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Stock Photos|SA Mom BlogsImages are so important, not only for blog posts but also for Facebook posts. Generally posts with good images get more engagement than plain text posts but taking photos takes time and often you can’t find something relevant to take a photo of so using photos that are online is easier and quicker BUT you can’t just google an image and use it because you could potentially be stealing someone else’s images. Stock photo sites are a great way to get some high quality images the right way.

Using sites that create galleries of images you are allowed to use is always the better option. There are a few free sites that you can use and obviously there are paid for options, it depends on what exactly you are looking for.

Pixabay is great for a large variety of free images. You do sometimes have to page through a few pages to find what you are looking for though and the search results aren’t as good as googles but it is still a great resource.

Graphic Stock is paid for but they do have a 7 day trial period and can download 20 images every day for those 7 days.

City Girl Searching isn’t really an image resource but she does send out free downloads in her newsletter and the images are stunning!!!!

You can also try to use the Google “labeled for reuse” option but I find there are some rather dodgy images there.

Whatever you decide to go with though, make sure you credit the original source!!! Even if they are free images, you do still need to credit the source.

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