Seven Interesting New Products at Mama Magic 2017

There are many different reasons to visit the Mama Magic expo. Maybe some of you go just to see Barney. (Ja, I think that’s the drawcard for us!). Perhaps you want to stock up on discounted nappies.  Or maybe you go to check out what is new and interesting in the baby and toddler world to help make lives easier for parents.

On Tuesday I went over to the dome to do some judging of various products. I’ve been asked to do this before but it’s often at an awkward time. So this was an afternoon when I didn’t have to work and I had the maid to look after Nicky, so it all worked out.

My first impression? My gosh. What a lot of nappies. I checked out the plan of the floor and everyone getting ready. There are a load of nappies so I don’t think they will run out. 

Oh? You want to know about the products. Not the nappies. Ok.

  1. Aeroplane baby bed:

This Jet Kids bed box is a super invention. It comes in a case on wheels and folds out into a bed that can be used on a plane for a baby to sleep in. I think it’s a brilliant idea.  I also think this will make mom and baby’s life easier when they can lie down properly. It might even work for a small toddler as well.

2. Second child seat on the back of a pram:

Babyzen Yoyo has  a nice little extra seat on the back for an older child to tag along with the baby. The seat is removable as well and it has different attachments. You can also snap in their car seat as well (Babyzen iZi Go Modular by BeSafe for a baby under 1 year).

I’ve seen other products like this around but they tend to more have the standing option so it’s nice to have the seat there. It can carry a child up to 20kg.

It also folds up really well. See their website 

If I was pregnant I would totally buy this. I guess I can dream hey…

3. A rocket spoon:

Oh man, Nicky would have loved this. He has a thing for rockets.  I have to give these guys credit, putting food inside a rocket is quite inventive.

The same company also makes expandable bowls and feeding cups. Marcus & Marcus. 


4. Ferrari Balance Bike

This was cute. Definitely for a small toddler. It kind of balances itself as it is quite thick. Here’s the website. 




5. Portable nebuliser

I really liked the small size of this. I think it will really help a travelling mom to have this as backup without having to lug a huge thing along. This product is from Baby Womb World. 


6. No dirt dummy

Ok I’ve never really been a dummy mommy (my kid had the boob) but I know for many parents dummies are their life line. And the worst thing is when the thing falls in the dirt. And you know you need a sterile dummy for a little babe.

So this product is really interesting. It has a pop out dummy which the baby sucks. And if the thing drops, a plastic enclosure envelops the dummy so it doesn’t hit the dirt. It’s called The Pop (The Cleaner Pacifier) and is made by a company called Doddle & Co. 

Clever hey?

7. Easy to assemble mosquito net

I really liked this. Maybe because I had a bit of a useless one. But this one is very easy to assemble and pop out over a camp cot or crib. It has a nice frame to it. 



Some other things worth mentioning are some super smart nappy bags by Le Grandeur Baby and a heart rate monitor for when you are pregnant and want to hear your baby’s heartbeat. (Angel Sounds, also from Baby Womb World) There were also some nifty new bottles from Pura. 


What do you like to see at the expo?

Mama Magic will be on this weekend in Johannesburg, at the Dome in Northgate from 30 Nov – 3 December. 



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