells revitalise themselves and of course produce more. And it is during sleep that this happens.


How you can help your kid fall asleep quicker, and stay asleep



Curb the eating

Eating is important, as the nutrients and vitamins we consume help us with body growth, brain growth, and just living a fuller and more vitalized life.  However, too much food, and food high in sugar or caffeine, right before bedtime, is a real no-no.


A small meal an hour before sleep time, such as milk and a sugar-free cookie, should appease their need. And, most times, they are not hungry, just looking for an excuse to stay up later.


Let’s calm down to a panic

Partaking in calm and gentle activities before bedtime will make all the difference, as opposed to crazy, wild games.  Make a rule that by a certain time, say 6pm, everyone has to calm down.  Reading a book, talking to each other, or even singing a song to two, is a great way to get the body and mind ready for bedtime.

Consistency is key

All these tips and tricks are fine and well, but if you don’t stick to it on a consistent basis, then it will all be a waste of time.  Make it a habit and, while your kids may moan, they will eventually accept it, and thrive.

Cool and comfy

No matter the season, ensure the mattress, bedding and general kids furniture is comfortable and cool.  Dress them in loose, cotton, and breathable clothing, making sure that they don’t get all tangled and hot in the bedding.

And, what do I have for you here?

If you are still struggling to get your buddy or buddess to sleep, then put a reward system in place. Don’t see it as bribery, but rather as an incentive.  It may be a treat at the end of the week for going to bed at the appropriate time, or maybe a little trip away once a month.


Be creative with this. Kids love getting stuff.



On a last note, good sleeping habits now will stand the test of time, and see your child eventually sleeping well in adulthood too.  And, we all know how welcoming a good night’s sleep is.


Do it for the adult they will become one day.




Hayden Myers is a new young mother, travel enthusiast and aspiring writer. She’s a South African whose world has been turned upside by the surprise of her daughter Cassidy. She is also a recent makeup artist graduate and looking for a creative outlet. She has always had a passion for diarising her life and now with more time at home than expected she’s started to write stories/articles of her travels, lifestyle and raising a child at 23. She finds joy in DIY, decorating, styling and ensuring Cassidy is the most stylish little lady everywhere they go. 


Instagram: @haydenmwriter


Win 10 pairs of tickets to Little Homemade CPT Pop-up Boutique

Leila is an event organiser of Pop-up Boutiques for local brands with a particular focus on locally produced goods in Cape Town. We met her on Monday. After she and her sister had her children they decided to host an event for moms, babies and kids. Their latest offering is the Little Homemade Pop-up Boutique on 24 and 25 September and today we are giving away ten tickets to the event. 

Here’s some idea of what will be on offer:

-mom and tots boutique of local brands

light meals from the phenomenal Food Fanatics

-outdoor play area supervised by the professional Baby’s First Sitter while you shop,  a soft play area by Moemsies Party Rentals

-massage (Serenity Felt) (*free, terms and conditions apply)


5 thread maternity

-facepainting (3 Sisters)

-organic babycare samples

Some of the companies involved will be:

  • Ubuntu Baba
  • Seven Ounce
  • MarshyandMe
  • Oh Lief – Baby products
  • Royal Stitch
  • The Mummary
  • Candy Floss Clouds
  • Mini Mi – Atelier
  • Akidz

    Rocca Kids SA

  • ROCA Kids Furniture
  • 5Threads

All you need to do is visit Homemade CPT on Facebook using the Rafflecopter mechanism. If you want more entries, look at the other options. 

Terms and Conditions

  1. This competition will run for a week. The winner will be announced on the Facebook page, and emailed. 
  2. This competition is open to SA residents only. You must be able to attend the event in Cape Town.  
  3. The prize is not transferable.
  4. If you have won on SA Mom Blogs in the past 3 months you will not be eligible to win this

    Mini Mi – Atelier


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Win a coffee machine or mini fridge when you tell us your best baby bargain on Gumtree

Having kids is expensive. And I’m not even talking about educating them (and that’s huge). How about just setting up the baby furniture, getting some clothes, a load of nappies and toiletries? I mean, the baby hasn’t even arrived and just to be prepared, you have to really fork out. So how do you afford it? And once the child grows, they need more stuff! How do you deal with it?

One little secret is: Gumtree. You can find some serious bargains (if you are looking for goods) and also sell your old stuff.

Gumtree has an idea of how to afford some of the things your growing child needs. Go ahead and sell the baby stuff.


I sold my wedding dress on Gumtree. So why not sell my baby stuff? I have also bought Nicky’s little couch for his room on Gumtree. I have gone ahead and listed three items on Gumtree.

  1. Compactum 

This has a changing table at just the right height plus a baby bath. 

2. Camp cot –

SOLD two days after placing the ad! R500 in my pocket.

This is an awesome camp cot because it also has a changing table and grows with your baby.

3. Play pen

SOLD a day after placing the ad. R700. 

This is awesome not only to play in but also works well as a sleeping spot and tent. 


These are big ticket items but I’m selling them cheap. I am amazed that I sold two of them so soon. (Anyone want the compactum?)

So why buy second hand?


A car seat, which is a must-have, can cost you up to R3,000 brand new but only R1,000 second-hand. In SA, while laws are not as strict as in the US (you have to have a car seat when leaving the hospital), the Child Safe organisation continues to promote the importance of having the proper car seat through their buckle up campaign. And let’s not forget our own Mandy-Lee with #CarSeatFullStop. 


A stroller could cost you between R2,600 and R6,999 – depending on what you’re looking for. While the average second-hand price is around R1,400, including all the extra bits and bobs. (By the way I have written a comprehensive post on buying strollers here). 


And if you’re not co-sleeping, a cot – which averages around R1,500 second-hand – can cost up to R2,500 at retail.


In total, these three essential items could save you up to R6,000 when opting to buy second-hand.

Sounds like a no-brainer but I’d like to hear your experiences on Gumtree.

What was your biggest bargain you bought or sold?

Tell me your story and you can win a bar fridge or coffee machine.  (Let me know in the comment which one you’d prefer)


Terms and Conditions

  1. This competition will run for a week. The winner will be announced on the Facebook page, and emailed. 
  2. This competition is open to SA residents only. 
  3. The prize is not transferable.
  4. If you have won on SA Mom Blogs in the past 3 months you will not be eligible to win this competition. 

{Guest post} Should I hire a nanny?

Should I hire a nanny? muses South African mom blogger  Tracy Dawson, who blogs at Liam and Cole. 

The nanny conversation has been a hot topic in our home for a long time now. Hubby and I often discuss whether or not to keep our nanny or send Cole to creche and Liam to aftercare. Many have different views on the subject, as do I, and I’d like to share with you our experience. Use it, don’t use it. You will hopefully at least gain some perspective.

I returned to work with Liam when he almost 5 months old. He went to a day mother for the first 3 months. I wasn’t quite happy to take him out with me so early every morning, especially during winter, which was exactly the time that I had I returned to work. His day mother was good, and the only issue I had was having to take him out in the mornings.



Hubby’s dear grandmother recommended a lady who would be able to take care of Liam and stay with us. This sounded amazing to me. Having someone everyday and not having to take Liam out in the cold was all that mattered to me. She stayed with us during the week and went home on weekends. Coming home from work was a breeze as I came home to a clean, fed, and well looked after and happy baby, AND my house was clean – major bonus! What more could I ask for? To be honest though, when we hired her, we didn’t actually do a formal interview. I also didn’t sit with her and take her through everything that I needed her to do besides the basics on how to take care of Liam. I also didn’t ask any questions about who she is, where is she from and I didn’t get any references. I trusted this lady with my greatest asset, my son! The could have proven to be my biggest mistake. Fortunately, she was an honest hearted lady and took great care of our son. She was simply amazing!


should I hire a nanny


Sadly though, she was only with us for a year. Circumstances changed at home, and having had no experience with a creche going child,  I was pretty keen on sending Liam to a creche as I felt he needed to “socialize”. Being a first time mom, I just couldn’t wait for Liam to be doing all the big boy stuff, you know, learning, playing etc. It didn’t cross my mind that all of that would come in due time, in HIS time, when HE is ready. There was no reason to send him to creche at such a young age. He has the rest of his life to socialize and learn and play. Nonetheless we found what we believed was an amazing creche. But, after a couple of weeks of Liam being there, I really started to miss our nanny. Now having to drop Liam at school every morning, fetch him in the afternoons after work, and always being prepared for school everyday, just became a nightmare. Liam also started getting sick more often than usual and it mean’t me staying out of work more often, and spending alot more on doctor bills. So in addition to creche fees, we now had alot more medical bills and I still had to do all the chores of a stay at home mom when I arrived home from work everyday. It was tough, and it was tiring to say the least! I didn’t realize how good I had it, until I didn’t have it anymore.



Later, when Liam started “big school”, he didn’t quite enjoy aftercare at the school so we decided to hire a nanny once again, just to be home with him after school. I made contact with our ex nanny and she recommended someone. It worked out well. By the time I fell pregnant with Cole, our new nanny had been with us for a good few months and I was comfortable with her taking care of Cole. Cole came and regrettably there were many things that our nanny had to deal with back home. Which meant more staying out of work for me and hubby, which was one of the very things having a nanny was supposed to prevent. It left me frustrated and resentful. Any employer would be upset to pay someone to do a job but end up having to do the job themselves. At the end of the day, no matter the circumstances, I needed her there and she wasn’t there. That’s the thought that kept rolling through my mind. I then started reminding myself, that I trust this lady with my greatest assets, my kids! I started reminding myself of all the good she had done. And she too is a mother. Just like I and any other person, we all have “stuff” that we have to deal with from time to time, it was just a bummer that we had to suffer the consequences.



So in light of everything that’s happened along the way, my personal decision is To Nanny! Not everyone will have the same experience. In fact, many might have had a more positive experience and some not. But I constantly remind myself that my baby is warm and at home every morning, he is in his safe place and he is not exposed to other kids germs at a creche. Yes, no matter how much money you spend per month, to send your child to the best creche in town, everyday your child is exposed to other kids germs. Kids carry germs, it’s that simple. And if one kid is surrounded by many other kids daily, well, you can expect that your child will get sick from time to time, more often than not. Unless your child has an amazing immune system and he just doesn’t get sick very often (which most kids don’t).

So here’s a list of do’s and don’ts and pro’s and con’s when it comes to hiring a nanny:


~ Ask for a referral from a trusted source

~ Conduct a thorough interview, engage and ask many many questions

~ Be clear of your expectations upfront

~ Have a contract in place


~ Be good to your nanny – She is taking care of your greatest assets!


~ Take it for granted that your nanny will know what to do in any given situation at home

~ Hire someone who has not been recommended by a trusted source

~ Have a verbal contract

~ Let her work for longer than her working hours


~ Less exposure to other kids germs therefore a less often sick child, hence less medical bills

~ Your child is at home and safe and well looked after

~ You can come home from a tiring day at the office and know that all you need to see to is dinner and homework

~ No need to pack in school bags and worry about sending milk and food and the stress of getting your little one ready in the mornings

~ You child’s carer is only focusing on your child, and not distracted by others

~ Your child may be taken care of the way you want, provided you make this very clear from the start


~ Nannies get sick too, they have stuff to deal with too. So when your nanny does not pitch for work, you may find yourself very inconvenienced if you don’t have a support system

~ It can be expensive

~ Public transport issues can play a big role if your nanny is travelling from far. Be prepared for late coming. Speak about this upfront. Live-in nanny’s work out great to avoid this!



In my personal experience, the pro’s definitely outway the cons which inevitably makes it less expensive for me and so I will continue to keep my nanny employed. Cole hardly gets sick, in fact, off the top of my head, I can only think of one occasion when he was very sick and that was just a couple of weeks ago. I hope I was able to give you some perspective on the subject or at least given you an idea on what to keep in mind when hiring a nanny.

I would also love to hear your thoughts on this, To nanny, or Not to nanny! Please leave your comments below!

PS: For Cole’s outfit details, go to the Gallery page, or visit our Instagram page.

Tata for now

Tracy xx


Tracy has  been wanting to document her journey for such a long time and at the same time she’s fallen in love with the little local companies, especially the mommy owned ones. So what better way to incorporate both, other than a blog. In her blog she talks about her journey through motherhood with her kids, Liam and Cole while at the same showing you what our local momma owned companies have in store for you. 

Find her on her blog, Facebook and Instagram

Cradle Cap and Colic: New baby problems.. PLUS win Colief products

As if it wasn’t enough that you now have a new little baby needing to be fed at odd hours and you are doing what you can to get some sleep inbetween, there happen to be further problems that can raise their heads in the early days. Colic and cradle cap are just two problems that can occur in those early days and can drive you crazy. Fortunately there are some products that can help and SA Mom blogs will be giving some of these away. 

Colic can be a real awful thing to go through, for both the mom and baby. I put my poor mom through this. She told me that every day at about 4pm I would just start crying and nothing seemed to help.  Colic is defined as severe pain in the abdomen caused by wind or obstruction in the intestines and suffered especially by babies. The problems of colic often start several weeks after birth, then peak at around six weeks, lasting for about three or four months.

Some tips for Colic:

  1. Keep track: Write down when baby cries, for how long and any possible triggers. (nappy, sleep, hot, cold, dummy) So if one of these works it can be a tiny victory. Knowing the pattern also helps you prepare as a mom.
  2. Keep late afternoon and early evening clear: As colic crying seems to happen around these times, get things done that need doing in other parts of the day where possible, so that you are there for your baby during this time.
  3. Keep calm and sooth: Rocking, sucking and holding baby close are activities you can do during this time. It might seem like it is not helping but the fact that you are present does not go unnoticed by your baby. You are providing security in a wave of pain.
  4. Keep connected: You’re not the only one going through this. Join up with another mom’s group and you may find you may encourage another mom going through the same thing. 
  5. Keep Colief close: 

Rather than only treating the symptoms of colic, your infant’s colic-associated crying and tummy discomfort may be the cause of temporary lactose intolerance. Colief Infant Drops is one of the only colic supplements that works by breaking down the lactose in milk (naturally found in breastmilk) to help ease digestion. So you add it to your formula or breastmilk. 

These infant drops have also undergone successful studies Kearney (1998) and Kanabar (2001).

Cradle cap is flaky, dry skin that looks like dandruff, or thick, oily, yellowish or brown scaling or crusting patches on your baby’s scalp. 

Colief Baby Scalp oil  contains rosehip oil, chamomile and Vitamin E.  Simply massage into the skin or scalp and the oils will help sooth and moisturise. Suitable for babies older than two months. 

Our last item, unrelated to the above but necessary for general health is Vitamin D. In fact when I went to a dietician for fertility help one of the first things she did was make me take a blood test for Vitamin D. It turned out that it was a bit low and she actually prescribed  a higher dose. Vitamin D is essential for bones and teeth development and also for boosting your immune system. We can absorb it from the sun as well, but is it enough? 

Growing kids 6 months to five years and pregnant and breastfeeding moms can really benefit from this. Colief also has VItamin D drops which contain 600 Drops (2µg (80IU) per drop) which is 5 months supply for infants and children and 4 months for pregnant and lactating moms. Not suirable for infants younger than one month or for those consuming 500ml or more of formula. 

The final portion of our prize is the Baby Sense book by Meg Faure, famous occupational therapist and speaker. Meg has spoken at Colief events and has some tips of her own to get through it. 




SA Mom blogs is giving away the following two hampers:

1x Colief Infant Drops

1x Colief Scalp Oil

1x Colief Vitamin D3 Drops

1x Baby Sense book by Meg Faure


Value: R550 each.


Share with us some of your tips and follow some social media and win using the Rafflecopter mechanism below. 

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Interesting Sleep Facts

The 18th March was World Sleep Day. I think sleep is the one thing parents struggle with universally, even if you have a good sleeper there are periods where they just don’t sleep due to teething or because they are sick! Only another parent knows what it feels like to be exhausted literally to your bones.Interesting Sleep Facts|SA Mom Blogs

In honour of World Sleep Day I found these interesting facts about sleep in relation to kids.

  • During the first two years of a baby’s life, new parents will miss six months of sleep on average.
  • Over two million children suffer from sleep disorders.
  • Children don’t react the same way to sleep deprivation as adults: while adults get sleepy, children become hyperactive. In fact, a lack of sleep can result in ADHD-like symptoms in kids. Children need an average of nine to 10 hours of sleep each night.
  • Fifty percent of women with children agree that sleep is the best way to recharge. This is nine percentage points higher than women without children.
  • The Seattle Children’s Research Institute found that three- to five-year-old children who watched violent shows on TV were more likely to develop sleep problems. Sleep problems early in life increase the chances children will become obese and do poorly in school.
  • Approximately 74% of stay-at-home moms report they have insomnia almost every night.
  • While adults can usually go directly into the state of deep sleep, infants in the early months enter sleep through an initial period of light sleep.
  • Babies have shorter sleep cycles than you do
  • Babies don’t sleep as deeply as you do. 
  • Night waking has survival benefits. Babies only way to communicate is through crying so if their need for food doesn’t wake them how would they let you know? Same when they have a stuffy nose and are struggling to breathe.

Interesting information right? It doesn’t make dealing with sleepless nights easier though 🙂

This post was sponsored by Pampers.  You can follow them on Facebook and YouTube.

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South African Mom Blogs

{Guest Post} When Along Comes Baby Number Two

healthy-living-9Today we meet South African mommy blogger Faziela, who shares a range of all her emotions about the impending birth of Baby Number Two.

Every parenting journey has that turning point, that moment where you are managing to hit every parenting mark out there. Our turning point came shortly after Cupcake turned a year and a half, I was hitting my stride at work, managing to cook AND prepare lunches every day, Cupcake was sleeping through the night, getting things done the night before so that ready to grab and go, not forgetting even managing to put lunch in for myself *gasp*who is this woman!?

Then as life would have it, I found out I was expecting baby number 2! Eek!

It has taken me a good while to adjust to the concept of having a second baby, whom we have named Dumpling, especially since we are now in such a routine with Cupcake. That being said, this pregnancy has already been completely different to my first. Where my first was easy sailing, this pregnancy brought with it early bleeding (I was on Utrogestan for 2 months which gave me the most severe migraines), my leg muscles are constantly aching, my skin is going through puberty all over again and I am just always out of energy.

Not that I am complaining; I am more than certain that things could be a lot worse, however, I feel like I am short changing Cupcake because we aren’t able to be as on the go as before. Trips to the park are shortened because I can’t keep up when we are alone and I can’t hold him for as long because he just weighs too much.

Time feels like it is flying past but it also feels so slow; my body that I was just getting comfortable in was back to its full pregnancy glory, big butt and all. Maternity clothing that I had given away had to be replaced, and leggings are my new best friend.

On the flip side of things, Cupcake has developed a much better bond with Superman, the 2 of them are often spending time out in the garden or watching movies (or rugby, sigh) but this has been so amazing to see how independent my little guy was getting.

The change in him has been ever subtle. We keep telling him about the new baby and his imminent arrival. At first I thought it was all for nought until he started coming to my tummy and saying “Baba?” and then he would give my belly a hug and a kiss. Even in his littleness, he already has the traits of being an amazing big little brother.

In all honesty, the very thought of handling two children under the age of 2 has me terrified; Cupcake already keeps us so much on our toes, how am I going to be able to cope with 2 of him!?!

Then right on cue swoops in Superman, my calm in the storm, who has been reassuring me all along that we will get through it one baby step at a time. That whatever situation we get put through, we will get through. Even as I write this post, Dumpling is practising his martial arts skills.

On the other end of the spectrum, I feel as if though I just want to have my body back to myself, for sure I won’t be getting much sleep when Dumpling arrives but at least I will be able to lay on my stomach pretty soon, yeay! And the I’ll be able to run after Cupcake, catch him in my arms and be all silly with him and Superman….and with Dumpling 🙂

So, yeah, I can’t tell you that I am going to nail parenthood once Dumpling is born. I’m going to fall over my feet at times and even cry a little bit when things get too much, but with every little kick, every littledragonmommy flutter in my ever expanding belly, I already know that I love Dumpling so much and I cannot wait for him to meet his brother.


This post was written by Faziela, who blogs at Official Dragon Mommy. You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram.



{Guest Post} Ten Things To Do Before Baby Arrives

 to do list before baby arrivesWhether you are ready or not, your baby is going to come and change up your whole life. Even if this is your third or fourth child, adding a new baby to the mix can be a difficult but amazing time. To make this time a little smoother, there are some things you can do to help prepare yourself and your family for the impending bundle of joy.  

Being prepared is my first tip for most parents. If you can think ahead, preparing yourself for the things that might take place makes most situations easier. From putting extra outfits in your car to carrying crayons for restaurants, being a parent requires staying one step ahead of your, very fast, child.  

Here are my ten things to do before baby arrives, in no specific order.

  1. Take Each Sibling Out for a Date: Not only is your life about to change, but your other children are also about to have their little world rocked. If you have one child, they are about to share your attention with another baby. If you have more than one child, your youngest is about to be bumped up to the older sibling. Taking the time to focus on them before the baby arrives is important for both you and your child.  

2. Date Your Spouse: This is an obvious thing to do, but it can be difficult when you lack in babysitters. No matter how hard it is to find a babysitter, make the effort so you can get some crucial one on one time with your spouse. 

3. Finish the Nursery: Whether you have a designated nursery or not, the last few weeks before arrival is the time to get all of the details done. If you have a special nursery, get all the decorating finished. Put together and set up all of the furniture. Trust me, putting together a crib with a frequently nursing newborn is a real treat.  

4. Freezer Meals: As your due date approaches, it is time to stock your freezer with easy dinners, snacks, and breakfast foods. Having a full freezer makes life a lot easier after having a baby. Also, I always stock my house up with groceries and any necessities beforehand, which gives my husband and I a break from having to worry about heading to the store for little items.  Some of my favorite things to freeze are pancakes, French toast sticks, banana muffins, ham and cheese pockets, lasagna, buffalo chicken macaroni and cheese, rustic chicken stew, and Italian chicken. I plan most of my freezer dinners as slow cooker meals. I put all of the frozen ingredients into the slow cooker and come back in a few hours to a lovely meal. It doesn’t get simpler than that!

 5. Schedule Newborn Photos: Make sure your photographer knows your due date and has a tentative date onto the schedule. Of course, babies don’t always arrive at the time we hope and plan, but you want to make sure your photographer isn’t booked so far in advance. Newborn photos are precious, and a great reminder of your newborn was when they are older.  

6. Have a Girls’ Day: Taking care of yourself frequently takes the backburner as a mother. However, this is an excellent time to take a few hours with your close friends to focus on you. See a new movie, get a pedicure, have a fancy dinner out, or just plan a girls’ night at your home.     Whatever you decide to do, focusing on yourself helps you feel relaxed before birth. I would also recommend getting your haircut now because you never know the next time you will be able to escape to get one.  

7. Take a Road Trip or a Babymoon: If you can swing it, taking a road trip or a babymoon with your husband is so worth the time and money. Most babies don’t enjoy the car, so it may be the last time you can enjoy a winding, country road. 

         Stay in bed and breakfast, while sleeping in late. I cannot recommend enough indulging in time to yourself and with your spouse before your baby arrives. Marriages frequently take the backseat when children come; connect now and stay that way throughout your marriage.

8. Pack your Hospital Bag: Most mothers pack and repack their hospital bag a dozen times before it is go time. However, unless you live in a remote village, your husband or family member can fetch any item you forget so don’t fret too much. Here are some of the things I love to bring with me when I have my babies:

  • Dry shampoo
  • Phone charger
  • Breastfeeding pillow
  • Extra snacks (I am always famished the days after birth. Instead of bothering those poor nurses all day, I pack a lot of snacks.)
  • Comfortable, thick socks
  • Nipple cream
  • 3 or 4 sleepers for baby
  • One cute, coming home outfit
  • Change for the snack and drink machine (for the reason listed above) 

9. Install the Car Seat: Unless you want to live in the hospital forever, you need to have an installed car seat in your vehicle. They are required by law to verify a secure car seat is in place before you are allowed to take the baby home, which is typically just a quick check. However, you want to make sure it is installed correctly. When installing the car seat, you may need help from your spouse because the baby bump can make it difficult.  

10. Read: If there is one thing I miss in the early days of motherhood, it is the unlimited amount of time to read. So, take the time to read everything – newspapers, magazines, a novel, parenting books, or whatever you enjoy. Having a young baby in the house means you will either be too busy to read or too exhausted to keep your eyes open when you do have a few moments.

These are just a few of the awesome things you can do before your baby arrives. You will want to get all of the clothes and sheets washed, the house cleaned up, and your birth plan prepared. However, make sure to spend the last few weeks enjoying this precious time before your baby arrives. Your life is going to change forever, in a beautiful and extraordinary way.



This post was written by Natalie Michele, who  is a general physician and pregnancy consultant who aims to inform and assist current or expecting mothers to a smooth transition to maternity. You may find her on her blog or on Twitter.



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