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One of the most important things you can do after you spent a lot of time and effort in writing your post, is to share it across all your social media. When sharing on Facebook, there are a couple of groups where you can gain publicity for your post. 

I’m hoping this post is a work in progress and that other bloggers can contribute to it, and that the groups themselves can also chime in.  I’m sure there are a lot of groups you post to, and also you may be able to contribute where rules may have changed.


  1. Groups you can post anytime to:

Mommy’s Me Time (set up by myself, Laura and Cindy and basically to showcase blogger posts)

SA mommy bloggers

Mom to mom Gauteng

The life of a mom (Update, this group has changed from Secret to Closed so not much use)

SA Competitions (if your post is a competition)

Media moms in SA


2. Groups you can post on certain days

Mommy Share (Wed only)

Mamahood groups  (Monday only)  Mamahood Gauteng, Mamahood Free State,  Mamahood Natal, Mamahood Eastern Cape,  Mamahood Cape Town, Mamahood Mpumalanga, Mamahood Garden Route.

But note that you can put up your competition by submitting it on their site and then sharing it from there. Go here to post it and then afterwards go here to find it. You have to register first. Also note I do share the what’s on post because I do use their events page in my posts at times and I asked if I could. If you write for them there are further rules and concessions.

**Update from Luchae on Mamahood** You can post on any day (for now) but just not a product or competition. (I’m assuming the competition follows the same format as above). 



3. Groups you can post under dates (threads of the day)

SA mom blogs (that’s us of course)

South African bloggers

Gauteng bloggers

Blog Squad

4. Topic Specific groups:

Montessori Moms (for educational posts)

Mommy Bloggers Share USA (for when you need USA readers or if your post is applicable internationally)

Moms first and Moms first ads (use the ads when your post is more about a product)

Fertility Friends (when trying to conceive)

I’m sure I’m scratching the surface here – where else do you post and get good results?

Also, do you share from your blog post or your Facebook page? We share from our Facebook page. 


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