From Blog to Business at our August #JoziMeetup

If you’re wanting to take your blog to the next level, then our next #JoziMeetup will give you just the boost you need. This time we’re focusing on two ways you can give your blog a serious edge: SEO and turning your blog into a book.


Imka Webb will be speaking on SEO.

Imka is  a social media and Search Engine Optimisation expert and the owner of She was a copywriter in marketing and PR Account Manager at NetFlorist. Currently, she is the digital/online editor at Food & Home Entertaining Magazine. But as it turns out, her real passion lies in blogging and helping bloggers become successful after experiences in Beauty blogging. 

After years in the digital marketing industry, spending my days knee deep in SEO stats, keyword research, SERPS results and copy (glamorous, right?), I decided that I needed a side-hustle to keep me sane. And that’s when Glamorous Glitter was born!

I spent months trying to perfect my beauty blog, researching and trying everything from design to photography to marketing. I have tried-and-tested it all. I know what worked and what didn’t. I got rid of everything that sucked and tried to perfect what I had and what I knew.

Glamorous Glitter was more than just a blog about makeup. It was a 7-year research project where I learnt everything I know about blogging and growing blogs and online businesses. My passion for SEO and strategies grew even more and soon I found myself spending more time helping other bloggers and creatives with their blogs and side-hustles. A new obsession started…

Jodene Shaer will be talking about turning your blog into a book. 

Jodene has a blog and she also is a partner in a social media agency, Chat Factory.  She also has a passion for people development and you can read more on her website about that here: Lifeology. She is also her own social media influencer with over 50 000 Twitter followers. 

Her book is called “The Holistic Entrepreneur”


Entrepreneurs often struggle with the traditional roles and expectations in industry; don’t you have to be tough and ruthless? In The Holistic Entrepreneur, the author lays out an alternative vision for independent business in the 21st century; a blueprint for growth that considers your own emotional and/or spiritual well-being as the foundation of your success. Following Jodene’s proven plan, you’ll quickly discover that the world has been fooling us all along; nice guys do win, and more often than you think.

Jodene will be sharing with us how she turned her words into a book and I’m not only looking forward to hearing about the process of that, but more from this very interesting person with her own philosophy of success. 

Also at the event will be Fountain Medical, who are the distributors for Philips Avent , Clevamama , Happy Baby and Bibi. They will be showcasing Philips Avent and Happy Baby in particular.

Philips Avent is a leader in parenting and baby products. The Philips Avent product range includes breastfeeding, bottle feeding and toddler feeding.

Happy Family  wants the best for our kids, just like you do. That’s why they strive to provide the absolute best nutrition in their range of baby food and snacks . They can’t help it — it’s what they love to do.

So will Tall Trees: Personality & Leadership Profiles and Workshops to Grow Your Life.

 All people can be leaders provided they make their unique contribution at the right time and in the right place, and allow others to do the same. Leadership is the art of knowing when to bow, when to stand tall and when to dance with others.


Event details:

Date: 26 August 2017

Time: 10am – 1pm

Venue:  Placecol Spa

77 Malibongwe Drive

Cost: R250


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One thought on “From Blog to Business at our August #JoziMeetup

  1. Haneefa Motani says:

    Good Day

    My website is currently under construction but should be ready including my first blog post by next week. I am very keen on this event and have lots of exciting initiatives in the pipeline which I will be adding to my social media pages in the next week. I would love to hear your ladies thoughts and am looking so forward to the event.

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