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The 18th March was World Sleep Day. I think sleep is the one thing parents struggle with universally, even if you have a good sleeper there are periods where they just don’t sleep due to teething or because they are sick! Only another parent knows what it feels like to be exhausted literally to your bones.Interesting Sleep Facts|SA Mom Blogs

In honour of World Sleep Day I found these interesting facts about sleep in relation to kids.

  • During the first two years of a baby’s life, new parents will miss six months of sleep on average.
  • Over two million children suffer from sleep disorders.
  • Children don’t react the same way to sleep deprivation as adults: while adults get sleepy, children become hyperactive. In fact, a lack of sleep can result in ADHD-like symptoms in kids. Children need an average of nine to 10 hours of sleep each night.
  • Fifty percent of women with children agree that sleep is the best way to recharge. This is nine percentage points higher than women without children.
  • The Seattle Children’s Research Institute found that three- to five-year-old children who watched violent shows on TV were more likely to develop sleep problems. Sleep problems early in life increase the chances children will become obese and do poorly in school.
  • Approximately 74% of stay-at-home moms report they have insomnia almost every night.
  • While adults can usually go directly into the state of deep sleep, infants in the early months enter sleep through an initial period of light sleep.
  • Babies have shorter sleep cycles than you do
  • Babies don’t sleep as deeply as you do. 
  • Night waking has survival benefits. Babies only way to communicate is through crying so if their need for food doesn’t wake them how would they let you know? Same when they have a stuffy nose and are struggling to breathe.

Interesting information right? It doesn’t make dealing with sleepless nights easier though 🙂

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