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Soups|SA Mom BlogsI know home made soups are the best but sometimes it is just easier to grab a pack of veggies from the shop and throw it in a pot.

I have been trying out a few of the ones available, mainly because I am lazy and it is just easier to buy one. These are a few of my favourites.

Checkers have a chilli bean veggie soup. I am not sure the exact name but it has chickpeas, sundried tomatoes, carrots and chilli in and is really really yummy. The recipe asks for cream to be added, I added some plain yoghurt and it was divine!

Woolworths have a Butternut and Chickpea soup that is divine. Also super quick and easy. My family don’t love this one but it is one of my favourites.

Pick n Pays bulky veggie soup is probably the best one because it comes in a nice big pack and is pretty reasonable. You can do pretty much anything with it, add some meat or even throw it in a stew.

There are a few potato and leek soups mixes but I think Woolies one is the best one and it is one of Davids favourites.

And my last one is pure indulgence and laziness but Woolworths have a  in a tin that I love. It is perfect for lunch for me. I prefer it to a cup of soup, it fulls me up more and is really yummy.

What are some of your favourite soups?


One thought on “SA Mom Blogs Favourite Soups

  1. MrsFF says:

    Nigerian pepper soup!!! Nothing beats a light spicy hot soup with lots of meat, chicken, fish or whatever else you fancy 🙂

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