Beauty Bloggers you want to be following on Instagram

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Beauty Bloggers|SA Mom BlogsWe are taking a break from Mom bloggers today and focusing on the beauty industry from a little bit 🙂

The awesome thing about beauty bloggers and Instagram is that their accounts are so visually appealing because generally they have a lot of colours  and fun stuff to photograph.

Also many of them have tutorials and how to guides, which is so helpful to those of us, like me, who have no make up sense at all.

Megan Kelly – if you are looking to perfect your eye make up then Megan is the one to follow. She shows you how to do it in easy tutorials . She also does share a whole lot of other beauty related posts like reviews and tips.Beauty Bloggers|SA Mom Blogs

Pink Peonies – I love this account. It is bright and fun, it makes you want to run out and buy all the pretty make up things.Beauty Bloggers|SA Mom Blogs

Pretty Messy Mellon – she is currently pregnant so there is a bit of baby in the mix but she does have a lot of beauty posts. Her feed is bright and colourful as well.Beauty Bloggers|SA Mom Blogs

Kiss, Blush and Tell – There is beauty overload on this account! There are product reviews and products and tips and donuts! Beauty Bloggers|SA Mom Blogs

Mascara and Mimosa – This account has such a stunning elegant feel to it. A lot of thought clearly goes into every photo and it features some really great products.Beauty Bloggers|SA Mom Blogs

Who are some of your favourite beauty bloggers?

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