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Why Should Brands Connect with Mom Bloggers?

From our own experience, at times being a mom is a trying experience. We like being online, reading about other moms going through similar experiences. Because we are drawn to their stories, we do trust their product recommendations more than a normal advert. It’s like a friend giving you an opinion.

More trustworthy than an opinion, though, are the following statistics of America’s mom bloggers.

– By the end of 2014 there were 4.4 million mom bloggers and 90% of consumers trust peers for recommendations for product purchases. (5 Fast Facts About Moms Who Blog)

 According to  NogginWok Media Group  Moms account for over 85% of all purchasing decisions: (93% food, 80% healthcare, 61% electronics, 92% vacations, 65% new cars, 89% bank accounts, 91% new homes and 75% household goods).

– In this article (How Moms will influence retail in 2015) some impressive stats are put together about how bloggers and people on social media influence buying decisions.  (99%  will research online before buying, 92% of moms have purchased a product after hearing about a blogger’s firsthand experience with it, 69% more likely to purchase from someone they follow on social media, 91% trust blogs for product information, 83% find the blogger’s report more authentic than traditional media channels). They conclude that “not having a blogger outreach program is a hugely missed opportunity – offering bloggers free or loaned product means they can actually share that first hand experience”.

-This post shows the mom blogger influence: Why Big Food is fighting hard for Mom Blogger’s Approval.

According to women-focused publishing platform BlogHer, the mom blogosphere includes as many as 14.2 million highly connected mothers whose blogs offer personal advice on parenting, including everything from what to do when your toddler throws a royal tantrum to product recommendations for food and household items. Often, when the female reader is going through the same daily parenting drama as a favorite mom blogger, the shared pain and joy cements a personal loyalty — and unsurprisingly, advertisers are hoping to capitalize on mom bloggers’ seemingly personal connection with their readers. According to the CBC documentary Monetizing Mommy-hood, that loyalty is worth as much as $2 trillion, and BlogHer research suggests that mom bloggers mention as many as 73 brands per week, with 56 percent of other moms buying brands based on blog testimonials.

On Winning the Hearts -and Dollars- of Mommy Bloggers is a good case study of a mom who gave samples of her baby moccasins to bloggers to use with successful results.

Also worthwhile to read this article: How to Get Mommy Bloggers to Bring Customers to Your Brand and 12 Ways to Kill an Influential Mom’s Authentic Content in a Heartbeat.

Mommy Bloggers have come under fire as well (as we learnt from Josi Denise’s exit) but there is still a lot to be learnt from them.  (9 Things We Can Learn From the Mom Blog Industry)

Another one: The Power of Partnering with Parenting Bloggers.  She makes the point that although they have parenting in common, they have diverse interests such as fashion and cooking that appeal to wider audiences.

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